Best Luxury Websites For Design Inspiration

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If you’re designing a website for a luxury brand, examining luxurious sites to understand the best practices is a good idea. While high-end websites’ styles differ, they all have a common theme: They’re sophisticated and elegant.

In this article, we examined some of the most luxurious websites to give you an understanding of what is working. The sites we examined span from car brands to clothing accessories and more. Let’s explore the elements that contribute to a successful luxurious web design.

Best luxury website design

Many opulent stores have beautiful and interactive websites, from leather products to shoes, cars, and hotels. We’ve put together twenty-one of the best stunning websites for luxury.



Gucci is a luxury fashion house with its headquarters in Florence, Italy. From its website, the brand is famous for its luxury leather products. The simple-to-read font on the homepage is an important feature throughout the website. The site also has a hidden menu that maps out the various areas of the site that users can browse through.

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What We Like: Gucci’s website is timeless, as are the items it offers. Keep in mind that your website has to match your branding image as well as the products that are available to purchase.



Porsche’s website is as elegant and stylish as its luxurious automobiles. The German automotive brand’s website gets top marks for its distinctive menu. The menu includes pictures of the most famous Porsche models, allowing visitors to go directly to the page and bypass the hassle of searching through the menus.

What We Like: Porsche keeps things simple. The menu is easy by letting you learn more about your favorite cars, access your account, and read more about local dealers or shops.

Jimmy Choo


As one of the most recognizable London brand names for accessories and luxury shoes, it is natural that Jimmy Choo’s website should be elegant and sparkling. It is dazzling thanks to its visually attractive homepage with beautiful images, a simple menu, and the same branding across the entire site.

The website is a luxury one that is a simple branding story. It mostly showcases images of shoes and images of the other accessories the brand provides (such as bags and handbags) that are interspersed through.

What We Like: The website is simple to navigate and includes an action button on the page, inviting users to sign up with their email addresses to be updated on brand news; including a comparable contact form on your site is a great way to keep in touch with your customers.



Parisian clothing brand Goyard’s site is very simple. It concentrates on the items it sells by making the primary center of the site the main image, which shows two of the company’s iconic trunk bags. The font is also simple to read.

What We Like: Because the trunks in the main image are colorful, the rest of the website is relatively devoid of color aside from a hunter-green menu. It is short and easily digestible and is in line with the topic.



Telfar, the unisex luxury fashion label founded by Liberian American designer Telfar Clemens, breaks the mold with a completely exclusive website. The elegant design of the site blends images, whitespace, and text.

Furthermore, its simple layout reminds us of blogs of the 2000s in a most enjoyable way. (It’s worth noting that the company was a product of the time and first appeared in 2005.)

What We Like: Telfar’s website has a vertical menu. While it occupies much more room than a conventional horizontal menu, it has a hidden font and perfectly fits the single-column design.

The Ritz Carlton

ritz carlton

The Ritz Carlton is a household name, not without reason. The website offers a healthy dose of inspiration from luxury websites. The homepage of this luxury resort chain includes beautiful images that showcase Ritz Carlton hotels across the world.

The images cover most of the screen’s image and are extremely immersive, giving visitors an insight into the Ritz Carlton holiday experience.

What We Like: Although the Ritz Carlton website has large images, the site can load quickly. Remember that the initial five seconds of loading time greatly affect the conversion rate, ensuring your website is at speed.

Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton

French luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton makes good use of the appealing videos from its fashion show that was recently staged. If you visit the website, you are transported into the realm of Louis Vuitton by getting a seat in the front row of fashions in the show.

The site also offers an easy-to-use menu and the signature logo, which is an extremely readable front.

What We Like: When you look down, you see the entire Louis Vuitton homepage is a collection of videos and images. They all tell a consistent story of the brand and are based on the same color scheme. 

Prabal Gurung

prabal gurung

Prabal Gurung was born in Singapore and is proud to produce more than 80 percent of the product of his eponymous clothing brand’s designs in New York City. The site describes the history of Gurung himself and his brand’s image through beautiful pictures and copy (one of the main titles of the website is the words “Style With Substance’).

The homepage previews the collection for this season; as you scroll down, more images accompany it.

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What We Like: Prabal Gurung’s website is dedicated to more than just displaying clothes. If you scroll down the homepage, you’ll find large areas for”the “World of Prabal Gurung,” in which you can browse several posts to learn more about the inspiration behind this latest collection and the next.

The Savoy London 

the savoy london

The Savoy London guides you into its glitzy world when you arrive at this luxurious Hotel’s site. The website begins with an image of the exterior of The Savoy Hotel. Then, as it scrolls, The Savoy invites you to look around the interior of this lavish Hotel. It’s akin to what you’d see in the Hotel, starting from the outside before entering the interior.

What We Like: The Savoy’s website is a mix of pictures and texts. While browsing the home page, find a text block at the bottom of every image demonstrating what you can expect from the Savoy experience. The website serves as a great illustration of the importance of combining visually appealing photos with well-written copywriting.


off white

The luxury fashion brand established in the late 1980s by Virgil Abloh is known for its unique blend of high-end fashion and streetwear-ready styles. Off-White’s website is a balance of whitespace with a huge central image that your attention is immediately drawn to.

