Best WooCommerce Alternatives – Better Solution for Specific Needs

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Are you in search of the top WooCommerce alternatives?Although WooCommerce is among the top eCommerce applications on WordPress, it could not be a good choice for all. You can find better options to accomplish the task quicker and more efficiently, depending on your requirements.

In this article, we’ll review some of the top WooCommerce options you could use to sell online.

Why and Who Needs WooCommerce Alternatives?

WooCommerce is the most favoured eCommerce platform due to its ability for any person to create an online business. Because of its easy usage, it’s incredibly loved and powers more than 30 per cent of websites.

It’s the best WordPress eCommerce plugin available on the market. In a few situations, WooCommerce might not be a suitable remedy for your requirements.

It doesn’t have the features that you require to run your business. It could also become too difficult to operate.

That’s where the WooCommerce options come into play. The eCommerce platforms provide better solutions to meet specific requirements and will better suit your company’s goals.

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Let’s see at the best WooCommerce choices and decide on the off chance that they’re the finest choice for your business.



It is the foremost compelling WordPress enrollment plugin as of now on the market. It lets you sell premium memberships using drip content, multi-level subscriptions, and many other amazing features.

MemberPress supports different payment options, straightforward pricing tables, as well as other tools to assist you in helping increase your sales and expanding your membership members.

What if MemberPress is more effective instead of WooCommerce?

If you’re looking to develop your membership site, which provides access to premium material through subscriptions, MemberPress was designed specifically to cater to the purpose. The site provides a better user experience for both you and your customers.

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It is possible to do the exact process with WooCommerce. However, it could quickly become complex. You will require multiple add-ons to have the same features built into MemberPress.

MemberPress also works well with WooCommerce, so you can mix both to sell subscription-based items and physical products through the same site.

Cons compared with WooCommerce

MemberPress doesn’t have all of the standard capabilities of a shopping cart. To sell physical goods, you must utilize them along with WooCommerce.

Easy Digital Downloads

easy digital download

It is the most effective digital download software for selling virtual items. It can include music, software ebooks, films, and more.

Manage software licenses pay for them, add extensions to expand the platform’s functionality, and many more.

Is Digital Downloads is a better option than WooCommerce.

If you only want to offer digital downloads for sale, Easy Digital Downloads can be an alternative to WooCommerce.

It build it simpler to manage the method. It permits you to control licenses, pay for payment, control users, and track downloads of files.

It is possible to sell digital downloads using WooCommerce, too. But, it comes with many physical products that clutter the user interface.

It is also necessary to install various add-ons to manage the permissions for files, licenses, and other features that are part of the virtual product.

Con’s compared to WooCommerce

Similar to selling digital items using WooCommerce, you can offer physical items with Easy Digital Downloads by using Add-ons.

If you plan to market physical and digital products, WooCommerce is a better option for controlling the downloads of your files.



Contrary to the other WooCommerce alternatives in the list, Shopify is a fully hosted eCommerce platform that does not require WordPress. There is no need to handle or update the software or maintain backups.

Anyone can start an online store and even make sales without technical knowledge.

Is Shopify the better choice over WooCommerce

In general, you must handle the software you use for shopping, such as WooCommerce. The WooCommerce hosting account installation software controls the backups, updates, and other things.

Shopify handles all of this and provides an entirely hosted platform. They offer a drag-and-drop tool to create your store in just a few minutes.

Shopify offers a superior alternative if you’re looking for a completely independent platform.

Con’s compared to WooCommerce

Shopify is a hosting platform so you will have little control over your site compared to the hosting WooCommerce store. It also charges a transaction fee, meaning you will pay more once you sell more.



It is the considerable effective forms builder plugin in the market. While it’s not an all-inclusive eCommerce plugin, it comes with integrations for payment services such as Stripe and PayPal, so you can quickly create online payment forms within WordPress.

Is WPForms a better option than WooCommerce?

If you’re looking for a straightforward ordering form for accepting payment by credit card through your site, The WPForms application is the most straightforward choice.

It can be used for regular or one-time consulting or lawn maintenance.

cons compared with WooCommerce

It isn’t an apples-to-apples analysis. WPForms does not function as an eCommerce-related plugin. It cannot manage complex issues like shipping costs, taxes, etc.

It’s an easy payment option for people who wish to make money online without setting up an entire online store.

WooCommerce, On its own, however, is a significant, fully-fledged eCommerce plugin.

This article ought to have made a difference you understand more around the foremost compelling WooCommerce. alternatives and when they could be ideal alternatives.

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