Best Interior Design Websites to Inspire You

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The top interior design websites showcase your company’s distinctive design and aesthetic style. Many interior designers use websites to showcase their previous work and entice prospective clients to work with their company.

But knowing what you can do to ensure that your business’ website stands out is challenging. This article will guide you through the 20 top sites for interior design.

Best Interior Designs Websites

Are you ready to explore the top interior design websites to find some ideas for your own? We’ve collected 20 of them that make an impression.

Cathie Hong Interiors

cathie hong

Cathie Hong beautifully showcases her experiences creating stunning interiors on this site, showcasing numerous projects. Hong’s designs are organic and natural. They are also lighthearted; her website echoes this through the whitespace and color scheme.

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We like: Landing on Cathie Hong Interiors is like breathing fresh air thanks to the unifying photography.

Tyler Karu

tyler karu

We’re big fans of Tyler Karu’s bold and fun headline header font. Because this font is so powerful, it’s no wonder that it’s not surprising that the remainder of the website has much lighter, softer fonts that are stunningly contrasted.

In addition, the designer gives users a coherent and logical narrative as they scroll. Karu invites you to explore the site for the first time, and once you’ve seen some of her previous work, you’ll be invited to contact him.

We like this: When you hover your mouse on the Tyler Karu website, You can scroll through or browse the project. It can help users figure out which elements contain hyperlinks.



This particular example is included on our list of top interior design websites because it is user-friendly and visually appealing. While scrolling on the homepage, you will notice that the CTAs are displayed yet in line with the brand’s overall branding.

We like this: Like Tyler Karu, once you are on the home page, the mouse transforms into an arrow. It makes it nearly impossible to click and then move on to learn more about the featured project.

Studio Jari


Studio Jari keeps the focus in the right place on the interiors. A large image of their previous projects greets you as you land on their website. When you browse the home page, you’ll see that the image shifts to display multiple projects from the past.

We like this: You can locate it in the Studio Jari menu on the left-hand side of the home page. It’s a vertical menu that is distinct from the other options and allows the site to be noticed.

Elite Design Studio

elite design studio

Elite Design Studio is one of this list’s most unique interior design websites. That’s the reason it has earned numerous points from us. The studio’s name is prominently displayed; while you scroll through the site, pictures of the designer or previous projects appear over the name. It’s a site that is almost live.

We like: There’s nothing to speculate about the purpose of Elite Design Studio does -In the upper left-hand corner, two lines of copy show the studio’s services to let visitors know you’re at the correct spot.

Kati Curtis Design

kati curtis design

Kati Curtis Design’s website is more colorful and playful than the other sites on the list. It is the reason it’s so captivating. It’s more text-centric than many others; however, this can be advantageous since users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the site.

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What we love: A pop of color is a big help – as it’s evident in the Kati Curtis Design menu demonstrates it.

Infinite Bespoke Interiors

infinite bespoke interiors

Infinite Bespoke Interiors uses a stylish and fun typeface on its site. When you visit the website, a short video plays in the background. A CTA was added to the video to feel natural and consistent with the brand.

What we like: When you go down, you’ll find a menu that lays out various homepage sections. If you click on the text corresponding to the category, a link will take you to that.

Studio 397

studio 397

When you visit Studio 397’s website, you can view a video of an earlier project the company has completed. When you click on the video on the website, you’ll see various images that showcase the company’s capabilities. It also displays on the site’s page for projects, which is a good option since visitors are forced to browse through past projects.

We like this: Underneath each image is an invitation for users to discover more.



Renner includes images with squares on the site. When you scroll down the homepage, you will find a variety of pages with links to previous projects are present. There is also a wealth of information about the company and a glimpse of certain designers who work on it.

We like this: Renner has a blog featured in their menu to make it easy for visitors to navigate to it.

Format Furniture

format furniture

Format Furniture’s website uses strong geometric fonts that look warm and welcoming. The homepage of the site displays past projects you can click. If you click on them, a color scheme for the project appears while the page loads, which is an attractive feature.

