Best Free Keywords Research SEO Tools On A Budget

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Are you searching for the best free keyword research tools?

Keywords research is an integral part of any search engine optimization method. Yet, not everybody has the budget to begin with a paid keyword research tool, as most premium tools can be pretty costly.

To assist, we’ve accumulated nine tools that all assist you in finding keywords for free. Let’s start

Best Keyword Research Tools

Google Keywords Planner

keyword planner

If you’ve become aware of any kind of one tool on this checklist previously, it’s possibly Google Keyword Planner. There’s a good factor for that: this tool makes it very easy for you to find high-quality keywords to develop both website content and marketing campaigns. Bring a short list of keyword with you to find the number of people searching for those keywords, what degree of competitors there is for marketing with those keywords, and alternate keywords that may be better in your marketing.

Standout attributes:

  • Accessibility to real-time, accurate data straight from Google search
  • Arrange keywords right into lists based on different campaigns, business possibilities, and also more
  • Appreciate easy assimilation with Google Ads

Price: 100% free.

Google Trends

google trends

Google Trends allows you to see what topics are trending in numerous areas worldwide. You can utilize Google Trends to obtain an introduction to recently trending topics, explore search patterns associated with your industry, or find out how trendy a specific topic is.

Standout functions:

  • Maps of trends with real-time information directly taken from Google.
  • Explore options for users to view the data that comes fromYouTube, Google Shopping and Google Images.
  • Category failure allows you to search for states of certain keywords on certain types of sites

Price: 100% free.

AdWord & SEO Keywords Permutation Generator


The AdWord & SEO Keywords Permutation Generator is a tool created to assist you in discovering variations on keywords. You can connect in as many as three listings of keywords, and also the generator will incorporate the keywords you’ve provided in as various ways as possible to provide you with a range of permutations to select from.

It is among the easiest tools on this list. However, it’s likewise one of the most powerful, permitting you to develop permutations for numerous keywords simultaneously.

Standout features:

  • Three areas for list of keywords,
  • Instant permutation generation for thousands keywords
  • Numerous choices for how to show keyword permutations

Cost: 100% free.



Serpstat provides an immediate, comprehensive evaluation of keywords. Their easy-to-read reports show search volume, keyword difficulty, ranking pages for that keywords, and more. Graphs, and various other visual tools, make this data simple to digest. Serpstat includes specialized devices for different sorts of study.

Standout attributes:

  • Content marketing tool that generates potential search inquiries
  • Ad research tool that permits you to browse appropriate advertising examples
  • Accessibility to Serpstat’s suite of website analytics tools

Cost and limitation:

Non-registered customers can do up to 10 free daily searches with Serpstat. Registered individuals can do up to 30 daily searches for free.

They also offer premium plans that enable you to conduct thousands of everyday searches, see even more comprehensive URL analytics reports and more.

  • Lite plan: $69/month for 4,000 queries per day.
  • Standard plan: $149/month for 5,000 queries each day.
  • Advanced plan: $299/month for 8,000 queries daily.
  • Enterprise plans: $499/month for 12,000 queries daily.

Wordtracker Scout


Wordtracker Scout is a free internet browser extension that transforms every web page you check out into a bonanza of keyword ideas. All you require to do is click the Wordtracker logo close to your search bar, as well as you’ll get a range of insights into the SEO for that page and keywords you can use in your very own marketing.

Standout functions:

  • Near-instant analysis of any type of site that provides an understanding of standard web page info as well as keywords contained in the web page content.
  • Ability to view results for various places
  • Copy feature allowing all results to be quickly moved
  • Fully integrated with Wordtracker. 


It is 100% cost-free. However, you can use it combined with the premium Wordtracker tool for greater impact.

  • Bronze: This plan will come $27 monthly  for 1,000 keyword seraches.
  • Silver:  This plan will come $69 monthly for 5,000 keyword searches.
  • Gold: This plan will allow $99 monthly for 10,000 keyword searches.

