Best SendGrid Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

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Emails are a vital part of business communication in the present. They contribute significantly to promoting and marketing a product or service if utilized correctly. It is why communication tools such as SendGrid can play a significant role.

SendGrid helps businesses with transactional emails and launch profitable email marketing campaigns to establish better customer connections.

SendGrid provides its customers with templates and designs pre-set for creating engaging email marketing campaigns that efficiently convey the message. SendGrid can also detect and block untrue email addresses in real-time. So, companies can rest easy knowing that all emails sent to them reach the correct mailboxes.

Then why should we look elsewhere for a reliable tool such as SendGrid? Different business preferences exist on whether to use one particular product or service. SendGrid is one example. It can be challenging to keep up and running. The pricing plans do not come at a reasonable price and lack key API functions.

It’s better to search for alternatives that are superior to SendGrid, which is superior to it in the ease of use, affordability as well as flexibility, and features. In this post, we will provide an array of API and SMTP alternatives that are among the most effective alternatives to SendGrid that are available right now.


  • Choose an email provider which is simple to set up and manage.
  • The software should have many templates and pre-set designs to simplify creating customized email marketing campaigns.
  • Find the SMTP or API solution with the highest rate of delivery for emails and a lower average bounce rate.
  • The software ought to be able to predict delivery issues and take the mandatory action to fix the issue.
  • It should be able to handle and send a larger number of emails for an affordable cost.
  • The cost must be clearly stated, and different plans should be available depending on the number of emails you plan to send each month. Avoid using tools that go over the budget you have set.

Fact check: according to a survey conducted recently that was conducted, it was estimated that there are 3.9 billion people using email across the globe. In 2023, the world will see 4.9 billion email users worldwide.

email user around the world[Image: Source]

Best SendGrid Alternatives Review

We have created a list of best Sendgrid alternatives. These are as follows:

Mailgun (Recommended)

Cloud-based API for transactions is the best choice for programmers.

mail gun

Mailgun is an incredibly cloud-based application that’s made for programmers. Its APIs can be used for sending, receiving, and monitoring transactional emails with no issue.

The program allows for the easy sending of bulk and transactional email messages through its simple SMTP integration and flexible HTTP API. In addition, the instant email verification feature can also help remove inactive email addresses from your contacts list.

In addition, Mailgun can also help customize your email messages, analyze the messages that come in, create compelling marketing campaigns, and utilize templates to design professional-looking marketing messages. Mailgun also provides its customers with actionable data to improve the effectiveness of their messages.

Mailgun also provides deliverability solutions for businesses that send more than 500,000 email messages per month. This program pairs you with a delivery expert named Technical Account Management for a delivery plan that will improve the performance of your emails.

They can help troubleshoot problems and suggest an optimal inboxing rate for Gmail, Yahoo, and other services.


  • Simple SMTP integration, as well as flexible HTTP API
  • Customize your email and schedule plan 
  • Automatic Email Parsing
  • Improved Email Deliverability
  • Analytics for email

Review: Mailgun is a powerful cloud-based service that was created to be used by developers. The user-friendly features and simple SMTP integration make it a reliable email solution for receiving, sending, and monitoring bulk and transactional email messages.

It’s the top SMTP and API provider currently available to boost the effectiveness of email or run an extensive email marketing campaign.

Price: Pay as get service. 5000 emails are free for 3 months, after which you pay only for messages you forward. The Foundation plan costs $35/month and includes 50000 emails. Growth plan: $80/month for 100,000 emails, and Scale plan – $90/month to send 100,000 emails with advanced configurations.

Mailjet (Recommended)

The best solution for Email API and marketing solutions.


Mailjet is an easy-to-use tool that helps marketers, and developers design email templates and monitor marketing and transactional emails. Mailjet gives marketers access to an easy email builder with appealing email templates. It is possible to edit, alter or even create custom email messages which communicate the message.

Mailjet, an online tool for creating email campaigns, includes a real-time collaboration feature that allows several users to share an individual campaign in the team. Mailjet has a powerful test tool for a/b and allows you to gather statistical information regarding the sequence of emails, pictures, and subject lines which are utilized within emails.

The sending of transactional emails is straightforward using Mailjet. You can plan and schedule transactional emails and track them using Mailjet’s SMTP server or the RESTful API.

