Best WordPress Alternatives in 2023 (Top WordPress Competitors)

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WordPress is well-known, and we are amazed by the platform, but it’s not the only platform for publishing. You can find WordPress alternatives you can utilize to build your site.

All of these WordPress competitors are different, and each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing the WordPress alternative, you must know these distinctions and limitations.

Here, we’ll provide you with a selection of the most well-known alternatives to WordPress currently for sale.

Why did People look for WordPress Alternatives?

WordPress is the power behind more than 43% of all websites and is the most well-known web-based builder worldwide.

There are numerous reasons to choose WordPress for their websites: it is a free, customizable and SEO-friendly tool for blogging and social media tools, with advanced features, eCommerce-ready and multilingual language support, hundreds of free templates for web design and much more. Check out all the reasons why people choose WordPress.

From 2003 onward, WordPress open-source platform has advanced in terms of user-friendliness and accessibility with various drag-and-drop website-building tools such as SeedProdDivi, and Beaver Builder that allow you to build custom websites without writing code.

Business owners often favour using WordPress since it’s the most effective solution to help you achieve higher rankings on search engines.

If you’re looking to create your own WordPress website with reasonable pricing that you can afford, then begin by signing up with Bluehost.

While WordPress is very popular, however, it’s not a suitable choice for all.

It’s because some business owners do not want the stress of dealing with the backups of their website, security and updates.

In case you’re looking for the foremost successful WordPress options and solutions, you’re at the proper spot.

Top WordPress Optiions

We’ve tried about each WordPress elective on the market, and here are the finest WordPress choices, and and here are the leading WordPress choice.

web dot com is an affordable website builder and is a highly well-liked WordPress option for small business owners.

The plan begin from $1.95 per month. It includes free website analytics, SEO tools, website security, backup features, autosave, domain business email addresses, and different powerful website improvement tools. offers a drag-and-drop web page builder, which is simple for those who aren’t tech-savvy. They offer thousands of pre-designed web templates you can choose from. You can also design your website entirely with the click of a button. It makes customizing the design of a website straightforward.

The eCommerce features offer everything you need to start an easy online store.

Finally, they provide 24/7 support via chat and telephone, and you can speak to their web specialists whenever you require assistance. It is very helpful for a small-sized business owner who is building a site in the beginning.

HubSpot Website Builder

hubspot cms

HubSpot CMS Hub is a powerful site builder and WordPress alternative that allows you to build your custom site in minutes.

It is a combination of their drag-and-drop website builder and marketing automation tools, and CRM so that you can create a unique digital experience for your customers.

It is possible to use their templates for conversion-optimized websites to create a site quickly that will deliver results.

The most outstanding feature of HubSpot’s website builder is allowing you to do adaptive testing. It means that you can select up to five variants of a page. HubSpot will analyze and serve the more efficient options.

It is packed with other impressive features, including SEO tools, advanced analytics tools for blogging, live chat software, email marketing and support for multi-language content and many more.

The starter plan offers free SSL, CMS hub (website builder), marketing hub (CRM live chat, popups and more), and sales and business operations tools.



Wix is a well-known site builder platform and an excellent option for WordPress. It has a limited free plan for small-scale or personal websites. Both paid, and free plans include pre-designed templates that users can alter with drag-and-drop page builders.

Wix also offers eCommerce support in its paid plans, allowing website owners to accept online payment via PayPal and

Gator by HostGator

gator by hostgator

Gator is a hosted website builder that HostGator developed. They are among the leading web hosting companies around the globe and are experts in hosting websites.

Gator offers ready-made web designs you can modify using user-friendly drag-and-drop website builders. Even beginners can quickly get comfortable with the application without having to learn.

Their Premium and Starter plans are ideal for small-sized business websites. You’ll need your eCommerce plan to include a shopping cart and additional features. Every plan comes with a free domain and a complimentary SSL certificate. Website Builder

domain dot com offers an easy drag-and-drop website builder that is ideal for small-sized businesses. It permits you to make a website, a blog or an eCommerce site in just two clicks.

The platform includes hundreds of beautiful templates you can begin with. Then, you can easily alter the templates to meet your specific needs with a simple Drag and Drop interface.

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It has major the vital attribute for website, such as analytics, eCommerce capabilities, the ability to create blog posts and a free SSL certificate for every plan. It’s very affordable, beginning at just $1.99 each month. is frequently ranked as the most reliable domain registrar globally, and their website builder is a fantastic alternative to WordPress.

Website Builder from Hostinger (formerly Zyro)

hostinger website builder

It was previously called Zyro. It is a cost-effective WordPress alternative with drag-and-drop capabilities developed by the same people who developed the Hostinger web hosting service.

The website builder permits you to create a site without design or programming expertise. It includes a logo creator, powerful AI tools, and many templates for your website, which you can use to start. Also, you can access over 1 million images at no cost.

Each plan will get more advanced features. For example, with premium plans, you will get marketing integrations, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Retargeting, Visitor Remarketing and many more.

ECommerce plans also let you add unlimited items, accept online payment, offer discounts coupons, order management, stock management, and more. You can also link your shop to Amazon, Instagram, and Shopify.



If you’re searching for an eCommerce-ready alternative to WordPress, then BigCommerce could be your perfect solution.

It’s a completely hosted eCommerce platform with drag-and-drop tools and ravishing layouts to get up and running.

It is congruous with different payment choices, such as Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe and PayPal. One of the focal points of BigCommerce is that they don’t charge for exchanges.

