Best Client Management Software in 2023

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The client management software assists businesses in getting an understanding of their relationships with clients by taking into account all the crucial aspects.

It could include the initial contact sales funnel, ongoing sales, marketing, etc. These systems supply the sales and support team with all possible details regarding the customer or client.

The truth is that CRM software allows companies to gain access to customer information in real time. It is what makes the dimension of Client Relationship Management Software expand quicker. According to SuperOffice, the market for CRM software is projected to be over $80 billion in revenue by 2025.


Pro tip: When selecting the best client management software, consider aspects like the ease of use of the program and its capabilities for tracking storage capacity, as well as the dashboard view. The cost of the software and the number of employees you are employing should be considered because the price of the CRM system is determined on a per-user basis.

When choosing the right software for managing clients, you must know whether you need cloud-based or on-premise software. Smaller businesses should consider using cloud-based solutions. Take note of your requirements, then narrow down the options based on your company’s needs.

This system collects all information and resources associated with customer relations and makes them available to users upon customer contact.

It includes the capabilities of scheduling workflow, performance-checking, workflow automatization, and recording. It’s never too early to provide a CRM system to users to enhance the customer experience.

Client Management Software Vs. Contact Management Software

Smaller businesses rarely use client management software; instead, they utilize it for managing contacts. Contact management software can assist in the management of communications. However, to manage customers, former customers, as well as prospective customers, it is essential to have an application for managing clients.

Suitable software for managing client relationships can accomplish tasks such as following up with prospects and customers, reminding you about important deadlines, etc.

The best option for small to Large Businesses.

Cost: You can try for the free Client Control Software. It comes with four pricing options, i.e., Standard ($39 per month) and Standard ($49 per month) and Standard ($49 per month), Pro ($79 monthly), and Enterprise (Get an estimate). Plans are available with at least 5 users.

monday Client Management Software can be utilized to manage any clients. Its feature lets you build a CRM board so that all information about your clients is centralized. It is a customizable layout.

The software comes with functions and features to create complete visibility for clients. It can save you a significant moment of your time by updating your clients about the status of their projects, preparing for a weekly status conference or preparing an annual report, etc.

With the aid of this program, it will be much more straightforward to present the client with an understanding of the scope of work.


  • Client Management Software has the capability of having a Client board where clients can invite their friends to see the plan of action.
  • It includes communication and collaboration features allowing you to collaborate with your clients on the same platform. You can share files with your clients; all conversations and documents will be available in one location.
  • It also has features that reveal who reads every message.
  • It allows you to add notes. It will enable you to transfer users from one process to the next and transform the tasks into actionable items.

Review: has a user-friendly interface that lets you communicate with your clients. It is possible to arrange the project in a manner that customers easily understand.


Ideal for freelancers as well as small – to medium-sized companies.

Pricing: Pipedrive can be tried for no cost for up to 14 days. There are four pricing options available, i.e., Essential ($11.90 per user per month), Advanced ($24.90 per user per month), Professional ($49.90 per user per month), and Enterprise ($74.90 per user per month).


Pipedrive is a CRM sales with pipeline control software. It comes with an Artificial Intelligence-powered Sales Assistant. With workflow automation, you’ll be able to automate repetitive tasks.

The tool lets you choose your preferred inbox and link contacts and deals to email addresses to handle sales calls. Pipedrive can be incorporated with sales-boosting applications that you like. The mobile app is accessible as well as iOS or Android versions.


  • Pipedrive offers tools for managing contacts. These features will enable you to build several connections and even organizations.
  • It is possible to provide a complete timeline of the history of contact activities.
  • It allows you to connect your calendar and contacts to Google and Microsoft.
  • It offers additional options for tracking communications like contact maps and files attachments, customizable signatures, activity calendars, and a scheduler.
  • It includes features to manage leads and sales.

Verdict: You’ll be capable of making calls right from the internet and enjoy better call tracking and more insights. The platform comes with various features and capabilities, including priority reminders for activity and Open API Webhooks, Open API, and setting essential fields.


Ideal for small to large businesses.

