Nextiva Vs. RingCentral: Which Is Best For Your Business? in 2023

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From conference calls to calling to group messaging, Nextiva and RingCentral provide a wide range of features to offer businesses searching for a complete VoIP (voice over internet protocol) instrument.

Which should you pick? Nextiva is a more adaptable and adaptable b platform among both. However, RingCentral is a more affordable alternative. 

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We will provide a detailed analysis of Nextiva and RingCentral to assist you in making the best decision between them.

Nextiva Compared to RingCentral



Nextiva is our top recommendation for VoIP phone services due to its unprecedented reliability, scalability, and small-business-friendly price point. All plans come with unlimited minutes, no-cost local and toll-free phone numbers, Video conferences, faxing, and instant messaging. Numerous Nextiva users save between 40% and 60% on average when switching to Nextiva.



RingCentral is a low-cost option that doesn’t go on high-quality. The basic plan includes unlimited text and phone calls, file sharing, group messaging, and all the other necessities for a full VoIP phone service. For smaller teams d of up to 20 users, just $20 per month per user is enough to be worth it. 

More Top Business VoIP Phone Services

Nextiva and RingCentral are among the most effective VoIP phone platforms available today. However, most people will likely be satisfied with either of these top two companies; you can see our top picks here. You’ll find our buying guides, recommended usage cases for each option, and reviews of VoIP phone systems.

Nextiva and RingCentral each made the list of top choices, with Nextiva being our number one choice and RingCentral following closely behind as the top choice for small-scale businesses with under 20 employees.

Where Nextiva Shines


nextiva main splash

Nextiva has a lot to offer in terms of appealing features. It has everything you’ll need. One of the best aspects of Nextiva is that each plan comes with unlimited audio and video calls. The features offered by Nextiva in this field are so powerful that we rated it the top office phone service.

You can also get an unlimited online faxing service, ideal for firms that send and receive many Faxes. Although RingCentral provides internet-based filing, it’s only available in the second and more expensive plan.

Integrations and Flexibility

Nextiva’s service comes with an integrated calendar, and each user is provided with a telephone number at no cost, and you can port onto an existing number at zero cost. The professional plan offers additional integrations to Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk.

These integrations are useful for CRM features that are ideal for marketing teams and customer service campaigns. They all come at no cost, making them difficult to resist. We can learn more about these choices in our comprehensive Nextiva review.


nextiva support

We’ve discussed customer support as one aspect of Nextiva’s services. Initially, you’ll get live support for tickets online 24/7 and online chat support when needed. Email and telephone support is open Monday to Friday from 5 am to 6 pm. Saturdays are available between 6 am to 6 pm MST.

Naturally, if there are answers to your general questions that you’re looking for, you’ll find thorough product guides to assist with other questions.

A sample of the Nextiva video conference with twelve faces projected on the screen at the same time


video interface

The interface of Nextiva is focused on usability. Though some customers find it slightly outdated, many users say they had no interface issues. The product we’re reviewing is an efficient software that can get what needs to be done without using graphics found in other applications.

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You won’t be trapped in the Nextiva interface, regardless of whether it’s mobile or a PC, do not expect top-quality visuals.


nextiva price

Each level offers something valuable and a reasonable price. If you decide to go for a year-long plan that includes a discount, you could save more than 30% when you do so. Your price depends on the number of people you include in your plan. The cost per user will decrease with the increase in your users.

If these prices seem too expensive for you, fret not. Nextiva offers a price reduction on all of their plans. You could save up to 50% off the rates you see in the above list by signing up with Nextiva now!

Where Nextiva Falls Short

Mobile App Bugs

Although accessibility to mobile devices is certainly an advantage, there are some bugs with the Nextiva mobile app. Particularly there are some complaints from users about problems and glitches. It’s not always loading and sometimes crashes unexpectedly, which isn’t ideal when using this app.

It’s not a major issue; most issues can be corrected with the new update. However, there’s an opportunity to improve the app.

Complex Pricing

While each Nextiva program is of good price, its actual costs might cause you to shiver. Be prepared for difficult calculations when determining the amount you’ll be charged, particularly if adding add-ons to the subscription plan.

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Many companies choose to reach out to Nextiva directly to request a customized price estimate instead of looking up the cost of their subscription by themselves.

Where RingCentral Shines


ringcentral office

RingCentral has no weak spots concerning capabilities. Its basic plans are an incredible value on their own, with no mention of the free applications for desktop or mobile devices and essential call-management options like call forwarding, parking screening, transfers, and more.

Alongside these features, the call routing capabilities of RingCentral rank among the most effective offered.

Collaboration messaging and document sharing can also be found on the initial plan, helping complete a full bundle. In addition, there are SMS notifications for voicemails, missed calls, a free mobile number for each user, and the option to transfer numbers from other providers.

Unlimited Calling

With the basic plan, customers can make unlimited calls within Canada and the U.S. RingCentral provides improved business SMS messages; however, the limitations on SMS usage differ by tier.


ringcentral interface

The central interface of RingCentral for mobile, web, and desktops is a breeze and simple to use. Similar to Nextiva, this interface focuses on usability; all you’ll need is easily accessible.