Mailjet is a great tool for sending transactional SMSs well. Its API for transactional SMS can be seamlessly integrated within the shortest timeframe to begin sending SMS messages across the world.

Beyond these features Apart from all the above features, Mailjet’s email deliverability feature sets the company ahead of SendGrid. The service is available to experts in the mail delivery service of Mailjet to help you optimize your ability to deliver emails and improve your sender’s reputation.


  • Real-Time online collaboration
  • Intuitive Online Email Builder
  • Customazied email templates
  • Transactional SMS API
  • It is easy to forward transaction type email using RESTful API or SMTP relay.

Review: Mailjet allows developers and marketers to collaborate simultaneously to create solid large-scale marketing campaigns and manage transactional emails. It seamlessly integrates with already-designed eCommerce, CRM, and other programs to offer an excellent user experience.

Mailjet could be an excellent alternative to SendGrid when you’re searching for an email service that is affordable, user-friendly and has a lot of sophisticated options.

Price: A free plan that can send 6000 emails every month. It also allows 200 emails every day. The basic plan at $9.65 per month can send 30000 emails, with unlimited daily email. The premium plan at $20.95/month provides 30000 emails per month and no limitations for daily emails. An individual plan is offered.

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

The best option for efficient transactional management of email.


Bravo is a different email marketing software that is a superior alternative to SendGrid in several key areas. Compared with SendGrid Brevo, you get greater features for no more for Brevo.

It’s easy to keep track of emails using this application as it lets you easily find your emails’ open rates, clicks, and bounces. The application also enhances the experience of email marketing by conducting A/B tests on drag-and-drop email builders. email and advanced report generation.


  • A separate dashboard is available for transactional email setup
  • Drag and Drop email tamplet builders
  • A/B Tests for email
  • Advanced report generation

Review: Brevo establishes itself as an alternative to SendGrid because it offers additional features for a lower cost. It is possible to create branded email through its email builders, make smart decisions based on its reports, and conduct tests on A/B to ensure the messages are delivered to the right email addresses.

Price: Free Plan available, $25/month – Lite, $65/month – Premium.

Constant Contact

Perfect for Contact List Management and Email Marketing Automation.

constant contact

Constant Contact is, in fact, one of the most effective options for Sendgrid. It is evident from its amazing marketing automation capabilities.

It’s simple to use and immediately impresses you by providing hundreds of templates and a drag-and-drop builder. You can personalize your email messages to like the look and feel of your business.

It also excels in the management of your contact lists. The system will automatically separate your contacts following specific elements. It lets ycrmou deliver only the most relevant messages to the appropriate individual… someone most likely to react to the message.

The platform allows users to effortlessly upload contacts from sources such as Excel, Salesforce, etc.


  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Many templates have already been designed
  • Contact segmentation
  • Analytical reporting in real-time
  • Integration with a range of applications, including Shopify, Salesforce, etc.

Review: Marketing automation via email, segmentation of contact lists, and dependable customer service are only a few things that make Constant Contact a fine alternative to SendGrid. It is also less expensive than SendGrid, so we highly recommend it.

Subscription: The user will get 60 days free trial, Core: $9.99 per month, Plus plan: $45 monthly.

HubSpot Email Marketing

Best way to connect to HubSpot products.


HubSpot is a marketing tool focused on improving email delivery to increase deliverability rates. However, its ability to integrate seamlessly with the other HubSpot products makes it a powerful marketing instrument.

Using this tool in conjunction with HubSpot CRM, you can customize your emails for marketing to make your emails more appealing to the receiving person. This tool, when combined with native integrations, has shown the potential to increase the conversion rate of businesses and assist with their growth.


  • Design landing pages, popups, and forms to market
  • Drag and drop builders
  • A plethora of templates for creating personalized emails
  • Content segmentation.

The verdict: HubSpot has some marketing tools that allow you to create unique popups, landing pages, or forms at no cost. With many templates and a simple email editor, it’s easy to make stunning marketing emails using the software.

Price: Free plans are available at $45/month for 1000 Marketing contact and $800/month for 2000 contact. The cost is $3200 per month for 10000 marketing contact.


The best all-in-one branding and marketing solution.


