What Is SEO Report Card

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Does your website get as many visits per day as you’d like? Does your bounce rate seem not as high as you’d prefer? If not, you could find yourself reading the following article to get assistance in bringing the attention to your website.

In the midst of billions of websites available on the internet, it isn’t easy to get your site in the initial page results for search engines. An SEO report will help you identify the issues preventing your website from being in the search result’s first place.

SEO can be very time-consuming, and you should ensure  you’re on the right path before you waste time working on your site only to discover that it wasn’t the issue. Before you make any alter to your site, you must determine where you stand concerning issues, rankings, and competitors.

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There are a various of tools available to assist you in locating this information. There are many that are free, while others only provide paid plans. If you’re in search of the bare minimum information regarding the SEO of your website, you can use the SEO audit report.

Here are six ways that you can gauge your SEO success with the SEO report card as well as an explanation for each metric.


A rank analysis will tell you the position you are in for the most important keywords associated with your company’s name.

An SEO report card may request you to input the keywords you would like to be ranked for. It will then inform you the position you have for these keywords across several search engines. The aim is to be the top spot.

If you’re on the initial page, it’s great; however, when you are on the third; it means you must spend some time on your SEO and focus on gaining a position.


A backlink is a link to another site that connects to your website. Backlinks can enlarge the credibility of your website since they function as an evaluation or a vote of confidence on behalf of another website. The majority of SEO reports will inform you how many links you’ve got.

It is a good thought to inspect your competitors and see how many links they own. In general, the more backlinks you can have, the more valuable you are. 

But backlinks that originate from sites that are not trustworthy can affect your SEO. Be sure to check your links to determine if they’re high quality.


On-page or on-site SEO looks at all the SEO components that are on your website. On-site analysis can provide you with information regarding the headings you use, your keywords, and the content.

For instance, if you’re not using your keywords in appropriate places, it could advise you to include the keyword when you write your headlines. Also, if your article is long, it may indicate there’s an issue with the content’s length.

Website Speed

website speed

We’ve all felt the sting of rage when a website takes three minute to open. This is the case with your website, it’s likely the reason your website does not receive a lot of visitors. Speed of your site is crucial to user experience and SEO.

Did you know that 40% of visitors quit a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to open? If your site loading too slow, users will become annoyed and leave your website. This results in a high bounce rate.

One of the main critical factors to be examined when preparing an SEO report is the speed of your page. If your speed on the page is low, don’t worry.

There are many methods to boost speed by fixing your website’s code and making your images as short as they can be. A good loading speed is less than two seconds.


A very important thing you can look for on the SEO report is the conversion rate. It will tell the number of people who take action on your site, for example, sign-up for your newsletters, purchase the product, or even leave an online review. 

Understanding your conversion rate will enable you to determine the extent to which people are making use of features on your website and, if not, what you can improve your website more user-friendly.

It could mean that you have created buttons that make your site more prominent or modify your CTA to encourage people to make a conversion.

DOMAIN Authority


Domain authority can be described as a measure of trust. The higher the score, the more trusted your site’s reputation is. Your domain authority should be higher than ten. However, there is always something you can work on and increase.

It is helpful to study the domain authorities of your competition to find out where you stand relative to them.


Each SEO report card comes with an overall score of 100 based on the results you have obtained on the additional metrics mentioned above. It’s crucial to examine your score at least once a month or to find out what your website’s performance is. SEO is a lengthy process, and if you modify

your website according to the report card results and don’t notice an instant improvement, be concerned! Keep checking for updates in a few weeks to see if things have changed.

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