What we like about it: We’re extremely pleased with the footer section on this website. It includes hyperlinks to the company’s social media profiles and a button to invite users to “talk” and information on how to reach us.

Amhad Freeman Interiors

amhad freeman interiors

The Amhad Freeman Interiors website is minimalist but stunning. The menu is simple to navigate, and the pictures of past projects speak for themselves. If you visit the page for stories, you are presented with details about the company’s history, pictures of the designer, and previous projects.

What we like about it: We like the way the homepage of this site features three photos side-by-side. They’re beautifully placed and convey the story of the brand effortlessly.



The next thing we’ll discuss is AphroChic. It’s one of our top interior design websites since it’s visually pleasing. It combines whitespace, stunning, elegant fonts, and striking images perfectly.

What we like about it: The Menu is disguised as hamburgers on the right part of the display; thus, it’s not in the way.

Krane Home

krane home

Krane Home’s website is as warm and cozy as the interiors that Krane Home’s items can help you design. The primary page’s main focus is the large image which changes every few seconds and shows the various items you can buy or images of rooms where the items are featured.

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What we like: Krane Home highlights its prior successes visually appealingly on its homepage.

Evolve Residential

evolve residential

The Evolve Residential site shows you everything you require when you visit the home page. The background is an attractive photo of a one-time project, and the menu is semi-transparent overlayed on top.

We like this: Evolve Residential has focused on what is important (the images) with limited copy on the home page.

Sashya Thind

sashya thind

Sashya Thind’s interior design style is described as “warm minimalism” on her website, and the site reflects this. The site concentrates on earlier projects through flashes of homes she has designed previously. The site also has text overlays on the photos, which gives the site a unique look.

What we love: Never underestimate the power of color. We like the color Sashya Thind has used in the text throughout the site to provide a subtle yet attractive bright pop of color.


ok dsgn

When you first enter the home page, OK DSGN briefly flashes images of previous designs. After that, when you get to page one, you’ll be greeted by images of the design team behind the firm and his previous designs and a piece of copy that tells the brand’s story.

We like: OK DSGN features an elegant, beautiful font that’s very easy to understand.



IN56 is among the most beautiful interior design websites since it is alive and energetic, thanks to parallax scrolling. When you scroll, images move from left to right, so you can take in the various designs that the firm has created. The menu is simple and easy to navigate, and we are amazed by how well-integrated it is with the brand’s branding.

What we like: IN56 uses parallax scrolling to increase visual appeal and bring the website to life.

Arthur Casas

arthur casas

Some of our most popular interior design websites have bright, airy hues; however, they’re only sometimes the case. Look at Arthur Casas’s interior website to understand why staying with dark, moody shades is a great alternative.

We like this: This website isn’t overpowering in any way. Because it’s easy to digest for users, they’ll have a lower chance of being annoyed when they don’t get the information they’re looking for and bounce.

Carrier and Company

carrier and company

The Carrier and Company website design is straightforward but effective. It highlights one of the firm’s most impressive projects that showcases the design an internal team can achieve. It is a great illustration of why investing in images for your website is vital. Check out the way visually pleasing Carrier and Company’s website due to the images.

What we like: This firm doesn’t try to make it complicated. The designers show you their previous work, provide an easy menu and showcase their achievements in a straightforward, simple, and attractive way.

D2 Interieurs

d2 interieurs

The D2 Interieurs website is one of our favorites because it’s fun, nostalgic, and vibrant. The site features a gallery-wall-type collection of photos that you can click and browse through the various website pages. We also like the fun font.

We like this: On the side of the homepage, D2 Interieurs has an email newsletter sign-up form, an excellent option to add.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve seen several successful interior design websites, You can begin to design your own. We’re certain that with some imagination and creativity, you’ll be able to create a site that tells your company’s story and looks amazing.

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