How to Make a Powerful Testimonial Video That Converts

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A compelling testimonial video could make all the difference between a service that works – and one that doesn’t.

Are you unsure? Based on our study, two out of three people believe they’re more likely to purchase following a review video, and 9/10 of people believe that they can be influenced by what a customer has to say about a company more than what the company claims about itself.

How do you combine the fascination with video and their demand to create positive social evidence?

It’s testimonial videos! In this article, we’re going to walk you through all you’ll need to know to make a compelling video testimonial that will convert…

What Are Testimonial Videos?

testimonial video is, like the name implies, an image of a client(s) providing an affirmative review of your product, company, or service.

They are typically deemed to be more effective than written testimonials, as videos are more captivating as well as memorable than a text page.

When customers shop online, they’re searching for facts that will reassure them prior to they buy – and videos are excellent for this. Based on our survey78% of consumers say that a brand’s video has made them want to purchase an item of software or an app.

Five Examples of Excellent Testimonial Videos

You know what a testimonial video looks like and what it can do. But…what do the best ones appear like?

Here are file illustrations which will inspire you…

EZ texting with HubSpot’s testimonial video

Hubspot chose to display their customers’ comments through video. It was an incredible decision as their main item is CRM, as well as an online platform for sales. They’ve done an excellent job!

They decided to combine the testimonial of a customer with pictures that showcase their efforts. They also included screen recordings of the activities they carried out using Hubspot’s platforms. It turned the partnership into something that was “game-changing.’

These images give context to viewers, and they also offer this testimonial an enjoyable rhythm. It could be boring to stare at someone talking for a few minutes!

Testimonials of Employees -Vertex Pharmaceuticals Testimonial Ad

This is an extremely impressive customer testimonial illustration! Instead of creating your usual testimonial ads targeting customers, Vertex Pharmaceuticals decided to focus on prospective workers. Now, it is my personal opinion that this is the most effective testimonial video for business!

Pay attention to the way they discuss a little bit of the company’s values now and then, along with actual instances of Vertex’s values in their actions. Additionally, the stories are presented from an employee’s viewpoint, making them more real and credible as opposed to if the company sang its own praises.

We observe a variety of people working in various areas of the office having fun as we listen to the CEO discuss the advantages of MuteSix and the benefits of working with the company in comparison to other agencies they’ve worked with in the past.

Dropbox for Business – Dropbox’s Testimonial Video

In this short video, Dropbox experimented with a new strategy when they decided to go for testimonials in their advertising. Instead of discussing the advantages of their service solely from a customer’s perspective, they decided to collect a variety of testimonials from a variety of happy customers.

In the end, this testimonial is a great illustration of a simple point: Dropbox delivers such an excellent service that it is able to be beneficial to all types of users from all kinds of fields.

Sandwich Video – Slack’s Testimonial Advertising Example

Are you looking for an entertaining testimonial from a customer? This team produced a short video for Slack and tells the tale of how they communicated using a variety of channels (email, chats and WhatsApp) and how they came up with an innovative method to organize their teams making use of Slack (which could be an excellent communication tool for teams).

They accomplished it in such an engaging way that you’ll forget it’s a scripted testimonial.

This particular type of testimonial ad is written and designed carefully. It’s extremely well-crafted that the videos don’t appear like they’re tinfoil or fake (which could happen if unaware! The videos of testimonials from customers that are scripted usually aren’t able to overcome this problem).

Happy Hound – Google Adwords’ Testimonial Ad

This example of a testimonial advertisement tells the captivating tale of a woman who manages a daycare for dogs. She relates to us that when she began, her company didn’t have enough clients, which is why she decided to utilize Google Adwords. Within a short time, 90% of her clients came via that platform!

It’s an old video (2009); however, it’s still an excellent testimonial video of a customer because it tells an engaging storyline that can be a hit with anyone who uses that platform (and even those who aren’t users or potential customers! ).

This fun and vibrant testimonial video ends on a positive note: “I’m confident Google Adwords will continue to assist my business to grow. It’s a wonderful life!”

How Do You Create a High-Conversion Testimonial Video? 10 Tips

There are a variety of ways to design testimonial videos. Many variables will determine the method you select. There are some actions you can follow to boost the likelihood of getting conversions from your video.

Here are our suggestions for creating high-converting testimonial videos in just 10 simple steps.

Select one of your most effective clients

The primary step in making a compelling testimonial video is choosing who’s progressing to be within the video. You ought to select a client simply to have a extraordinary relationship with, and ideally one that’s had a part of victory together with your item/service/business.

