6 Best Sales Training Software (With Key Features)

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Every business would like to hire and keep top talent. In an ever-changing, competitive career market, investing in its development and learning is one of the best ways to build a powerful selling team.

Sales training Software can help you create and distribute training materials customized on a large scale for new and long-time employees. Providing high-quality, useful, readily accessible training resources will enhance your reps’ performance and motivate them to remain in your company.

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In this article, we’ll look at what you should look for in sales training software. We’ll also look at the top options out there to assist you in making an informed choice.

Essential characteristics to be looking for in software for sales training

There are many different sales training software, and not all are equal. If you’ve decided to invest in higher-quality training, do not settle for an option that isn’t equipped with these crucial characteristics and capabilities:

Enables content authoring

Updates to training materials take a lifetime to implement, which can be an enormous challenge for quick-moving marketing, product, and sales departments. To ensure that your sales team is trained efficiently, you must ensure that your training content is up-to-date with the latest products and strategies.

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This problem can be addressed through what’s known as authoring content. Content authoring lets everyone in your organization write interactive, simple-to-follow walkthroughs which contain current information.

Supports just-in-time enablement

Training decks that are long or unique and training videos are beset by”the “forgetting curve.” A salesperson can forget about 90 % of an hour-long course in three days.

Your company can avoid the forgotten curve with just-in-time enablement that supplies your sales reps with the relevant details whenever they need to refer to them.

Just-in-time enables you to divide your training into smaller and more targeted lessons, which makes it quicker and more enjoyable for your team members to view and learn, even during the busy days working.

Accessible across all applications

Your sales team probably uses various websites and programs to accomplish tasks (a CRM, email system, LinkedIn, HR software, etc.). Certain sales platforms permit users to make their training accessible to any internet application using their browser. However, sales personnel can use their usual tools with the most relevant and current training.

Streamlines change management

It’s now more essential than ever to be equipped with tools to inform your employees when changes occur. Change management allows you to send important notifications in-app whenever there are changes to your product or system failures and announcements from staff members.

Integrates into existing tools

For sales training, software that works with your most popular tools for sales does even more than the work. Find systems that can seamlessly integrate with the most popular tools, such as Salesforce and Outreach. So, your learning content will be available from within the program within the tool and automatically sync when you edit your content, and no technical expertise is required.

The 6 top sales software for training platforms

If you have a better idea of what you should look for when selecting an online sales software platform, You can select the right solution for your requirements.

Here is the breakdown of six top sales training software systems and their most notable features:



Noteworthy customers: Southwest, JLL, Mariner, Perrigo

Overview of the platform

The top system for remote sales in training and sales enablement, Spekit allows employees to access small-sized, highly relevant training programs in their daily work. Instead of needing to log in to an additional training hub, Spekit allows teams to learn right using the platforms they use the most.

Spekit is the sole sales training system integrated into the Microsoft Edge extension; sales teams can access training content on any website they employ and within their CRMs and other applications.

Key sales training features:

  • Content Authoring: Give you and your staff the ability to develop dynamic and engaging training materials with any combination of slides, videos, and voice recordings.
  • Just-in-time learning: Training sessions are accessible whenever and wherever required instead of stored independently behind a different password or tab.
  • Universal integrations: Integrate with Salesforce, Slack, Outreach.io, Google Chrome, Seismic, and other services to create more efficient workflows.
  • Instant editing and notifications: Push updates and send your team members an update via email or in-app notifications.
  • Knowledge sharing via remote: Access training content from any device and location.
  • Training content out of the box: Modify existing content from skilled sales professionals and established businesses to create a quick training library.

Feedback in real-time and transparency: Let your employees give feedback throughout your materials and help you remain on top of what must be changed or improved. Find out who’s working on what tasks at any given time.



Customers with a good track record: J.G. Wentworth, Scantron, Zoom

Overview of the platform

Brainshark is an effective sales readiness platform that allows you to join and help sales reps to be more efficient in their training. It is available both offline and online. Your reps can get important training and coaching resources regardless of location.

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Certain integrations that work with Brainshark will place your training library in the other tools you use, eliminating the need to log in to an entirely different platform.

Key sales training features:

  • Authoring content: Control permissions regarding who can create, edit, and publish new material.
  • Accessible offline and anywhere: Reps can access your content library from any device without an internet connection.
  • Scorecards of Readiness: Track which reps have completed which courses, see those who scored the highest on each exam, and follow up with anyone who still needs to finish certain assignments in time.
  • Video-based coaching: Sales Reps can make videos from their sales pitches and then submit them for review by a peer or AI evaluation.
  • Integrations: Add a tab in your CRM that contains your training materials.



Notable Customers: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, MongoDB, United Colors of Benetton

Overview of the platform

With Mindtickle, the software, you can consolidate your training materials and create an extensive reference library that reflects your business precisely. You can monitor how reps work through the training programs and track their scores in each segment.

Although Mindtickle offers effective tools to help you get your sales reps up and running, It’s important to remember that it doesn’t provide the concept of just-in-time learning. Mindtickle’s sales-training platform operates as an independent entity instead of being integrated into other applications.

