Best CRMs With OutLook Integration

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While it is apparent that we live in a world dominated by Gmail, other email programs are in use. A very useful application can be found in Microsoft Outlook.

As part of the Office 365 suite, Microsoft Outlook is responsible for 8% of all emails opened and is the 2nd most used desktop email application, second only to Apple Mail. Office 365 is used by more than one million businesses worldwide, meaning you send or interact via Outlook-managed messages frequently.

For a sales professional, the two tools you utilize most are your CRM and email service provider. Both systems must be in sync to accomplish your tasks effectively.

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When Microsoft Outlook can be considered your preferred email service of choice, or the primary email provider of your business, take a look at this collection of CRMs specifically built to be compatible with your email inbox.

CRMs are designed for Outlook.

HubSpot CRM

Ideal for: All-round CRM that can be used by companies of all sizes
Price is: Free

hubspot crm

The HubSpot CRM offers a solid foundation for managing contacts that make your work easier. The user-friendly tool gives you complete real-time access to your sales pipeline and integrates with Outlook. 

Outlook connection lets you record emails you send from Outlook within HubSpot in a single click. You can access various powerful HubSpot tools without leaving your Outlook inbox, including sequences, templates, meetings, and email tracking.


Ideal for: The best solution for account managers monitoring the project and sales management processes all in one place
Price: Contact Insightly


Insightly integrates sales, marketing, and project management within one system. Their CRM could be an extraordinary tool; you’ll be able to utilize advanced lead-routing innovation to make sure your group communicates the right message to the proper leads at the proper time.

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Its Insightly sidebar consistently coordinates with Outlook and gets CRM attributes where you require them to prefer.


Ideal for: Growing B2B sales teams with Outlook
Price: Plans begins at $29 monthly per user.


It is an intelligent CRM that delivers Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook integrations for small to medium-type B2B companies seeking to boost their CRM.

When you use the Salesflare CRM, All meetings and emails are automatically synchronized, allowing users to update their CRM directly from Outlook to track emails’ opens and clicks and automatically transfer the signatures of emails to contacts’ profiles.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ideal for: The best option is for teams with large numbers that use the complete Microsoft software suite
Price: Plans begin at $65 monthly per user.

microsoft 365

If you’re using the complete Microsoft suite of software for document management, email, storage, and other things, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ideal solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers an enterprise resource platform and CRM software that allows you to integrate with desktop and web-based versions of Outlook directly. Various plans are available with valuable add-ons, like Microsoft Relationship Sales, which allows reps to customize their interaction with potential clients.

The Prophet CRM of Avidan

Ideal for: Outlook Users who don’t yet have a CRM system
Price: Plans start at $25 per user per month


Prophet CRM, developed by Avidan, was designed with Outlook customers in mind. This program is built directly into Outlook. It acts as an effective expansion of the inbox.

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Since it monitors all activity in real-time and works within Outlook, Prophet CRM is especially beneficial for those new to working with a separate CRM or putting their data on a different platform.


Ideal for: Maintaining strong contact profiles.
Price: Plans start at $19 per month for a user.

Nimble’s Outlook CRM was designed to streamline and unify all the contact information in your email inbox. This tool can integrate contact information from profiles on social media, email contacts, meeting notices, and more to create an Outlook CRM. Nimble can also tag and segment capabilities that keep your CRM’s data and inbox well-organized.


Ideal for: The best solution for small-sized companies looking to manage contact information
Price: Plans start at $79 for a month.


If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner looking to switch to spreadsheets, Keap can be a good option to maintain your client’s data.

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Alongside offering features like invoices, payments, and messages, Keap’s CRM can connect directly with the Outlook inbox.


Ideal for: The best way to track marketing leads
Price: Plans start at $12 per month per user


Zoho CRM has you covered for those who rely largely on the marketing team to generate leads. It has an integration with social media that monitors leads generated via social. Zoho Outlook is a great tool for tracking leads generated on social. Zoho Outlook plugin keeps the customer’s profile up-to-date and accessible via Outlook.


Ideal for: Reps who depend on mobile-ready platforms
Price: Plans begin at $12.50 monthly per user.


If your sales team uses Outlook and prefers to manage CRM data using an app on mobile, think about Pipedrive. Pipedrive offers comprehensive lead tracking and deal probabilities capabilities. The mobile app is connected to Outlook. It is especially beneficial for reps who depend on mobile apps for managing deals.


Ideal for: Streamlining data entry
Price: Plans start at $25 per user per month.


The method was created as a CRM integrated with Quickbooks software to connect contacts and accounting data for small companies. Apart from its capabilities in conjunction with Quickbooks, Method can integrate directly with Outlook to deliver contacts, tasks, and sales opportunities directly to your inbox.

This plugin can save Outlook emails to your CRM database and share important emails with team members to streamline communications efforts.

Act! CRM

Ideal for: Connecting both marketing and sales data into one location
Price: Plans start at $25 per user per month.

act crm

The Act! CRM enables marketing and sales teams to keep complete interaction records and improve processes with its Microsoft Outlook integration.

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With this software, you can quickly track and identify recipients and senders of emails as CRM contacts, look through all your previous Outlook interactions to see the past, and then prioritize follow-up actions following the content of your email messages.

Final Thought

These CRM are very good, and you can utilize this as per your need. 

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