Best 10 Features of ATX Tax Software

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ATX is among the tax software that is most user-friendly that CPAs and small tax companies, as well as large corporations, employ. It’s a software platform that is widely used by old and younger generation of tax preparers.

Without examining its capabilities, it could be a challenge to comprehend the reason ATX is more well-known than the other software options available today.

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These are ATX software’s top features to assist you in making the right choice of use for your tax software preparation –

Easy User Interface

The user interface (UI) of any app is essential to its accessibility and user experience (UX). Forms could be more enjoyable for amateurs and professionals alike.

It is important to note that the ATX Software API has visible various menu options- Interview, CCH’s iFirm, and Check Return are all displayed within the toolbar. It is important to note that the ATX API is highly visible and doesn’t require you to work hard each time you want to use an option in the menu.

A Comprehensive Tax Compliance Form Library

The ATX software includes an archive of state, federal, and local tax forms. In the state that you reside in, you have access to the tax compliance forms you need anytime you require them.

There are 1120, 1065, 1041, 1040NR and 1040 compliance forms inside the ATX tax library. Additionally, you can get a wide selection of special forms, including 990, 709, 706 and 5500. The database is a blessing for tax professionals.

You can access all documents and forms of compliance that you need in the ATX library at work.

The Prosperous ATX Knowledge Centre

Need help right away with the ATX software setup? Don’t worry! You are able to access the ATX knowledge base at any time. It contains essential information that will aid users in finding solutions to questions related to ATX.

Log in to your ATX Solution Center to access the ATX Solution Center’s dedicated knowledge base. Choose the Knowledge Library option to find all the latest information regarding the entire spectrum of ATX PRS, ATX Advantage, ATX eFileand ATX Products.

ATX has made finding relevant information a lot more accessible to all users by introducing filtering options to the results of searches. You can narrow your search by Documentation, FAQs, How-to’s, and Problem Resolution.

Simple To Utilize Interview Tool

ATX offers the most interactive tool for tax preparers. The Interview Tool allows professionals to fill out a complete tax return as part of an interview. If the preparer is required to fill out another form to be completed, the tool will automatically include a form on the interview form.

When you have completed an Interview Form, the program immediately transfers the information to the tax form. It makes the routine task easy and engaging for everyone. It is possible to access this tool by selecting the toolbar option.

Collect data by using the Tax Organization

The ATX software includes an organized tool. This Tax Organizer adds additional information to the worksheet form.

Tax returns for every year require the use of a wealth of data. You are able to request all the information you require and also complete the information you already have from previous years’ returns using the Tax Organizer tool.

The complete organizer tool will make life easier for those who are awed by the highest quality. It is possible to send the latest form by selecting the Organizer Form or the Engagement letter from the Tax Organizer tool within ATX professional tax software.

ATX Is Multifunctional 

ATX is a tax software which can assist anyone in filing an income tax return. It’s a sophisticated software which you must use to resolve your client’s tax-related concerns.

It caters to high corporations, entrepreneurs who are not high-profile, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, accountants, and private tax experts. It provides all the tools you need to prepare the tax return.

Transparent and Flexible Pricing

Pricing is a constant issue for small as well as tax preparers who are independent. ATX professional software comes with a variety of pricing options that meet the needs of each tax professional.

The best way to begin is with a free trial. While it isn’t full of features, and the free features may not be sufficient for all professionals, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the knowledge base, using the various tools and solving ATX-related problems.

There are five pricing packages that professionalize the process, including the ATX Pay-per-Return, ATX 1040, ATX Max Package, ATX Total Tax Office as well as ATX Advantage. Check out the amount of user licenses as well as federal individual forms, the all-state tax compliance forms, and other forms that are included with each package to determine the one that best suits your requirements.

Comprehensive Compatibility

ATX, the tax program, is cloud-hosted and has extended compatibility for Windows as well as Mac OS. It is possible to run an online version of the software on your Laptop or computer regardless of the browser you use.

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Its wide browser compatibility lets users use the program at work, at home, in the car, or during travel. The easy-to-use interface and free-to-all knowledgebase make troubleshooting any compatibility-related issues much easier for users of all expertise.

Exceptional Customer Service

The quality of the services provided by software depends on the functionalities and features and also on the assistance the users of the platform get.

If you encounter any issues when working with ATX Tax Software, or if you encounter any issues while working on ATX Tax Software or chance doubts that need immediate resolution, contact the support team via telephone or email. The ATX Tax Software does not currently offer live support. However, you will receive periodic updates and practice aids.

Multitasking Feature 

ATX allows multitasking, and it allows you to complete three forms simultaneously. It is possible to switch between forms and close the one you are working on regardless of the other(s), depending on your preferences.

The process is comparable to that of physical forms. In addition, you are able to view all the IRS instructions and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth movement to edit the data.

Final Note

ATX offers all the secrets you’ll need to know to increase the efficiency of your business.

Did you think of a simpler and more thorough method of filing tax returns? If so, then you must give the ATX Tax Software a go. Its simple-to-use interface and complete large knowledge base are what make ATX among the best tax software applications.

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