Best Rank Tracking Software to Check Google Keyword Ranking

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If you’ve contributed the time, vitality and money to make your site, you likely have an SEO plan. It incorporates optimizing every web page with the foremost pertinent keywords. But how can you tell in case you’ve done everything right?

To decide this, you must decide your site’s locating on the search result page (SERP). It is where the Google Keyword Ranking Checker Devices are available.

Keyword rank checkers are accommodating devices to help you in deciding how your site positions on Google habitually, with valuable tools to track the changes in your rankings as time passes.

Do you need to know the ranking of your keyword on Google? Let’s burrow in…

Five of the most excellent Google keyword ranking checker devices

In this article, we’ll look at five of the best Google keywords checker tools in seven regions:

  • Price: what you’ll pay to induce a premium arrange.
  • Limits on free plan/availability: If the software provides a trial or free plan. If yes, what are the restrictions are.
  • Historical rank tracking:  It is a way to determine the extent to which you can track the changes in your ranking over time.
  • Competitor Analysis: You should know whether you can track your competition’s ranking.
  • Devices and location Tracking: whether you can follow rankings for distinct devices or locations.
  • Ease of Use: Simple Interface.
  • Other interesting characteristics



From the beginning, SERPWatcher clarifies that it’s not only about monitoring your site’s daily ranking. It instead tracks the all-over progress on its evocatively-named “dominance index”. These metrics are crucial results to help with SEO.

SERPWatcher to check Google keywords’ rankings.


SERPWatcher includes several tools, including KWFinder, SERPChecker and more. Three options are offered:

  • Basic ($49 per month)
  • Premium ($69 / month)
  • Agency ($129 per month)

If you pay yearly you will get 40% discount. 

You will track 200/700/1500 keywords based on the package for unlimited website.

Free plan:

The trial period is ten days and lets you track 10 keywords.

The historical rank tracker:

The most recent, median and highest position of a keyword, its changes in the percentage of position, and the volume of searches will be displayed on a diagram. It is possible to select a default time frame or choose the timeframe you prefer.

Analyzing competitors:

Although it isn’t available yet, competitor analyses are in the works.

Devices and locations Tracking :

SERPWatcher can support location-based searches along with mobile and desktop searches. Swap between the two systems in one click.

Easy of Use

It is possible to create, add to, modify, delete or eliminate keywords at any point. Just import the keywords into KWFinder, copy them from an existing list, or drag and drop complete documents. Keywords may also be exported in CSV format. CSV file or transferred to the clipboard.

The dashboard offers all information on one screen, using a two-column interface. The left column offers complete information on positions. There are options to add, create tags, or filter them. On the left column will be the aggregation of indicators that are crucial to track rank.

Additionally, the user-friendly interface keeps up-to-date with the most significant modifications, keywords flow, estimated monthly visits, and a ranking distribution chart.

Additional notable characteristics:

  • A dominance index for tracking general progress
  • Updates on the daily rank
  • Interactive and shareable reports
  • Email alerts are scheduled or dependent on events

The data is purchased from reputable companies like Moz, which provides greater accuracy. Overall, it’s a great method to track your website’s rankings.



Tools to check Google keywords’ rankings are unlikely to improve by Ahrefs. It’s specific to the location ranking tool.


Ahrefs provides a variety of tools, including Rank Tracker, in four packages that are priced at four levels:

  • Light ($99/month) You can create five projects and keep track of 500 keywords, with seven-day daily updates.
  • Standard ($179/month) Start by creating 10 projects and tracking 1500 keywords. Updates are made every five days.
  • Advanced ($399/month) Create 25 different projects and keep track of 5.000 keywords, with daily updates of three days.
  • Agency ($999/month) Create 100 projects and keep track of 10,000 keywords, with daily updates of 3 days.

All plans offer all instruments – Keyword Research, Content Explorer, Site Audit and more.

Free plan:

Ahrefs isn’t offering a free trial plan with the keyword ranking checker. However, you can try it out on its Lite plan or Standard plan for 7 days for $7.

The historical rank tracker:

Its Rank Tracker monitors your rankings and displays your position and the traffic that you’ve been generating. You’ll see your ranking history from the day you added keywords to the project. Other tools included in the bundle, such as Keywords Explorer, show position history over time.

Analyzing competitors:

The plans all allow you to analyze your results against rivals. The reports will be automatically generated on rankings, search traffic and other indicators up to 5 URLs. It will help you identify what pages and domains have which “share of the voice” concerning search traffic to the keywords you’ve tracked.

Devices and locations Tracking :

The location tracking service is available in 170 nations. But, for plans like the Lite Standard and Standard Plans, tracking your keyword for between 1 and 5 locations is possible. The limit isn’t as high for the higher plans. Additionally, mobile rankings are only accessible in Advanced and Agency plans.

Easy of Use:

With Ahrefs, all you’ve got to do is feed in or import a list of keywords and add country specifications against each keyword. Ahrefs will start tracking your keywords, visually displaying them, and providing periodic updates. Your complete rankings history in a convenient graph. You may also configure it to send an automatic ranking report by email.

Additional notable characteristics:

  • Multiple filters can help you separate your data and keep track of the ranking of groups on different levels.
  • The data you receive is based on a total of 13 SERP elements, such as the Sitelinks, Tweetbox, and Thumbnails.
  • Advanced metrics for tracked keywords, like ranking progress, and estimated the volume of searches.
  • Large data crawling leads to an extensive index base that gives the user reliable information.

Simply put, Ahrefs is a full-featured SEO tool you’ll be glad to have in your corner.



SEOprofiler is positioned as an all-inclusive tool for promoting websites, including features that allow you to examine Google keywords’ rankings.