The site employs a typewriter-style font for menu navigation that is distinctive and accessible. As you scroll down on the homepage, you’ll see additional editorial-style photos from the fall-winter collection of this year. The images have green backgrounds, which contrast starkly with the white background.

What We Love: If you scroll down, the website shows the section titled “Our Picks For You,” a well-curated selection of items is displayed as a distinct characteristic that sets this site apart.

Bottega Veneta

bottega veneta

Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta’s website starts with images covering the whole screen and displaying models sporting the brand’s products. As you scroll, you’ll be introduced to the latest collection, which includes accessories and shoes interspersed.

What We Like: Bottega Veneta uses a hamburger menu instead of an alternating vertical or horizontal menu, which means its menu isn’t in the way. It gives more chances for the items the brand sells to be the center of attention.

Land Rover

land rover

Land Rover, a British automaker, offers an engaging and visually appealing website that feels in sync with the car and is easy to navigate. When you move your mouse on the photo, a pop-up invites you to read more about the vehicle shown. The menu is sparse, but appropriate options to interact with the other parts of the website from the homepage.

What We Like: Just below the carousel at the right-hand side of your homepage, Land Rover invites you to keep in touch with the company by engaging on its social channels. It is done by displaying recent posts attractively. The colors of the media correspond to the color palette of the website, which means it’s comfortable.



Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury fashion label that is famous for its shoes as well as other accessories. The site is a perfect example of high-end website design and inspires the user due to its distinctive design.

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The site offers horizontal navigation, but it is hidden in the corner, which makes it not noticeable. Under the menu, users can type in what they’re seeking. It’s direct, and we like this!

What We Like: The large pictures with lush colors make up the majority of this page. The palette of colors in the images is harmonious. Each image is a link to click the image and purchase the appropriate collection.



With its vast photos in a magazine style, the Italian fashion house Prada’s website stands out due to its simple design. The photographs have neutral backgrounds that make the model’s clothes and accessories shine.

What We Like: You’ll see a news area at the bottom of the homepage, which links to the company’s blog. Suppose you’re trying to share information effectively. In that case, it is possible to integrate the blog into the layout of your website instead of simply putting it in the menu at the bottom.

Yves Saint Laurent

yves saint laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most well-known French designers who proves that less cannot always be better. This site is reminiscent of Telfar’s and again shows the delicate balance of whitespace by carefully arranging images and text.

What We Like: The homepage of YSL has a limited amount of scrolling. It’s bland and carefully designed to be. Instead of being distracted by the images and having a lot to see, let your eyes focus on the sluggish images and the single copy.



Swarovski is among the most unique websites we’ve seen. The site showcases Swarovski’s name in an enormous but easy-to-read font. The text is laid over a video showing a selection of the company’s offerings and features an actor for additional visual curiosity.

What We Like: Throughout the whole homepage (and the website overall), the colors and images are unified and consistent with the brand.



Cartier’s website is stunning in its simplicity. Because the website is easy to navigate, your attention is on the central image that features Cartier-wearing people. The experience demonstrates Cartier’s distinctive branding in everything from fonts to images.

What We Like: Once you’ve reached the end of the page, just before the menu, there’s a form that lets visitors provide their email addresses if they’d like. With a clear and concise call to action for users to follow and capture the contact details, you would not be able to do otherwise.



The Italian luxury fashion brand initially became famous for its chic accessory collections. However, it is also due to praise for its website. The homepage has an animated video in the background and a text overlay for the menu. If you hover over any word, the background image will change to a new image to reflect the.

What We Like: Under the video that makes up most of the homepage, it is possible to enter your location to find a Fendi shop or email address. Again, these interactive options provide a powerful method for users to interact with Fendi’s brand.



Luxury websites are mostly neutral; however, Hermes’ has an enthrallingly vibrant section. Although most of the site is neutral, when you’ve scanned past the footage from the latest runway show, you’ll be greeted by various fun and vibrant images highlighting Hermes’ offerings. When you click on the illustration, you’ll be taken to the page for the product.

What We Like: Hermes also uses a typewriter-like font throughout the website. It’s elegant, easy to read, and memorable compared to a less impressive font.



Armani is another Italian fashion house that can teach the art of creating luxurious websites that align with the brand. The site is a mix of images and white space. The images are well-curated and visually appealing colors that complement the site’s style.

What We Like: These Armani menus are more visually pleasing than other menus we’ve come across. A small collection of circular images is displayed at the very top. The title appears whenever you mouse hover over them. When you click, you can navigate to the appropriate page.



The Rolex site claims that these luxury Swiss watches were created with a keen eye for details, and the site was also. The website has videos when you first land on the site and takes you inside this world of Rolex.

What We Like: After scrolling down, you’ll see beautifully organized photos of the watches Rolex offers. The color scheme on the site appears well-suited to the tastes of its customers. As you get to the end of the website, you can share the page if you’d like and connect with Rolex on social networks.

Final Thought

When you look at these luxurious websites and the factors that make these websites successful, you will learn more about what is required to build a website for your premium brand. If our time spent looking over the best websites for inspiration has given us any insight, you must ensure that your digital presence is in line with your specific product. Be bold and think outside of the norm by incorporating multimedia elements.

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