Keyword Tool

keyword tool

It is a tool for free that automatically generates ideas to long-tail keywords. Why is this program among the top free keywords research tools available is its capability to find precisely how keywords rank in various search engines, such as eBay, YouTube,  Amaz and Google. It allows you to enhance your existence on each of these sites based on their unique specifications.

Standout functions:

  • Different keyword search features for Twitter, Instagram, Google, Play Store, Amazon, eBay, Bing and  YouTube.
  • Check out capabilities in a variety of language
  • Negative keywords box for leaving out keywords that contain undesirable terms


The main feature of the keyword Tool is free. To have complete data on all the keywords available you can purchase Keyword Tool Pro.

  • Pro Basic: $69/month for 7,000 keywords daily.
  • Pro Plus: $79/month for 35,000 keywords each day.
  • Pro Business: $159/month for 70,000 keywords per day.

Answer The Public

answer the public

“Answer the Public ” is a specific tool that creates a visual representation of possible search queries that are based on autocomplete data from Bing and Google.

Standout features:

  • Immediate generation of loads of possible search questions.
  • Visual organization tools to assist groups in assessing one of the most beneficial prospective search queries
  • Multiple choices for replicating the data to your machine

Price and limitation:

You can run a limited variety of daily searches as a free user. The Pro plan costs $99/month for unlimited searches and advanced capability.



SEMrush is a powerful suite of tools that enables you to analyze the SEO of your website, study keywords, plan reliable content, and also write effectively and optimize content effortlessly. They use several integrations with Google to give you the most detailed website diagnostics offered.

Standout features:

  • In-depth analysis pertaining to private keywords based upon real-time data, including ranking difficulty and also average cost per click (CPC).
  • Comprehensive listings of associated keywords based on online data.
  • Accessibility to all the SEMRush tools, including detailed site diagnostics.

Cost and limits:

SEMrush enables you to use all their tools for free, yet you can only make ten requests daily. You are likewise only permitted to produce a search engine optimization dashboard for one website.

To produce several projects for various websites, execute endless tasks each day, and also keep an eye on up to 500 keywords, you need to purchase one of their premium plans.

Pro plan: $129.95/ month for 3,000 daily searches.

Guru plan: $249.95/ month for 5,000 daily searches.

Business plan: $499.95/ month for 10,000 daily searches.



SpyFu analyzes your competitors’ websites and marketing campaigns to show you exactly how they’re executing, what keywords they rank for, and extra. If you want to exceed the information presented in their online dashboard, you can ask for a comprehensive .PDF report.

Standout functions:

  • Listing of organic and paid keywords your opponent’s site places well for.
  • Graphs displaying organic and paid competitors based on shared search keywords.
  • Export all results to CSV or request a detailed PDF report.

Costs and limits:

The free variation of the SpyFu tool enables unlimited searches yet supplies minimal information.

For accessibility to finish lists of competitor keywords and all of the various other data SpyFu attaches, you’ll need to upgrade to among the premium plans (all prices are based on a yearly payment plan).

  1. Basic plan: $39/month for 5,000 tracked keywords.
  • Professional plan: $79/month for 15,000 tracked keywords.
  • Team plan: $299/month for 40,000 tracked keywords.

Begin With Keyword Research Today

All of these tools help you find keywords for free. They also do it in various means, so it’s worth utilizing numerous tools to get different points of view.

Every one of these tools assists you in finding keywords free of cost. They likewise do it in different methods, so it’s worth using multiple tools to get different points of view.

For example, Answer the Public can assist you in finding the questions that individuals are asking, while Serpstat is more of a straight search keyword tool that can provide you with estimated search volumes.

Of course, every one of these tools has some type of limitation– that’s simply the nature of free tools. As soon as your website begins expanding, you might want to take into consideration upgrading to among the total ideal keyword research tools to make sure that you can produce even much deeper understandings.

Do you have any questions regarding utilizing the best free keyword research tools? Ask us in the comments!

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