Pricing: Sales Cloud offers four pricing plans, i.e., Essentials ($25 per user per month), Professional ($75 per user per month), Enterprise ($150 per user per month), and Unlimited ($300 per user per month). The trial version is at no cost for 14 days.


Salesforce provides an online CRM system. Salesforce provides a platform to track customer information and interactions from one location. You can automate and customize the marketing messages you send out. Salesforce Customer 360 comes with features for Customer Service Marketing, Sales, and Analytics.


  • Salesforce will boost productivity with the aid of AI-automated data capture as well as process automation.
  • To improve the customer experience, this has functions from software for call centres and self-service websites.
  • Marketing will be much easier using cloud-based technology to communicate the correct messages in the appropriate channel at precisely the right moment.
  • It will allow you to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenues, and cut costs.
  • It offers a solution for collaboration as well as for creating custom applications.

Review: Salesforce provides a customizable and scalable solution that can fit every business need, i.e., from small-scale to huge. Salesforce CRM software is ideal for any sector and geographic region sales process. It is an excellent tool for managers, sales reps, and even executives.


Ideal for small to large companies of all sizes.

Price Zendesk offers five pricing plans, i.e., Essential ($5 per agent per month), Team ($19 per agent per month), Professional ($49 per agent per month), Enterprise ($99 per agent per month), and Elite ($199 per agent per month). These prices are all to be paid annually. There is a free trial included with the program.


Zendesk’s support application assists at a help desk to help you improve your client relationship. Zendesk offers a customer management solution to enhance customer communication and improve their relationship. It provides a way to integrate with CRM systems.


  • Helpdesk tracking software offers an information management database for contacts that gives you a 360-degree perspective of your customers.
  • This database may provide information about the history of activity as well as customer communications, internal discussions about accounts, and social media data.
  • The features that allow monitoring and reporting on interactions with prospective and current customers will allow you to offer your customers the highest quality of service and thus increase sales.
  • The software will allow you to modify reports and provide rich information.
  • It is possible to integrate it with other applications and tools.

The verdict: Zendesk will provide better results in sales and marketing for upper management. Zendesk will serve as a powerful communication tool for businesses, and more importantly, it assists in maintaining a lasting personal, productive, and personal relationship.

Zoho CRM

Best for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses. Any type or size

Price: It comes with the option of a free account (3 users) along with an initial 15-day trial that is free for three plans: Standard ($12/month), Professional ($20/month) as well as Enterprise ($35/month). However, the most well-known Ultimate version is priced at $45/month and comes with an exclusive 30-day trial for free.

zoho crm

Zoho CRM is an online 360deg business management system that assists businesses that are of any size and shape to manage their marketing, sales analysis, operations, and analytics.

Over 150,000 businesses in 180 countries depend on Zoho CRM to build long-lasting customer relationships. It delivers a speedy and accurate real-time analytics service—an extensible and flexible developer platform.

Monitor lead activity, track buyer preferences, and get price lists or other documents without switching between applications on multiple devices using Zoho’s comprehensive customer management application.


  • An omnichannel platform that connects customers through various channels.
  • Tools for sales automation to manage deals, leads, contacts, and accounts by utilizing processes and macros.
  • Custom-designed dashboards and reports can be customized with numerous options to draw comparisons, contrasts, and insight from your collected data.
  • Artificial Intelligence-powered assistant for sales, Zia, to help you anticipate sales results identify anomalies, enhance data, discover email sentiments, and determine the most appropriate moment to reach out to an individual.
  • Tools for marketing attribution provide insight into the distribution of your campaign’s budget and ROI information.
  • Internal chat feature, forums group, notes, and forums to help facilitate team collaboration.
  • Mobile CRM application to store information, schedule tasks, connect to customers and update your data even if you’re not online.

Review: Zoho CRM is highly customizable, with a simple interface. It provides quick and easy moving options with affordable plans and 24-hour support.

Act! CRM

The best choice for both large and small businesses.