Mailchimp is a comprehensive marketing tool that equips you with everything you’ll ever require to create a name and sell on the internet or expand your company. It comes with various preloaded templates that will enable you to design compelling emails and assist you in creating websites, social ads, postcards, etc.

A place in which Mailchimp outdoes SendGrid is the marketing aspect of the email. The user has access to an endless collection of designs and templates that can be used to create stunning email messages that are branded.

This email creator has an easy drag-and-drop function that helps you create emails more easily. It can also send quick transactional emails, such as order confirmation emails, by using API and SMTP.


  • Drag and Drop Custom Email Builder
  • Email Automation
  • Create images or other files for use later or during the campaign.
  • Send transactions-related emails
  • Analytics in real-time

The verdict: Mailchimp caters to users seeking an email provider focusing on brand improvement.

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It’s an integrated tool that can assist you in creating appealing marketing messages by using an online builder that is easy to use. It’s also a fantastic marketing tool since it lets the user categorize your target recipients and focus your messages according to your customers’ preferences, online activities, and purchasing behavior.

Price: Free plans with 2000 contacts per month, Essential plan: $9.99/month, $14.99/month, Premium $29.


The best SMTP transactional email service.


Mandrill, a paid Mailchimp extension that enables STMP Transactional Email Services. It can be used to send specific commercial, data-driven, and personalized email messages to customers.

It can add pre-defined tags to the emails you send. It helps simplify the tracking of emails because you can automatically monitor your email’s open rate, bounce rate, and click rates by using Mandrill.

It also permits the user to create a range of custom methods of sending. With the software, you can also use white labeling to create specific tracking domains. Mandrill lets you email from multiple domains via the same dedicated IP and account.


  • Send targeted, customized, commercial, and targeted email messages.
  • Advanced Email Tracking
  • Create multiple email addresses using the same account
  • Conduct an intense analysis based on the reports you have gathered.

The verdict: Mandrill is a helpful extension to Mailchimp, particularly for sending SMTP transactions. It is a fantastic add-on to your Mailchimp account to monitor your email’s bounce, open and click rates or obtain reports for a thorough study.

Price: Starting at just $20 per month for 25000 emails each month.


Best for detailed email analytics.


With Postmark, it is possible to gain access to a variety of templates that can be used to design stunning email marketing campaigns in just a few minutes. It stores logs of emails for the past 45 days. They can be searched to trace emails either received or sent.

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The Postmark service provides a thorough analysis of your email messages via Postmark. It will reveal where the emails were sent to, which were successfully received or sent, which were opened, and which were flagged as spam. It also allows you to create custom inbound addresses.


  • Check out the complete history of emails from the last 45 days.
  • History filtering using Tags, events, and dates
  • A simple email builder that includes templates
  • Auto-generate Postmark email address

The verdict: Postmark is an email marketing tool that develops commercial email templates with a branded logo for your business and provides an in-depth review. Postmark’s insights: Postmark lets you optimize your emails’ effectiveness to increase the return on investment and grow your business.

Price: $10 for 10000 emails monthly, $50 for 50,000 emails monthly, 100 dollars for 125,000 emails monthly, and so on.


Best for tracking email delivery.


Pepipost is an incredibly robust API for SMTP email software that lets you easily create, deliver and manage transactional emails. It has an advanced system for tracking emails, allowing you to determine your email messages’ click, open, and bounce rates. It also alerts you to possible unsubscriptions and any other actions the recipients can take. Pepsipost can be simply install and easy to use.

The platform provides real-time data on how your transactional or marketing emails are doing, making it possible to make informed decisions regarding similar. The simple features for marketing emails make this tool an easy and effective alternative to SendGrid.


  • Send, track, and get transactional email messages
  • Real-time report generation
  • SMTP relay to ensure fast delivery
  • Drag and Drop email builders

The verdict: Pepipost facilitates the faster processing and delivery of an email due partly to its mix of fundamental and sophisticated features. If you wish to switch APIs, Pepipost guides migrations, such as migrating your data from SendGrid to Pepipost.

Price: $17.5 for 150000 emails per month. $59.5 for 400000 emails per month etc.

Amazon SES

Highly scalable SMTP Service for transactional emails.

amazon ses

Amazon SES is a widely used email service between programmer and developers because of its flexibility SMTP transactions-based email system. It’s a fantastic option to effortlessly send messages for marketing, notifications, and transactional email messages.

