How To Strikethrough On Google Docs (A Step By Step Guide)

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Initially, Microsoft Office provided users a program that made making and managing documents easier using computers. In the following years, they searched for an online editor to keep all their records in cloud storage. It makes it available from anywhere.

The result was the creation of Google Docs, which provides users with a variety of options and styles of formatting, which made it simpler to grasp. In this article, we’ll discuss striking through and the ways it can be helpful. Additionally, we will discuss how to use striking through Google Docs styling.

How to Strikethrough On Google Docs

What Is Strikethrough

While working on a document, text or other could find that one particular sentence in a paper doesn’t need to be there and should be deleted. The user can replace the phrase with a different, relevant wording. Professionals prefer to highlight the words using a strikethrough formatting style when this happens.

When formatting this way, it is possible to see a small strip of text, indicating that the reader has to be removed or replaced with an appropriate expression.

Here is an example of strike-through formatting

“Sample for strikethrough formatting.”

The style of this format can be helpful since it helps the user be informed of what text has to be altered and allows users to maintain a list of words that are removed from the text.

A strikethrough format is commonly utilized by editors while making edits to documents. They mark the text in the design of a strikethrough that needs to be removed and then return an edited form to the writer, who confirms the edits.

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The strikethrough function of Google Docs benefits users as it lets users highlight words that need to be deleted.

How To Strikethrough On Google Docs

We can take a look at applying Strikethrough on Google Docs.

Using Format Option

Google gives its users the ability to apply different effects to the text. These effects and formats allow users to draw attention to the specific phrase.

A user may use the strike-through function within Google Docs in the format alternative by following the steps as follows:

#1) Visit Google Docs. It will display a window similar to the picture below.

google doc

#2) Pick the sentence or line you want to strikethrough.


#3) Select”Format”, as shown in the picture below.


#4) The dropdown lists for format can be seen as follows: below.

dropdown list

#5) Place the cursor in the “Text” option.

text option

#6) A second dropdown menu is visible, like the picture below.

text dropdown menu

#7) On the list of choices, select “Strikethrough,” as shown in the picture below.


Using Shortcut

There are many shortcut key combinations which help users to format needed text.

Keys to a strikethrough shortcut Google Docs are as follows:

  • Mac Keyboard Shortcut: The shortcut combination key to make text appear in strikethrough format is Command+Shift+X.
  • Windows and Linux Keyboard Shortcut: The shortcut key combination that formats text with a strikethrough fashion is Alt+Shift+5.
  • Additional Formatting Shortcuts to use with Google Docs: Google Docs has a range of other features that make it simpler for users to edit the document.

The list below contains a listing of formatting shortcuts available for Google Docs:

Use Bold formatting

The bold font lets you focus on a specific keyword or phrase within the text.

Ctrl+B (Windows/Chrome OS)
Cmd+B (MacOS)

Clear text formatting

If the user wants to alter the format and erase the formatting of a particular text phrase, The shortcut keys to do this can be found in the following.

Ctrl+\ (Windows/Chrome OS)
Cmd+\ (MacOS)

Use Strikethrough formatting

The strikethrough feature helps record changes made to the text, reflecting on the reader.

Alt+Shift+5 (Windows/Chrome OS)
Cmd+Shift+X (MacOS):

Copy the selected text’s formatting

Google Docs offers various features, including the ability to copy and paste formatting from specific text into a different section of text.

Ctrl+Alt+C (Windows/Chrome OS)
Cmd+Option+C (MacOS)

Apply Italic formatting

The Italic format creates a little tilted text, making it simpler to identify the word.


Ctrl+I (Windows/Chrome OS)
Cmd+I (MacOS)

Use Underlined formatting

The underline formatting creates lines under the text and makes it more prominent.

Ctrl+U (Windows/Chrome OS)
Cmd+U (MacOS)

Paste Text formatting

This shortcut key makes users’ lives easier by inserting text with formatting.

Ctrl+Alt+V (Windows/Chrome OS)
Cmd+Option+V (MacOS)

Increase Or Decrease The Font Size One Point At a Time

The font of the chosen phrase is easily adjusted or reduced using the shortcuts below.

Ctrl+Shift+> or < (Windows/Chrome OS)
Cmd+Shift+> or <(MacOS)

Steps To Remove Strikethrough In Google Docs

If the user is formatting the text with the strikethrough style but wants to remove the styling, you can remove the strikethrough in the text by following these simple steps.

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#1) Select the strikethrough font shown in the image below.


#2) Click on “Format.


#3) A dropdown listing will appear, like the picture below.

dropdown list

#4) Select”Text” in the option as shown below.

text option

#5) Click the “Strikethrough” option from the menu of choices.


#6) As seen in the image, Google Docs strikethrough styling will be eliminated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What is paint format? Accomplish on Google Docs?
Answer: Google Docs offers its users the option of copying format, using the opportunity to paint.

Q.2) How can I include superscripts in Google Docs?Answer: Writers typically face an issue when adding an extra superscript to their documents. However, in Google Docs, the user can do it quickly using the Ctrl+ “. “.

Q.3) How can you strikethrough text in Android?Answer: It is easy to create the strikethrough format in the text on Android following the methods in the following.

  • Start Google Docs on your mobile phone
  • The file should be opened that is being formatted by the user.
  • Choose the word that has to be edited.
  • Different icons will be displayed alongside various icons “S” option.
  • Hit it, and it’ll modify the text with a strikethrough style.

Q4.) How do I eliminate the strikethroughs within Google Docs?
Answer: The strikethrough style can be eliminated from text within Google Docs using the methods listed below.

  • Select the text using a striking design.
  • Select”Format” and then click on the “Format” option and further click “Text” from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on”Strikethrough” to see the “Strikethrough” option visible.

Q 5) How can I delete the text within Gmail?Answer: Gmail allows users to slash the text following the steps below.

  • Select the text you want to format.
  • Choose the “Format” option at the end, indicated in”A. 
  • A list of formats is available.
  • Look for the strikethrough option. It is indicated as “S.”

Wrapping Up 

If editing an article, editors must maintain a log of the changes they make to the file. Thus, any changes have to be highlighted as the author reads them. Edited document. Then, they can examine any modifications made to the document. There are

In this post, we have explained the concept of strikethrough and its utility. We explored various strategies to assist users in applying strikethrough within Google Docs. Additionally, we discussed the various formatting shortcuts available within Google Docs.

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