What Does a SEO Strategist Do: Job Profile Explained

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In this time where problems of unemployment are widespread and the unemployment rate is high, several fields are filled with opportunities for employment. One of these fields is Digital Marketing which is full of business and employment opportunities.

According to a study, about so many jobs will be created in India in the field of digital marketing. The essential skill set an online marketer should possess is developing their SEO strategy. The profile of a Search Engine Optimization Strategist or SEO Strategist is adept at managing and defining the SEO strategy of a business.

Search Engine Optimization help in increasing your exposure to search engines like as Google, Bing and Yahoo . The SEO task of a strategist and work has a great deal of importance in the business. The SEO specialist is responsible for the implementation of SEO or social media plans for their clients.

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They should be able to assess the objectives essential to the success of the strategies for customers.

Who is an SEO Strategist

seo strategist

An SEO Specialist or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist, is an individual responsible for analyzing, reviewing, and implementing changes to sites to optimize them for search engines. The expert maximizes visitors to a website by increasing its ranking in an engine.

Based on SEO.com, The task of putting your site must be on the peak of search results is the responsibility that the SEO strategist performs. If we took a look back 10 years ago, then the job as the role of an SEO strategist was different compared to what is happening today. Today, the strategist should be able to demonstrate a new set of skills to perform the job.

Skills needed to be successful in SEO strategist work

The job of an SEO strategist can be diverse regarding experience and qualifications. For instance, there are probabilities that the individual possesses a programming background and can concentrate on the technical aspects of optimization.

Additionally, it may be individuals with some expertise in writing, designing, etc. However, when it comes to being an SEO strategist, the person should be aware of all the nuances of the operations of search engines.

The majority of SEO experts will be specialized in certain fields listed below:

  • Deep keyword research
  • Examining the impact of traffic and analytics
  • Similar pages can be split-tested
  • Natural backlinks to build
  • Examining the competitor’s list of clients
  • Maximizing local search results
  • In the process of forming strong calls to actions
  • Working with designers and writers
  • Programming in HTML, PHP, etc.
  • Expertise in WordPress or Joomla
  • Making effective ranking strategies for ranking
  • Investigating the most recent SEO methods

There are different condition that make up the performance of the site and its search functions.

An SEO professional is constantly equipped with various SEO tools for evaluation, such as Google Analytics and Moz’s Open Site Explorer. They help create an action plan that is thorough. The professionals are in constant study of current trends and upcoming updates to search engines of the core ranking algorithms. They also check how these adjustments are likely to affect their customers.

Key traits of an SEO strategist


An SEO professional should be able to combine creative and technical expertise to offer the most effective service for customers. A variety of factors are connected to getting a good position on Google. To achieve this, an SEO strategist must be skilled and multitasking.

These are the ranking criteria that an SEO specialist will know about:

  • Quality content is written by a professional with a focus on your intended customers
  • In order to make pages appealing for visitors, it is essential to include graphics and images
  • Check that the appropriate keywords are included in the title and in paragraphs.
  • You must be know the importance of a mobile-optimized website
  • The quality of backlinks plays a significant part
  • To establish a strong local presence, you must create the necessary citations
  • Should be able to drive traffic coming from various sources
  • Content should be of good quality and has improved accessibility
  • Should be able to conduct research on algorithm updates that are the most current
  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal abilities

Customers may not be aware of the way that search optimization functions. Therefore, it is the job of the SEO expert to help the team comprehend all technical details in the simplest way possible.

The responsibilities of an SEO Strategist

  • Conducting search engine optimization in accordance with the business objectives of the client in order to maximize existing content and uncover new opportunities
  • An in-depth analysis of the findings should be in harmony with the website’s design and structure and the pages on the website.
  • The team should recommend and implement strategies for the development of content. The strategies should be in accordance with SEO objectives.
  • Moderate search engine applications, which include webmaster tools, XML sitemaps, and more, to prepare reports for projects’ clients.
  • Additionally, lend a with in making marketing-related content, such as blog posts, posts, study cases, etc.
  • Implement campaigns for linking building and should work for hand in with the SEO goals of the client. Help in the designing and implementation of strategies for content while keeping in focus the SEO objectives
  • Continue to build momentum by incorporating SEO, social media, and marketing on the web advancements and trends.
  • Utilize a variety of tools to support the social media strategy of your client.
  • Check dashboards for web analytics reports, dashboards, and the most important tools for reporting. Mark, the most important areas in accordance with the goals of the client
  • Always review and keep an eye on the search results and performance across all channels.
  • It is compulsory to have clear and effective communication with all team members and the management team regarding the status of the project and the progress of the project.
  • Team members to meet client objectives.

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Professional competencies that are required

An SEO Strategist should be guided by SEO as well as online marketing. An SEO strategist should be competent in thinking critically and should be able to solve the problems identified. In addition, they should be adept at analyzing every single particular. They should have the capability to communicate clearly and efficiently communicate thoughts and ideas.

Qualifications and professional skills

  • proficiency in  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  •  for approximately one to two years
  • Effective abilities in MS Excel, PowerPoint as well as Word
  • You must be proficient in the analysis of websites and various analytics tools. It is a part of Google Analytics and the internal reporting tool.
  • You must be well known with the most popular keyword instruments (Google, WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, etc.)
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS is sufficient, and website administration.
  • Degrees preferred: BS/BA
  • SEO strategists should know about aspects like the Private Blog Networks and AMP etc.

SEO requires time to demonstrate its results, so it is crucial for the SEO strategist to remain patient and persevere. Make sure you research the following range of skills and duties if you’re in the market for an SEO strategist

Once you have a crystal clear thought of what you must search for when hiring an SEO specialist. SEO jobs as strategists are high in the market since a plethora of new websites are being brought in. In the near future, the digital market will fight for the number first in Google results. If you’d like to be in the competition, only an SEO specialist can assist you.

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