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It is a simple and intuitive design. Calls and text messages are accessible on the main page and the services video features. Overall, it’s a great result and one with some thought given to it. Team chat is a feature RingCentral offers that allows joining the video chat.


ringcentral price

RingCentral comes in three major tiers. Although the top tier is the most suitable choice for small teams, bigger teams won’t be excluded. Whatever plan you’re considering, it is recommended to make payments annually because, similar to Nextiva, the company, you’ll save up to 30% doing that. 

Customer Support

ringcentral support

All three plans available by RingCentral provide 24/7 live chat support and telephone service. Additional customer service forms comprise a knowledge base and communities that address most issues. You can also open a support ticket to get additional technical assistance if you require it.

The above images show that RingCentral Voice Meetings shows an instance of a video conference with four people calling.

Where RingCentral Falls Short

A Significant Amount of Resource Consumption

Considers that some users have complained about RingCentral becoming heavy on resources. Many reviews suggest that the application is slowing down to a standstill and even slowing down while being used. RingCentral suggests a minimum of three bandwidth internet connections for small homes or office spaces.

However, big offices require a more powerful connection to use the service. Internet speed isn’t the sole cause, as the application itself may be causing the slowing of the service.

Weakest IVR features

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a computer-controlled phone system allowing users to respond to questions and direct them to the appropriate department.

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RingCentral has some limitations if you don’t subscribe to their top-tier plan if you require an interactive voice response feature in your telephone device. There is no way to personalize the IVR menu on other pricing plans, which reduces the effectiveness of IVR.

The Final Verdict on Nextiva Compared to RingCentral


Nextiva, as well as RingCentral are the two leaders in their field. Every VoIP phone provider offers a variety of features, and Nextiva is the ideal choice for most businesses.

Nextiva offers unlimited calls and free numbers and the ability to scale at a reasonable cost for companies of any dimension or size. This service is simple to access and offers great customer service.


RingCentral can be a good choice for small teams. Although the company has offered various benefits for larger teams, the basic program for smaller ones is a real highlight. It is the most economical one-stop communications tool for small teams available.

Both are top-quality providers, so you will likely not regret choosing one.

Comparing The Best Business VoIP Phone Services

Nextiva and RingCentral are only two of the biggest companies in the VoIP telephone services market. There are a lot of other VoIP phone services available that we’ve evaluated. Look at our complete comparability guide here to get the full list of our top selections and the use cases they’re ideal for.

Nextiva:  It is The best VoIP phone service that is suitable for the majority of companies.

Ooma Office – Best for firms that don’t have their IT.

RingCentral – The most affordable one-stop solution for less than 20 users. It is the best choice for those who need less than 300 minutes per month.

Freshdesk Contact Center – The best for Customer Support Teams.

The ideal VoIP phone solution for your business or office meets your needs.

We suggested Nextiva to the majority of people for its ability to be flexible and low-cost. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your right choice.

In addition, RingCentral is a great option for teams with smaller sizes; however, it may not be ideal for larger teams. Consider carefully the features you think are the best service before deciding.

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Moreover, whichever option you choose and the cost-effectiveness of implementing the phone system can make them available for the smallest companies. As remote working is the norm for many businesses, VoIP providers will keep improving their rates and services to keep up with the competition.

Expand your knowledge: Nextiva vs. RingCentral

Is Nextiva superior to RingCentral?
Nextiva is more reliable than RingCentral for most businesses looking to purchase a VoIP phone service. Nextiva has outstanding reliability and quality of calls compared to other providers, such as RingCentral.

Most Nextiva plans offer unlimited minutes, a toll-free fax number, and video conference. In addition to using Nextiva to receive and make calls from clients, You can also use features such as instant messaging for internal communications. Nextiva provides the best blend of convenience and quality at an affordable price.

Is Nextiva or RingCentral more suitable for business phone systems?
Both Nextiva and RingCentral provide complete office phone systems to businesses. However, Nextiva is superior to RingCentral in most VoIP telephone systems.

Nextiva offers a complete communications system that can be used by businesses with various demands. The company has conventional desk phones.

Alternatively, your employees can send and receive calls via smartphones and computers. Nextiva offers Contact center software for support and sales teams. It’s versatile, simple to operate, and built for scale.

Is Nextiva or RingCentral less expensive.
RingCentral is less expensive than Nextiva for teams with smaller numbers. However, Nextiva is less expensive than RingCentral when it comes to size. RingCentral begins at just 20 dollars per month for users for all teams and offers bulk discounts to teams with 50 or more members.

Nextiva begins at $23.95 per month for each user with a similar plan. However, additional discounts can be applied after you have reached 5, 20, and 100 customers.

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Nextiva and RingCentral have cheaper plans for companies that subscribe to an annual bill. Based on your plan and the size of your team RingCentral’s annual discount can be as high as 33%. The annual discounts Nextiva offers can help users save 28% off their monthly costs.

What is the main difference among Nextiva and RingCentral?
RingCentral and Nextiva require different resources. The RingCentral app and service aren’t always reliable if you do not have an efficient internet connection. Nextiva generally has superior call quality and better performance, regardless of connectivity speed.

There are also subtle variations between RingCentral as well as Nextiva’s plans. For example, Nextiva offers unlimited internet for faxing with each plan; however, RingCentral does not offer this service until the second stage.

Therefore, you’ll have to evaluate the options for features between the different plans to determine the best option. Reviewing our Nextiva and RingCentral reviews to study each further is also possible.

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