Price: Act! CRM provides three pricing plans that include cloud-based and self-hosted solutions. Plans for cloud-hosted services are Starter ($12 each month, per person), Professional ($25 per month for each user), or Expert ($50 per month for each user).

act crm

If you are using an on-premise solution, Act! Premium is priced at $37.50 per month for each user. Cloud-based solutions and annual as well as Monthly billing are offered.

Act! CRM can help you maintain customers, build pipelines, and increase the number of relationships. It is a dashboard that can be customized and integrated into DocuSign, Gmail, Zoom, etc. It helps sync your contacts, including calendars, documents, and emails.


  • Act! CRM is a tool to help manage customers.
  • To manage tasks and activities, it offers features to monitor and assign priority to meetings, calls, etc.
  • It records in detail all interactions with customers and prospects.

Verdict: Act! CRM assist in the efficient management of engagements through the association of contacts with their organizations. The mobile application is available on iOS and Android devices.


The best option for small to Large-sized Businesses.

Price: HubSpot CRM is 100 per cent free client management software. It allows unlimited users and information. It can be used for up to 1000000 contacts. There will be no expiration date.hubspot crm

HubSpot provides marketing and CRM tools that are entirely at no cost. It includes features for Sales Managers, Salespeople, Leaders, Customer Service Teams, Operations Managers, and Business Owners.

It is compatible with Gmail and Outlook. It can integrate with third-party integrations, which can benefit Operational Managers. It includes email templates and the ability to set up emails.


  • HubSpot gives you complete real-time visibility of your pipeline sales by providing comprehensive reports on sales activity, productivity, and the individual’s performance.
  • It provides features such as a reports dashboard, company insights, deal tracking, contact website activity, pipeline, and pipeline management.
  • It can perform email tracking, notifications, prospect tracking, meeting scheduling, and live chat.
  • For marketers, it has the tools of Forms, ad management, Live Chat, and Chatbot Builder.
  • Teams from Customer Services will appreciate the ticketing features chats, inbox report on tickets closed as well as time-to-close ticket tickets.

Review: HubSpot CRM is a free platform that can be used for marketing, sales, customer service, and management of contacts. It can support unlimited users and can store 1 million contact.

Keap CRM

Ideal for small to large companies of all sizes.

Price: There are three price plans, i.e., Keap Grow (Starts at $79 per month), Keap Pro ($149 per month) as well as Infusionsoft (Starts at $199 per month). It is offered for 14 days only for Keap Grow & Keap Pro plans. The prices listed are per 500 contacts and 1 user.

keap crm

Keap CRM offers a system with Client Management, Email Marketing, and Appointment capabilities. It also provides functions for invoices, quotes, and payments. It keeps all information and communications with clients in one location.

The entire process of keeping track of and updating the client’s record is managed by Keap. Keap can be connected to Gmail as well as Outlook.

Keap offers a business telephone line as well as text messaging. It saves some time, allowing users to choose from a list of pre-written emails. It allows for making an automatic procedure to send out messages to new prospects.


  • Keap will keep track of the history of all payments, meetings, conversations, quotes, emails, and recorded selections from clients, along with the contact information and shared files, if any, all in one location.
  • Keap Pro is provides options like sales and marketing automation, recurring payments, and the ability to build landing pages, reports, and intelligent forms.
  • It provides the Infusionsoft plan for established companies. It can handle CRM,  marketing & Automation of Sales, Lead scoring, company records, and advanced reporting & eCommerce.
  • It will save contact information and other information such as social media accounts, birthdays, and addresses.

Review: Keap responds promptly to leads and existing contacts by sending personalized messages.


Best for Medium-Sized and Large Enterprises.

Pricing: Maropost’s software includes a 14-day trial and four pricing plans. Its essential plan costs $71/month. Essential Plus and professional programs cost $179/month and $224/month, respectively. A customized enterprise plan is also available.


Maropost allows store owners who own eCommerce to monitor their customers’ orders and customers with actual-time information on their customers. It ensures that all details are needed to provide an outstanding customer experience.

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Additionally, you can access important B2B data on the history of a customer’s purchases, including outstanding balances, notes on contact, etc.

