Best FREE YouTube Video Downloader Apps in 2023

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YouTube is the foremost valuable application that assists  appreciate a video and distinctive background music. In spite of the fact that YouTube isn’t considered a hard-core social media platform, it is still utilized around the world.

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There are certain times when a few recordings are so alluring that clients need to download & save them to a neighborhood file. For that reason, there’s a need best YouTube video downloader. In this article, we are going say a few best YouTube video downloader program for PC and Macs.

Best Free YouTube Video DownLoader Apps in 2023

Free Youtube Downloader Software:

youtube loader

It is one of the most excellent online program or instrument that helps to download YouTube videos. Duplicate the video connect from YouTube and paste it into the digital YouTube downloader.

Presentlyit’ll take a few time to process the video. Also, this offers a high-speed downloading process. So, there is no need to download any software on the device.

MacX YouTube Downloader Software:

max youtube downloader

It is the best YouTube downloader and is specifically for Mac users. Not only YouTube videos, but this application can also download videos from different social media platforms.

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All it needs is a URL of that particular video to initiate the process. Also, it takes a minimal amount of time to download any videos from YouTube.

Ummy Video Downloader Software:

ummy youtube downloader

It is the best YouTube downloader software for Mac & Windows users, offering a web-based application. However, there is an option to download the application to the device. But using this free software to download YouTube videos in any Web Browser is advisable.

All it needs is to paste the URL address of the website, and the downloading will start right after that. It also allows choosing different formats of the videos to provide a rich user experience.

VDownloader Software:


It is one of the best YouTube downloaders for Mac & Windows. It is mandated to install this software on the machine to use it. In this application, simply paste the link of the video in the application to start the download.

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The best part about this application is its ability to extract MP3s from the Video of YouTube. It is free software to download YouTube videos with the feature to download 8K quality videos.

YouTube Video Downloader Software:

youtube downloader

It is the web version of the best YouTube downloader application. There is no need to install the application on the device to use it. Mac & Windows users can easily use this online free software to download YouTube videos in no time.

Simply follow the same method to paste the link to the Videos. However, the video quality might need to be more attractive, but this platform offers a feature to download both the MP3 & MP4 formats, and the downloading speed is mind blowing here.


Nowadays, YouTube is the most attractive social medial platform. It is widespread that some of the videos are so attractive that users need to download & save them to local files. Installing the videos & watching them in local files will not help creators to achieve the most views and will harm their creativity (at a certain point).

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That’s why users need to think before downloading any videos from YouTube. In this article, we have discussed different best YouTube video downloader apps. Give it a chance & do let us know your experience!

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