10 Helpful WordPress Reddit Communities & Threads to Follow in 2023

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Reddit has an entire community of users for every subject that you can think of. However, you may be amazed by Reddit’s array of WordPress sources. Generally, from plugins to themes, there is everything WordPress-related on Reddit.

However, with so many online communities, it’s very easy to feel overcome when you begin your explore. But, no require to worry. The above article will cover some of the most favour and helpful WordPress communities on Reddit and a few of the ideal threads. 

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If you’re already an experienced WordPress developer or are searching to dip your feet into the pool, read on for amazing details.

Top WordPress Reddit Communities

Let’s begin by deciding which communities to explore on Reddit. Here are the numerous popular subreddits.

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Always remember: You can get more information if you’re examining for particular subjects. Don’t get discouraged by the seemingly endless flow of posts on Reddit. If you search serious sufficiently and you’ll come across gold.


r_wordpressImage Source

It has 171k people in its membership, which is among the largest WordPress groups on Reddit. It’s self-described as a “Reddit devoted to all things WordPress,” and just one glance at the site will prove how true this is.

Do not forget to sort this group’s post (or the posts of any other community) in different orders to locate discussions that are active and threads that you must read.

Best for: Those who are only starting their expedition. This forum has a lot of information that would help those who are brand new to WordPress development. If you’re interested in dipping into WordPress development, begin here.


wordpress pluginImage Source

Do you need more information about WordPress plugins? This blog is for you. Reddit forum for you. You’ll find tutorials on how to make use of plugins and threads that explain the top plugins. You may also find free plugins or economical solutions for your site.

Best for: Customizing existing sites. These plugins can be powerful and allow you to provide new features to existing sites. This forum can assist you in finding the top plugins by reputable developers.


wordpress themeImage Source

Do you need to revamp the look of your WordPress projects or select the right theme for your website? Then r/WordPressThemes is the best site to visit. Whatever your allocation, you can discover themes that are suitable for your needs. It includes suggestions for premium themes worth the cost and free themes of the highest quality.

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If you can’t discover any themes suitable for your current work, There are many themes to choose from for ideas. There are also solutions for theme-related problems.

Best for: Anyone in need of inspiration for their creativity.


pro wordpressImage Source

If you’re in the middle of your WordPress career, you should check out the r/ProWordPress. According to the description for the community, the subreddit is focused on “ADVANCED articles, resources, code snippets, workflow methods, etc.”

The r/ProWordPress community is a valuable source for professional WordPress developers trying to find solutions. It is also a best place to discuss issues deeply with your fellow developers.

Best for: Experienced WordPress users seeking sophisticated tips and resources.


web devImage Source

It might take a bit more WordPress threads on this site and there, but it’s worth it. Webdev is a forum for all things related to web development, which is a great source of WordPress content.

Visit this community for information about WordPress and web development in general. You’re likely to get some good information there, even if it doesn’t exclusively concern WordPress.

Best for: Developers or anyone who wants to understand how to improve their WordPress development.

Top WordPress Reddit Threads

Want to dive a little deeper? It is what we’ll cover. These Reddit communities are fantastic for WordPress development. However, here are a few threads to help you get started.

Learn WordPress — r/WordPress

learn wordpressImage Source

The thread’s first post might appear lacking, but the most valuable things are on the discussion thread. For those who are new to WordPress, Start here and be able to learn some helpful tips about the platform and how to use it.

Even if your experience is more advanced using WordPress, You can take questions to test your abilities.

Best for:This thread is full of educational materials. It includes courses, workshops and lesson, plans, quizzes, and discussion groups.

Best WordPress GPL Sites, Clubs To Buy GPL Themes, Plugins — r/WordPressThemes

gpl sitesImage Source

If you’re not sure about selecting the right WordPress theme, you should start by looking through this discussion. You’ll be able to browse numerous top-quality themes and plugins. The pricing structure of each theme is laid out. It’s easy to discern what you’re paying and if it’s worthwhile.

You may also look at the services that are mentioned in the article, which can provide you with a best understanding of how to modify the design of your WordPress themes.

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Best for: This thread combines several WordPress theme resources that have different pricing structures in one location.

Who must I Follow to Learn More About Modern WordPress — r/ProWordPress

pro wordpressImage Source

There are a lot of WordPress subscriber and developers. Finding a reliable origin of information can be a difficult task. It is where this article can help.

Within, there are various sources, hyperlinks, and recommendations for authorities on WordPress. You’ll have the ability to discover whom other developers follow and adore.

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Best for: The comments on this article gather WordPress experts from various backgrounds together. You will be able to easily locate new developers to enrich your resources.

Google Search Adobe Stock, Unsplash, Pixabay and deposit photos from The WordPress Media Library – r/WordPressPlugin

adobe stockImage Source

The huge number of users on Reddit can lead to innovative solutions, and many of them are free to use. For instance, a Reddit user developed a plugin that makes downloading easier and utilizes images that are available for download. The developer also responds to questions regarding the tool via the comments on the thread.

What we like: This plugin proves how Reddit communities can resolve issues developers face every day. Through frequenting Reddit threads, you will solve problems that you didn’t even realize you faced.

Everything You Need to understand Before You Start Developing With WordPress — r/webdev

everything wordpress Image Source

“Everything” may be an exaggeration; however, this discussion is as thorough as you can get. The original thread is full of useful info and resources, while the comments go even further.

Be sure to read the complete article when you’re just beginning with WordPress because you’ll discover additional opinions and guidance.

Best for:  who are getting started in WordPress development and need an early start.

Wrapping Up

You are already aware of how beneficial Reddit is if you’d want to get a better understanding of almost every subject. IT includes the insights of Reddit’s WordPress communities on Reddit. Check out the threads and communities in this article to boost your WordPress development abilities.

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