Maropost is a shining example when it comes to the capabilities of its CRM. You can use this platform to satisfy your customers’ needs and establish a profitable business relationship.


  • Customer Account Snapshot
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • In-Depth Accounting and Reporting
  • Custom Customer Data Fields
  • Integrated Ticket Support System

The verdict: Maropost offers eCommerce store owners, wholesalers, and retailers an online platform that lets them build a lasting connection with their customers as well as suppliers. The CRM capabilities of the forum are worth every penny you pay for it.

Bonsai CRM

The best choice for small-sized firms and freelancers.

 Price: Starter Plan is $17 per month. The pro plan costs $32/month. Business plan, which is $52 per month. All programs are charged annually. Two months at the beginning of Bonsai with the yearly plan are entirely free.

bonsai crm

With Bonsai CRM, you will get an application that runs across platforms and can be used as a client and project CRM. It can keep track of your contacts, adding leads and details about current clients. It allows you to add clients to tags, notes, and communications, making monitoring each interaction with them more manageable.

Apart from managing client accounts, The software is efficient in managing projects. It allows you to collaborate on projects with your coworkers via a central dashboard. You can add work, payment, timesheets, and documents to each project. Inviting potential collaborators to work on a joint project via Bonsai is also easy—Bonsai platform.


  • Information about the client’s tracker
  • Include documents, payments, and other tasks for the projects
  • Invite collaborators to participate.
  • Assign tasks
  • Time for tracking

Review: Bonsai is a client management software designed to meet the demands and needs of freelancers at the forefront. With this application on your side, you’ll be able to keep track of your leads and clients easily. Bonsai also excels in managing projects and team collaboration.

vCita CRM

Ideal for small-sized businesses and freelancers.

Price: vCita CRM offers a free trial for 14 days. The three options available are available for Solo, i.e., Basics ($19 each month) and Business ($45 per month) or Platinum ($75 per month).

vcita crm

To teams, it has four options, i.e., Corporate ($45 per month), Platinum ($75 per month), Platinum 10 ($117 per month) as well as Platinum 20 ($196 per month). These prices are all for an annual bill.

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vCita is a central centre for storing, managing, and labeling leads, contacts, and clients. It has tools to schedule, bill, and invoice, and a client leads generation portal, and a marketing campaign.

You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of your client’s past for payments, appointments, invoices, documents, and other conversations.

vCita has the capabilities that allow you to work in your workplace. It comes with a mobile application that will keep all the data you need at any location or time you require.


  • vCita includes features in the client portal to assist clients in planning, paying, and sharing documents via an online self-service portal.
  • It can perform automated reminders for meetings.
  • Customized follow-ups are for post meeting follow-ups to encourage clients to make the next appointment.
  • Invoicing and billing, you can pay online.

The verdict: vCita is the platform with a user-friendly widget on its website and SMS and email campaigns, self-service tools, and automatic follow-ups.

All clients CRM

The best option for small-scale companies.

Price: AllClients offers 3 pricing options, i.e., Basic ($29 monthly for a single user), Standard ($41 per month for two users), or Professional ($66 per month for five users). These prices are all for yearly billing. A trial offer is free for up to 14 calendar days.


AllClients is an all-in-one and user-friendly CRM solution that is easy to use for marketing automation. It includes features to manage and filter contacts, workflows autoresponders, and more. AllClients provides tools for email marketing software and a client database.

It includes various functions like videos, text-to-join clients, client referral tree team-related functions, etc.


  • It provides basic features of contact management software, including keeping track of client records, coordinating to-dos as well as calendar events, notes as well as others.
  • It has advanced features like creating landing pages as well as autoresponders.
  • It has features such as web-based contact management CRM on the web software and drips marketing and email marketing systems.
  • It has additional features, including an audio generator, deals tracking, and sales funnel software. And sales Pipeline System.

Review: AllClients is simple and easy-to-use software. It was created for people who could be more tech-savvy and be the ideal software for realtors, mortgage professionals, mortgage officers, insurance agents, etc.