BigCommerce permits you to incorporate unlimited items, monitor your store’s execution and utilize built-in tools to extend sales and conversions. BigCommerce moreover contains a WordPress integration, which suggests you’ll be able utilize BigCommerce for your store, and WordPress serves as your main content site.

BigCommerce is consistent with various third-party software that will be required to create your business.



If you’re searching to create an online commerce and construct a web store, Shopify may be a phenomenal alternative for WordPress. It offers basic tools for making your online store. You’ll sell your items and acknowledge payment.

Shopify offers an easy-to-follow setup that will help you start an eCommerce store. It comes with templates pre-designed for you, apps and plenty of choices for integrating options.



Webflow is a platform that doesn’t require code to develop websites and is a fast-growing WordPress alternative. It allows web designers to create professional, production-ready websites in a visual format without coding.

Webflow basically lets you take complete control of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript without having to write any code.

It can be utilized to create simple websites for marketing. They’re also growing slowly into eCommerce; however, it’s nowhere near as robust as WordPress.


Weebly is another fully web-based site builder. It lets you create your site using pre-designed templates and their drag-and-drop page builder.

Weebly has limited eCommerce capabilities. However, you can use the domain names you have created. 



Medium is a well-known publishing platform. It differs from WordPress in several ways. It’s not a complete CMS. The focus of the company is blogging and the social aspect. The goal is to connect individual through ideas and tales which are essential to them.

The Medium was designed to offer an uncluttered writing space for writers and a similar reading experience for users. It is beautiful across every device and size of the screen. Users needn’t be concerned about themes or plugins since none exist.

Instead of posting comments, Medium has in-line notes as well as responses. It is unneeded to be worry regarding the software since Medium is a hosted platform. The Medium doesn’t allow custom domain names. It means that you cannot use your own domain for your website.



Many WordPress users looking to focus on blogging thought that WordPress was moving in the opposite direction. It led to the creation of Ghost, a NodeJS blogging program based on NodeJS.

The distinction lies in that Ghost is exclusively dedicated to blogging and removing the clutter. It is a tidy browsing and writing experience for readers and bloggers.


joomla dashboard

Joomla is a well-known CMS software and an open-source WordPress rival. It’s a sturdy multi-purpose, and adaptable content management systems (CMS) with a tremendous assembly of users and developers.

Joomla allows you to accomplish all the things WordPress can do but more. Similar to WordPress templates and plug-ins, Joomla is also available with themes and extensions. Joomla is utilized by millions of users, small businesses, big corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies across the globe.

Such as WordPress, Joomla has an extensive documentation library and community support system and is compatible with many website hosting systems.

Do you need to understand how it stacks up as opposed to WordPress? See our article on WordPress against Joomla vs Drupal to compare these three open-source CMS platforms.


drupal dashboard

Drupal is another extremely well-known open-source CMS. Similar to WordPress and Joomla, Drupal has a thriving developer community and vast user base. Drupal powers more than 2.1% t of online websites, such as The White House, The Economist, State of Georgia and many others.

Drupal is a platform with themes and modules, as do WordPress themes and plugins. It has the same requirements for software as WordPress and Joomla; therefore, it can be used on almost every web host compatible with WordPress.

Their backend is complicated, but they provide a variety of customization options.



Jekyll can be described as a static website generator. Jekyll is coded in Ruby and needs NodeJS. It’s a different beast from WordPress. It is, for starters, a static site generator, which means it reads your content and creates static HTML pages for your website (no database).

You’ll be able get free hosting provided  by GitHub Pages, which is supported by Jekyll. It means that if you are comfortable with Markdown, SVN, Git, and command-line, you’ll be up and running in minutes. It is designed for developers!



Tumblr is a well-known blog platform that is free. Tumblr blends social media with blogging and is a great way to have enjoyment. It has a loyal following even though Yahoo bought this platform in 2013.

Tumblr lets users choose among the premium or free themes. The users can also create customized domain names for Tumblr blogs. In addition to the blog itself, users can create pages. It’s a completely hosted solutions, meaning you do not have to be stress around installing or keeping up any software.

Tumblr has a few limitations it comes to WordPress. It is not easy to monetize your content or operate an ebusiness store. It is also necessary to adhere to the guidelines for content, or else your site will be shut down.



Squarespace is a paid site builder that can be utilized as a WordPress alternative. It is incredibly easy to operate and is a hosted solution.

Like Weebly, Wix, and, Squarespace, again delivers readymade templates that may be personalized. There are no different applications or plugins to download. It is only possible to utilize the features offered by Squarespace.

Because of its limitations, the majority of Squarespace users ultimately switch to WordPress. 

Expression Engine

Expression Engine

Expression Engine is a PHP+MySQL that is a paid CMS. There is a minimal free version that has very few options available for download. In contrast to other open-source CMS on our list, Expression Engine requires a licensing fee, and most of its features are paid add-ons.



Not to be forgotten, Blogger is still alive. It is a blog for free service provided by Google. It contains all the elements you require to blog. It has a commenting system, built-in social features, simple-to-use templates and the option of using the domain you own.

Which is the Finest Alternatives For WordPress Alternative (Professional Choice)

It is our opinion that WordPress is the outstanding efficient web-based builder available. If you’re searching for the top WordPress alternatives, we think is the top WordPress alternative.

HubSpot and Wix are among the top WordPress alternatives that small-sized businesses use as their site builder.

This article should have allowed you to look at the top WordPress alternatives. Whereas searching at these choices, you ought to see at our total WordPress survey and the top reasons why you ought to select WordPress.

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