SEOprofiler for checking Google keyword rankings


Four plans come with an unconditional 30-day refund guarantee.

  • Standard Plan- Begin at $69.95 monthly and 500 keywords search daily.
  • Smart Plan- Begin at $99.95 monthly and 1,000 keywords search daily.
  • Professional Plan- Begin at $249.95 monthly and 2,500 keywords search daily.
  • Enterprise Plan- Begin at $999.95 monthly and 10,000 keywords search daily.

Free plan:

Smart Plan will provide full access for one week for free. 

The historical rank tracker:

SEOprofiler offers history reports on many search engines. The information is available with charts and ranking reports, and monitor the evolution of your search terms.

Analyzing competitors:

SEOprofiler also checks your competition’s websites and makes them available in detailed reports, complete with tables and graphs. It would display you keywords which are most popular and what websites have the best ranking.

Devices and locations Tracking :

Using this software, you can monitor your position for 162 different countries using desktops and mobiles. And, what’s more, it also helps you monitor the rankings of local companies that do not have websites.

The only thing you need to do is input your business’s name and just wait for the ranking information to be displayed.

Easy of Use:

The process of adding keywords is as simple as pressing a button. The Monitor will scan all websites, including sub-domains, and give you thorough keyword rankings and visibility reports.

It can also create keywords automatically, allowing users to include any tags they would like to your chosen keywords. For more information about every keyword, just click on the word in the “All Keywords’ section.

Additional noteworthy features include:

  • Comprehensive reports that offer actionable advice
  • PDF report, white-label report
  • Every day updated information, the volume of searches, possible organic traffic, and aggregated indicators provide insights into how rankings affect traffic.
  • The ability to notify you of keywords that you must be focusing on

SEOprofiler is a great tool for companies that require clear, simple-to-understand and attractive reports to their clients without brand or branding from a third party.

Moz Rank Tracker


It tracks your site’s keyword execution and generally perceivability in search results as time passes.


All Pro plans come with complete SEO tools, including Keyword Explorer, on-demand crawl and much more.

  • Standard ($99/month) 5 campaigns.
  • Medium ($179/month) – 10 campaigns.
  • Large ($249/month) with 25 campaigns.
  • Premium ($599/month) – 50 campaigns.

The average is a 20% reduction for each year you pay. A campaign comprises one tracked URL, domain, and three competing websites. You can track every keyword’s rank on Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Free plan:

30 days free trial provides access to all the features within the Moz Pro Medium.

The historical rank tracker:

Subscribers will have an extensive review of the keyword ranking at any point in time.

Analyzing competitors:

Utilizing Rank Tracker, you can also keep track of your competitors. Please use it to analyze their strategies for SEO to your ones and increase the visibility of your business.

Location and device tracking :

This tool allows you to check desktop positions across top search engines from more than 200 nations. For mobile search results, You can check the rankings of US desktop and mobile at the national and local levels. Moz Local (a separate product) might be a great option if you’ve got physical locations.

Easy of Use:

Subscribers can schedule regular and event-based alerts. The service lets you make and download pdf or CSV reports that effortlessly cover search ranking sites, hyperlinks, data, and competitors.

To make your reports more useful, You can use drag-and-drop to create graphs and charts using your notes. Reports can be sent automatically to customers when you decide to set them.

Additional notable characteristics:

  • Change the Moz logo to your logo
  • You can access MozBar, An SEO toolbar that works with Chrome.
  • Score of Search Visibility to provide a comprehensive overview of the rank
  • Quality data, including Domain and Page authority



Working in conjunction with SEMRush means you’ll have to begin a project with certain domains and analyze the performance of various tools. The Position Tracking tool lets the track your site’s position in the search results for keywords you want to target.


Each plan includes around 28 tools or features:

  • Pro (99.95/ month)
  • Guru ($199.95/month)
  • Business ($399.95/month)

The company is tailored to meet each individual’s demands

Other SEO tools include the On-Page SEO Checker and Brand Monitoring. Site Audit and much more.

Free plan:

Pro and Guru provide a seven-day trial for free.

Historic rank tracking:

SEMRush shows keywords’ progress in organic and paid searches throughout the period. You’ll be able to view any competitor’s historical performance starting when the project begins. The data will be public as everyday data for 60 days and after that, data points every week. Some plans permit you to import historic data from different SEO software.

Analyzing competitors:

In addition to your own, you could also track an opponent’s rank and make a side-by-side comparison. Furthermore, it is possible to incorporate up to ten competing domains into your tracking campaign.

Devices and locations Tracking :

If you’re tracking a campaign through SEMRush, You can see and evaluate your position across different platforms in the same graph. Not only that, but the location-based search will reveal your local competitors’ rankings within Google’s top 100 search results in any keyword. It can help you find not only your competitors but you can also discover new keywords.

Easy of Use

SEMRush provides a variety of ways to include keywords manually, either from a CSV or *txt file or through a connection directly to your browser. Each keyword can add upto five tags and arrange them into groups so that you can easily manage the thousands of search terms.

Comparison of competitors’ side-by-side measures helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your keywords.

Additional notable characteristics:

  • Updated daily data
  • Each week, we send out notifications about changes in ranking
  • A complete workflow is available to any SEO professional

As Per our analysis, SEMRush is a full-fledged SEO tool that can be an excellent partner in every SEO strategy.

Get started with a keyword rankings checker today

Following the above comparison will allow you to choose the Google Keyword Rankings Checker tool best suited to your requirements. Unfortunately, neither of these tools offers unlimited free plans. However, if you’re looking for the biggest free offer, Moz Rank Tracker can be an excellent place to begin.

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