The best choice for small to medium-sized businesses as well as freelancers.

Price: A free trial is available. Two pricing plans are available, i.e., Standard ($45 per month for three members) and Premium ($95 monthly for three users). If your company includes more than 100 users, each additional user will be charged $5 for each user. The cost will be $33 per month for a single user.


WorkflowMax gives you tools to build more efficient and profitable customer relationships. It allows you to record, retain and analyze detailed client information. It lets you design custom fields to save unique details about your client, like birthdays.

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The details of notes from customers or the tab for documents will be saved and tracked. The Global Search feature will make it easier to locate clients or contacts.


  • The premium plan includes features such as Recurring invoices, Productivity reports, Xero invoice import, and Client Groups.
  • It includes options for purchase orders, document management, job management, and connectivity with Xero.
  • It provides an Account Manager.
  • The program allows you to view the filtering view of the client’s information. It is possible to view it using a filter that is already in place, or you can design your filter.
  • It can quote Invoicing Timesheets, Job Costing, Timesheets, and Purchase Orders.

Review: WorkflowMax will allow you to add any contacts you’d like to your client’s record. It is possible to find the client’s number, email address, or phone number within the app and be able to contact them via the application.


Ideal for small and large companies and freelancers.

Price: A trial period of a free trial is offered for Insightly. Insightly offers 3 pricing options for its CRM, i.e., Plus ($29 per user per month), Professional ($49 per user per month), and Enterprise ($99 per user per month).

insightly crm

Insightly is a CRM program with marketing automation that works with Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook. With this one platform, you’ll be able to access the capabilities of Sales, Marketing, and Project Management. It can be used to send and create emails.

It lets you send mass emails to a set of contacts. Insightly offers a platform to create custom applications using validated fields, calculations, automated workflows, dashboards, and reports.


  • Insightly visually illustrates the customer experience.
  • It can provide reports that are enterprise-grade.
  • Workflow automation is a tool that can help you create complicated and multi-step business processes.
  • It will automatically direct you to the appropriate user in real-time.

Review: Insightly can be integrated with a variety of apps to aid you in tracking your accounting and email marketing in your CRM.

Freshworks CRM

Ideal for small to large businesses.

Prices: Freshworks CRM allows free for 21 days. Freshworks CRM offers four pricing plans, i.e., Blossom ($12 user per month), Garden ($25 user per month), Estate ($49 user per month), and Forest ($79 user per month). These prices are all for an annual bill.

freshwork crm

Freshworks CRM can be described as a CRM for sales software. It offers lead scoring based on AI, including phone, email, and activity recording. It gives you a comprehensive view of your customer since it gives access to their social media account profile and will identify customer touchpoints, such as interactions with websites, website appointments, etc.

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The platform lets you organize your sales teams by region. To assist you in tracking your customers in real time, Freshworks CRM offers features like in-app and website tracking, activity timelines, and behaviour-based segmentation.


  • Freshworks CRM comes with the function of Lead Scoring, which will aid you in prioritizing follow-ups based on data-backed information.
  • Auto profile enrichment can include leads in CRM sales, their profile’s social media information, and photos.
  • To help with the sales pipeline, it provides features such as visual sales pipelines that provide a glance at the deal status and drag-and-drop navigation, along with iOS and Android mobile apps that allow you to monitor the sales on the go.
  • It lets you make a phone call using your CRM.
  • Freshworks CRM provides in-depth reports, including sales analytics, dashboards for statements and reports that can be customized, reports on sales, and more.

Verdict: Besides the features mentioned earlier and capabilities, Freshworks CRM offers many additional features, including Intelligent workflow and integration with other applications and functions to optimize emails, such as two-way sync, tracking emails, etc.


Client Management Software is crucial in establishing relationships with clients and controlling potential customers., vCita, AllClients, HubSpot, and Keap CRM are our top recommendations for Client Management Solutions.

HubSpot offers no-cost Client Manager Software. Zoho provides a no-cost plan for small-sized businesses. Many of the tools mentioned above are priced per user for each month.

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