Best Contact Management CRM Tools in 2023

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“Contact management programs” is a generic term for data management software that lets users keep track of prospects, customers, and vendor contact details and information.

It could include addresses, employee names, associated companies, opening quotes, order information, and sales records. It’s a source that can help you increase sales through streamlining and simplifying processes like prospecting and lead qualifying.

Best Contact Management Software

Here are a few software to manage contacts for small-sized businesses, and then the top options for paid and free for all businesses.

Best Contact Management Software for Small Business


Price: Free for life.


HubSpot’s CRM for free is an application for managing contact details and many other features. You won’t have to manually update or add the contact record because HubSpot will do it after each contact with a customer. Similarly, the contact document is more automated, utilizing data from across 20 million corporations.

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This CRM and management software is simple to operate, use, and navigate. Alongside contact management, the other important attributes include the management of pipelines, reports dashboards, company insight deal tracking, tracking emails and notifications, tracking prospects meetings, meeting scheduling, and live chat.

The CRM is completely free for the duration of your subscription. However, you can upgrade anytime to a paid subscription for additional features as your company grows.


Pricing: Plans start at $5/month per user.

big contact

BIGContacts CRM streamlines contact management to assist small-sized businesses in building relationships with customers. The tool provides a complete look at the contacts’ records, including their contact numbers, locations, email addresses, previous interactions and transaction history notes, and future interactions.

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Additional information can be stored in customized fields, too. The extensive record of contacts can be used to tailor different outreach campaigns and communications.

BIGContacts lets you take information from web forms intuitively, eliminating manual effort and the risk of making mistakes. The platform combines all tasks and contacts in one location, making it easy to stay informed about upcoming events.

Contact management CRM allows you to categorize and tag contacts using dynamic and static lists of contacts to enhance segmentation.

It integrates with various software applications for business, including accounting, marketing, analytics, and accounting tools, to allow you to manage all aspects of your contacts through one platform. BIGContacts offers remote access that allows you to monitor your contacts anywhere.


Pricing: Plans start at just $15 per user per month.

active campaign

ActiveCampaign is a customer-facing automation platform with various options for managing contacts and features.

ActiveCampaign integrates its contact management features with the lifecycle of your customers, starting by engaging and interacting with your customers before nurturing and informing them, closing them and converting them, and finally, assisting their development. The software will require you to create a list of contacts to begin managing contacts.

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Then, you can connect existing email contacts and then arrange your contacts according to list tags, lists, or custom fields. ActiveCampaign will allow you to create segments for your clients to let you tailor and personalize your content to your customers.

This solution for managing contacts can help you segment your customers according to communications such as emails and forms. Then it will identify the behaviors that will help reveal more about the people in the segments.

ActiveCampaign also offers case studies to help you find out how other businesses like yours use the software’s tools for managing contacts and how they segment their clients.


Price: start at just $35/user per month.

fresh works

Freshworks is a CRM and contact management software that lets you manage and maintain your contacts to establish lasting and solid connections with them. It makes data entry for contact records easier and offers 360-degree views of each customer.

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Freshworks monitors sales activities. It also manages sales-related tasks and appointments and permits users to make appointments or email without leaving the program. Freshworks can be integrated with Google Workspace to enter Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, and more.


Price: start at $9/month.


Moosend is an automation tool for email marketing that comes with advanced features for managing your audience to help keep your contacts in order. Moosend’s CRM features will enable you to easily manage your contacts using the dashboard, allowing you to monitor who is active and bounced to improve your approach.

The advanced segmentation capabilities of the platform offer more in-depth data about customers. You can easily label your subscribers according to different factors and the information you’ve gathered to create specific content tailored to their requirements.

For instance, Moosend’s customizable fields can personalize your subject lines and content, following your customers’ names, birthdays and places, and many others.

The tools for lead generation from Moosend can assist you in growing the number of email addresses you have by creating newsletter sign-up forms and landing pages. Automating your contact management with marketing automation is possible by establishing specific automated workflows that keep your mailing list tidy and active based on user actions.


Price: Plans start at $79 per user per month.


Keap is an online CRM, marketing, and sales platform that manages small business clients. Client communication and activity are centrally stored, and the software automates the creation of contact records and follow-ups.

And update your contact record for you, and communications with contacts (such as emails, forms, and sales follow-ups) can be customized swiftly, thanks to the contact details kept in Keap.

Connect Keap with Gmail or Outlook, and all of your emails are automatically updated in the records of your contacts. There is also an assortment of other tools and programs you can connect to Keap to ensure that all your information is accurate and accessible from one place.

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Then, let’s look at the most effective Contact management tools, both paid and free, that are suitable for every business, from small to medium-sized to large.