Key sales training features:

  • Management of content: Get a centralized hub for managing, storing, and accessing content for training. Mindtickle is a cloud-based platform. Mindtickle can be accessible from any location connected to the internet.
  • Conversation tracking: Mindtickle lets you track real conversations and get crucial insights, giving reps a chance to improve with each conversation.
  • Benchmarking: Define who your perfect sales representative is and allow your sales reps to work to become all-stars.
  • Analytical dashboards and other tools: Monitor rep performance and evaluate their skill levels by comparing CRM data to find weaknesses in the process.
  • Coaching for individuals: Give customized lessons to those requiring extra push.

Lessonly by Seismic


Notable customers: Lincoln Financial Group, New York Life, Salesloft

Overview of the platform

Lessonly by Seismic allows teams of any size to create and store training materials for every team in an organization. You can make interactive courses that draw inspiration from examples and create data-driven coaching programs.

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As part of the Seismic tools family, Lessonly by Seismic has an extensive API library that allows your developers to create a custom user experience for employees.

Key sales training features:

  • Content Authoring: Publish fresh content fast and effortlessly.
  • Management of content: House your content in one place and arrange it to benefit your team and your business.
  • Coach plans use: information and data to determine the gaps in knowledge and develop better coaching strategies.
  • APIs and Integrations: Integrates with Salesforce, Slack, and other tools. Your developers also have the option of making use of APIs to create a customized experience.
  • Participation in our community: Interact with other Lessonly by Seismic customers to exchange ideas and learn new skills.



Notable customers: Deloitte, Pandora, Shell

Overview of the platform

EdApp allows you to easily publish, distribute and gamify your content for training via its mobile application. It is possible to develop your content for training from scratch, transform previously-created learning PowerPoint slides into microlearning modules, or use EdApp’s content library. While EdApp is a stand-alone application but can be integrated with other LMS tools and systems like Zapier, Canva, and Cornerstone.

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EdApp is a mobile-first application that is developed to work through mobile devices. It is certainly an advantage for reps out in the field or frequently travelling. If you’re an organization heavily based on computers or need to reduce the time reps spend using mobile devices, EdApp may not be the best fit for you.

Key sales training features:

  • Authoring content: Anyone in your group can create attractive training materials or take templates from existing ones and publish them in only a few minutes.
  • Gaming: Let employees compete with each other and win cash prizes in exchange for top scores.
  • Spatial repetition: Trigger the set of follow-up questions for quizzes to aid in retention. It is especially crucial to remember the correct responses to questions wrongly answered.
  • Quick update: Sprinkle quizzes at regular intervals throughout your material to help reinforce your learning.
  • Translator tool: Translate every type of content in over 100 languages in two clicks.
  • Notifications and reports: See how your employees are performing and then send custom push notifications to assist those struggling to sharpen their abilities.



Customers that use it: The Economist, Sacramento Kings, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Overview of the platform

Bigtincan allows for sales enablement and microlearning in any format and device. You can build a customized platform for sales training and maintain control over who can access what training materials and at what times.

Bigtincan is a stand-alone central database that can be used for all of your training documents. It can also be integrated with CRM platforms like HubSpot, Oracle, and Salesforce.

Key sales training features:

  • Learning Hub: Create engaging learning modules suitable for those just starting, veterans, and everyone.
  • Content Hub: Store every one of your instructional materials in a simple database. You can effortlessly insert slides recordings, videos, or slides or create new ones using Bigtincan templates.
  • Engagement Hub: Keep tabs on which reps are paying their customers full focus during calls and which are multi-tasking.
  • Scorecards for readiness: Identify the gaps in skills and evaluate readiness more quickly.
  • Gaming: Motivate your employees to be more productive by giving them badges, leaderboards, and other rewards.
  • Augmented reality and Virtual reality immerse: your staff members into virtual worlds using your product.
  • Practice pitch: Let your sellers upload recordings of their pitch and get accurate feedback regarding clarity, pacing, perception, and more.

Benefits of sales education software

The fundamental purpose of sales training software is to assist salespeople in improving their skills. There are some of the advantages of investing in selling training programs:

Onboard sales reps faster

There’s no secret that bringing on new employees is lengthy and time-consuming. It is especially true when you need more resources to be accessed and updated quickly.

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With the help of sales training software, you can reduce the onboarding process starting from day one, which allows your reps to become familiar with best practices faster. A few sales platforms offer expertly written training materials, meaning that putting together the material is already taken care of for you.

Increase productivity of reps

Another benefit of investing in training is that it will increase your reps’ efficiency. The ability to provide your reps with useful information when they require it the most will allow them to cross more things off their to-do list and spend less time trying to find details.

Close more deals

The primary benefit of the use of software for sales training is the fact that your rate of success will increase. Salespeople will be able to close more deals when they know better the strategies they should use and when to use them.

Improve rep retention

Sales positions are well-known for high levels of turnover. Training and education can help your sales team to perform at their best and provide them with the confidence and motivation they require to continue their efforts. If your sales team can handle the peaks and valleys that are part of the area, They’ll more likely not leave for the other side.

Which sales-training software is the best one for you?

If you’re looking to elevate your sales staff to new heights, then Spekit is the most appropriate option for sales training that is just-in-time software. Spekit allows you to incorporate custom training materials in your most used tools, produce new content anywhere, seamlessly share information with your employees, and monitor your team’s progress.

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