It facilitates simple email tracking. It also allows users to use different settings to help avoid spam and bounce rate problems. The program also assists in creating different kinds of advertising campaigns targeting every audience.


  • Create customized marketing emails
  • Filtering of content
  • Dedicated IP addresses 
  • It is easy to integrate with other applications.

Review: Amazon SES is a high-quality, flexible, highly adaptable transactional and marketing service. It can be incorporated into your program effortlessly to start email communications and monitor your marketing campaign’s performance. The software is cost-effective and affordable for entrepreneurs who are strapped for money.

Price: Contact for Pricing


Best to create visually appealing advertising campaigns.


Moosend is another scalable SMTP service that allows its users to design, create and monitor various types of email. They include notifications, transactional marketing, and transactional emails. The builder for campaigns in Moosend permits you to design customized marketing messages with the assistance of various already-loaded templates and styles.

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Moosend can also help users segment their target audience and tailor their message according to various variables. Additionally, the software performs real-time analysis to provide useful insights into campaigns that have been launched.


  • Create, send, and track email messages
  • Customize marketing campaigns by using an editor for campaigns
  • Advanced workflow builder for automation
  • real-time Analytics 

The verdict: Moosend offers a robust platform for sending, receiving, or monitoring transactional and email marketing with precision. Its intuitive marketing campaign editor and real-time analysis feature make Moosend an excellent replacement for SendGrid.

Price: Free monthly plans are offered, starting at 10 dollars per month for 2000 subscribers.


Best for WordPress Plugin to improve deliverability.

wp mail smtp

WP Mail SMTP is an important plugin that will enhance the delivery of emails on the Word Press website. The plugin makes sure that email messages are verified for validity before sending. It also ensures that emails aren’t blocked or flagged as spam. It is now clear that WP Mail SMTP exists to ensure emails get delivered to mailboxes without a problem.


  • Confirm the legitimacy of email addresses.
  • Prevent email blockage
  • Check to ensure that your emails are not marked as spam.

The verdict: If you’re sending email messages through the Word Press account, then Word Press Mail SMTP is a plugin you should install to increase the delivery rate for these emails. The plugin ensures that the emails you send to the right inboxes. It also assures that your messages are fine with delivery in transportation.

Price: Pro – $39/year, Elite – $89 /year, Developer – $189/year.


Finding fantastic SendGrid alternatives, used these days extensively, is possible. Suppose you compare them with SendGrid and other tools. In that case, these applications are incredibly simple to set up and provide an extensive list of functions that make sending and receiving transactional or marketing email messages.

The tools are affordable because everyone, from start-ups to big corporations, can use these instruments to improve client communication.

If you’re searching for a complete SMTP and an API-based email system specifically designed to be used by developers, Mailgun and Mailjet are great choices. If you’re searching for an perfect tool for email marketing, and Mailchimp is the ideal option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is Email Marketing?
Answer: Email marketing can be described as the process of delivering targeted and personalized commercial emails to a set of individuals.

It allows business to advertise their services or products via emails. This kind of marketing is an efficient, affordable, flexible, and efficient method of contacting new clients.

Q #2) What is a Transactional Email?
Answer: Transactional emails are referred to the automated, real-time email which is sent out to clients when a certain action is completed via the site or app.

For example, the confirmation email from Amazon to confirm your purchase when you purchase through the site is an instance of a transactional email.

Question #3) What is the process for a successful email marketing strategy?
Answer: how effective the marketing emails you send out will depend on the quality of the content you are sending. Therefore, it’s a good idea to design your content as appealing, pleasant, and engaging as possible.

It would help if you injected a sense of amusement into your message. Need to sound formal. Whenever you pass legitimate message to its users, that message will more convince for the users that you’re trying to reach.

Question #4.) Can you legally send commercial email messages to your clients?
Answer: It is contingent on where you’re sending the emails. If you are in the US, sending commercial emails is perfectly legal because you don’t violate some of the rules in the CAN-SPAM Act.

Q #5) Is Email Marketing still relevant?
Answer:  Social media is dominating the market, and many individuals are currently skeptical of the value of email marketing. But, despite the intense market, marketing via email is as effective as good wine.

Businesses that use strategies for marketing via email still see more revenues. The ROI for marketing via email is likely to be around 4400% by 2020.

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