Prompt, clear results will create a powerful talk-about point on your testimonial and also attract potential customers who are interested in converting.

Make plans for the future

The most effective testimonial videos are those that have an air of spontaneity to them. However, it doesn’t mean no planning was done prior to the event.

The trick is recording responses from your customers that appear natural, but they aren’t. The adequate method to accomplish this is to provide your client with some talk points. You could also give them the list of queries you’re bearing to request. Here are the thoughts that you may select from: 

  • Why did you choose our company/product/service?
  • How did our company/product/service help you?
  • How is our company/product/service better than others you’ve tried?
  • What were the most important advantages for you?

When you ask questions in advance by sending them ahead of time, you allow the client time to consider what they want to say and come up with an excellent answer. It’s only crucial that they don’t record their answers prior to reading them in the future. It can appear robotic, and nobody would ever trust the robot!

Your customer should be at ease

Many people aren’t at ease with cameras that are pointed at them, so it’s essential to reserve time to ensure that your client is comfortable.

For this, prepare the cameras ahead of time prior to asking your client to show up ‘on set.’ Instead of pressing the record immediately, take your time breaking through the ice. Discuss other topics – or divert them from their task – then, once they’re ready to start, you can begin.

It’s also helpful to inform them of what direction to look at and what proportion of their body will be included in the image. Giving small tips and suggestions like this can make your client feel like an actual person on the camera.

And if they make mistakes, do not make a huge noise about it. It’s all about patience.

Create an environment

There are several practical considerations when selecting the location for your film. For illustration, you ought to select a place that is free of background noise and a lot of natural light. However, there are plenty of desirable features which will help make your testimonial video more appealing.

Set up your camera, and think about the complete scene in the frame. Include props like plants or your product. Don’t be afraid to play around with regard to locations. More scenes in your video mean more options for viewers, which means they’re less likely to leave.

Make use of multiple perspectives

Additionally, when using different scenes, it assists in incorporating multiple perspectives. It’s not necessary to get crazy. Two perspectives will suffice. It’s beneficial to have different perspectives to select for creating your film.

For this, you’ll need to use two cameras (if feasible) and set them in a way that they’re recording simultaneously. This is what we’ve done in our Configit review above for those who want to check out the results!

Make sure you shine the spotlight on your clients

The creation of a testimonial video can be part of a joint partnership. It’s true that you’re using it to increase the number of conversions; however, there’s no reason not to promote your awesome customers in the same way!

An excellent way to begin the testimonial film is to invite your customers to introduce themselves. It can be done on several levels:

  • It could help your customer to relax while watching the screen
  • It tells a tale
  • It provides viewers with someone they can be able to identify with.

It also helps if you can interview more than one person for your testimonial, particularly if you’re a B2B business, as you can show how your product/service/company has helped different people in different roles.

Display the product in utilization

If you’re writing testimonials for a product or service, the best method of gaining credibility is to demonstrate the product in the course. It’s true that 47% of those think that testimonial videos work due to the fact that they assist in imagining the way in which a product or service actually functions.

It’s not necessary to make it the center of the show; however, a few seconds in which your client is using your product (and enjoying the product!) is a fantastic way to convey your message to prospective customers.

You can also display your product on the background or cut it as your client is singing praises of it!

Add depth using overlays

A few minutes of footage shot by a camera may be a bit dry, and it’s vital to break it up in the editing.

We’ve previously discussed cutting between different perspectives and scenes, but a different option to create depth is to apply the overlay of text or add-ons. If this is crucial to your company, it is possible to go one step further by putting animated images on the screen:

Keep the video brief

Customers are searching for reviews and testimonials; however, it doesn’t mean they’ve got enough patience ( or the want!) to watch several minutes of video to get the information they’re looking to find.

Make your testimonials brief and short to increase viewer attention and engagement. We recommend limiting those testimonial videos to no more than 3 minutes. You should also cover four to five key points within that amount of time.


As with all marketing collateral, you’ll be required to advertise the video extensively across all your social media platforms. This could mean placing it online on YouTube social media and forwarding it to your mailing list.

The more people you can see your testimonial video, the more people will see it, and the more effective it will be. It is also advisable to create an area on your website for testimonial videos since this will encourage those who are undecided to commit and convert!

It is better to strategically place your testimonial videos on the product pages. It might be the trigger for some customers to click the ‘buy’ button.

Final Thoughts

The creation of an effective testimonial video isn’t just an effective way to increase conversions. It’s also a method to build a more powerful association with your existent consumers. The clients who wish to be featured as testimonials in the video will end up being your most loyal supporters and are likely to stick for a long period of duration.

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