The Top Free and Paid Contact Management Application

HubSpot CRM Platform

Price: Paid and free plans start at $45 for two users/month.

hubspot crm

It is the HubSpot CRM platform’s contact management tool. They are designed to reduce the friction in your sales processes, reduce your sales efforts, and give your sales reps the time and flexibility they need to close deals.

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Like CRM, this platform automatically enriches your contacts by incorporating data from over 20 million companies. It also alerts prospects to click on the sales email or visit your site.

HubSpot offers other contact management features, including tools for tracking prospects’ meetings, scheduling, and live chat (which both your service and sales teams will use to their advantage).

We talked about the free forever version of HubSpot — in case you’re a startup or small company, you can begin with the free edition of the program and eventually upgrade to a premium version of their sales CRM.

It will allow you to grow seamlessly with your contact management software as your business grows (along with many additional features and tools perfect for your marketing, sales, or service team).

Zoho ContactManager

zoha contact manager

Price: Both paid and free plans begin from $15/month for 15 users/month.

The benefit of Zoho’s ContactManager lies in its simplicity – it’s simple to use without sacrificing functionality or power. You can save your contacts in a central contact file. It also gives you complete data on any contact you’ve made with them.

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Contacts, tasks, and notes specific to each contact are organized and accessible. The program also includes tools to assist you in applying the data that you have gathered from these communications to improve your sales.

The simplest model of this platform is completely free to use, and it can hold 500 contacts per user. This plan is suitable for small companies, startups, and freelancers. In addition, Zoho’s paid plans offer more options and flexibility.


Price: Paid and free plans begin at $17 per two users per month.


Bitrix24’s Contact Management software features go beyond what you would normally expect from a platform. It comes with standard tools for managing contacts, including a central database to collect and track the contact details of customers and prospects.

It also keeps track of every phone call reps make or receive, similar to emails. If you connect your email address to the platform, your complete history of emails will be saved in the Bitrix24 Contact Manager.

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If you’re looking for an affordable solution with features not typically available in the standard contact management software, Bitrix24 may be worth looking at. If your business expands and you want more value from your contact management system, Bitrix24’s paid solutions can meet your requirements at reasonable prices.


Price: Paid and free plans begin at just $15 per monthly user.


The tools for managing contacts from Streak can be integrated into Your Gmail inbox, working with the other Google Workspace applications. It also lets users track and display their customer’s contact information and communication timeline. It could include information on the email logs and call logs, as well as notes, files, and even activities.

Streak provides a custom-designed view of the sales process. It allows you to filter, search, group, or sort contact information, save the results in custom views, and communicate that information with your team.

Streak is a software that’s accessible that was designed to integrate into Google applications seamlessly. It’s completely free for personal use. However, there are professional and enterprise-level options at an additional cost.


Prices: Plans begin at $12.50 monthly per user.


Pipedrive CRM is basically sales-oriented, as its Contact Management tools reflect that. The contact management highlights are outlined to encourage difficult sales utilizing data and automation.

They give a unused level of insights and intelligence into the sales process of a business through the collection of savvy contact information and automatically deciding leads.

The platform has tools for collecting web-based information with respect to your contacts from online sources such as LinkedIn. Analyzing this information can give knowledge into the plausibility of taking after up on leads you discover.


Price: start at just $25 per user per month.


Contact management tools allow you to view all your contacts from any mobile or cloud-based records through one relationship manager.

Nimble’s tool for prospecting shows all contact information and company information for potential prospects and customers, including messages, email messages, social interaction notes, and calendar events that you might have shared with them.

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The platform integrates with Google Workspace and Office365 seamlessly and includes over 100 app integrations. It’s an effective, flexible tool to keep track of your contacts, how to reach them, and how they can be integrated into your overall sales strategy.

Nextiva Customer Relationship Suit

Price: begins at $24.95 monthly for each user.


This Nextiva sales CRM’s deep set of highlights incorporates tools for managing contacts that are available over all plans. Indeed their easiest membership comes with instruments to keep track of the history of call logs, notes, and emails.

Together, these tools will help you in following your customers’ contact data and communication history whereas taking the pressure out of assignments like taking after up or outreach. With Nextiva, it is conceivable to gain access to an cluster of instruments, incorporating automated follow-up analytics, live chat, and studies.


Prices start at $22 per month for each user.


Nutshell is the central repository for the company’s customer data and knowledge. It’s one place for you and your staff to keep track of contacts, call notes, and email correspondences with customers. The contact management tool and powerful sales automation tools will allow you to streamline your sales process and determine leads.

Nutshell can also be integrated seamlessly with other applications, such as Slack or Google Workspace, and is designed to meet the requirements of companies of all sizes.

Wrapping Up

Whatever your company, what you’re selling, or how your sales team structure is, you’ll be able to find contacts you have to keep track of and manage. If you still need to invest in a contact management system for your company, look at the options mentioned above.

Remember that nothing in this world is absolute except taxes, death, or the best contact management software, which makes salespeople’s lives easier.

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