Best Free Firewall Software For Windows in 2023

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According to a current research study by MarketsandMarkets, the Network Security Firewall Software Market will undoubtedly expand to $5.3 billion by the year 2023. There are several factors for the growth of the Firewall Market.

Nonetheless, many companies today seek firewall protection to protect delicate or crucial data.

Firewall Security: An Introduction

The types of data breaches that businesses are most worried about and also seek for firewall protection are illustrated in the adhering the infographic:

global data breach incident[Image: Source]

Checking out the above infographic, we can see that identity burglary is the biggest concern for organizations seeking cyber and firewall protection today. But what makes firewall protection so essential or, to put it simply, ‘so helpful’?

Perhaps, the best way to find it out is through the answers to the frequently asked questions about the firewall software which we have covered in the upcoming section.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Employed listed below are one of the most generally asked questions regarding Firewalls.

What is a Firewall?
A shield or obstacle protecting a personal network from unauthorized access; a firewall protects devices attached to the internet or one more Network, such as a local area network (LAN).

The function of having a firewall installed on a COMPUTER, phone, or tablet computer is to secure customers from the data-based malware dangers that feed on the web or various other connected networks.

In cyberspace, data transfers between your computer and servers & routers. This data, which is moved in packets, is checked by a firewall program to identify and also obstruct any kind of unwanted web traffic.

The firewall achieves this by examining the data packets against the regulations that have been setup. If the data packets align with these regulations, then they are approved by the firewall softwares. If they fall short of meeting the rules, then the firewall turns down or obstructs them.

Today, firewall programs are helping to safeguard Computers and other connected devices across the globe, whether they belong to specific users, big companies, or the government.

How does firewall software work?
To describe it merely, firewalls work by keeping an eye on the information website traffic to accept or enable the ‘excellent data’ while rejecting or blocking the ‘negative or harmful data.

However, If we look into the data, the firewall application uses combinations of these techniques or one of the three strategies to control the web traffic that flows through or out of the Network.

The three approaches made use of by a Firewall software to shield a COMPUTER, tablet, or other devices are:

  • Packet Filtering
  • Proxy Solution
  • Stateful Examination

Entails utilize an established set of rules that produce filters that filter packets is one of the most popular kinds of firewall protection. The firewall cannot permit a data-related packet to be able to connect to the network if it has been detected by the filters. Any data-related packets with the exception of those that pass those filters are removed.

A program that functions to act as a mediator between different systems A firewall proxy retrieves data from the internet and transmits it to the requester system. This layer on the firewall houses the Firewall software Proxy Servers function. This is the reason which requires both sides in a session to utilize proxy servers to run sessions.

A process that shows a solution that would certainly operate on the end host is created and run by the proxy web servers on the firewall software. Therefore, all data transfer for a task is centralized for scanning to the firewall program.

The 3rd as well as last approach used by firewall software to shield a device or system is a stateful examination. One of the most innovative firewall software scanning, stateful assessment keeps info qualities of each connection for the duration of the session in a data source.

Jointly referred to as the link’s ‘state’, these attributes include vital details such as the connection’s port and IP addresses and the sequence in which the data packets are being moved. Appropriate information held in the database is contrasted to the data being carried by the firewall software.

The firewall program enables the data to go through if the comparison produces a positive suit. Otherwise, the entry of the information or data packet is refuted.

What are the Various Kinds Of Firewall Software?
There are two fundamental kinds of Firewalls, i.e. Appliance Firewalls and Client-based Firewall Software. A firewall software, a client-based firewall, is set up on a device for tracking the information traffic on that specific device.

On the other hand, the appliance firewall software is a physical or hardware-based version of the firewall program, which includes a device that is placed between a customer’s Network and an outdoor network such as the internet.

Often, the appliance firewalls are used for network environments with several tools that share the same Network or internet. On the other hand, client-based or software firewalls are best for personalizing the level of security and establishing firewall permissions for specific customers or a team of customers.

How do Firewalls Protect from Hackers
Firewalls protect from hackers by obstructing their access to your PC using Wi-Fi and the internet.

To access your PC and swipe sensitive data such as your browsing history, bank information, passwords, and various other such information, hackers utilize keylogging software and Trojan viruses to record your sessions and monitor your keystrokes.

With keystrokes, we indicate what you type on other device or your computer. Hackers can run illicit tasks utilizing your computer system even without your knowledge. Fortunately is that firewalls can assist in quitting them.

How can firewalls protects your desktop from attackers? By obstructing all unauthorized links to your system.

In addition, a firewall permits you to choose programs on your computer that can access the internet. It makes sure that you never connect to the internet unconsciously. It stops the hackers and also various other cybercriminals in their tracks as they utilize a Wi-Fi network or a web connection to enter your computer.

Can a Firewall be Hacked?
It is a rarity that a firewall can be hacked. Cybercriminals can easily hack a firewall program if it is not effectively tuned. Although firewall software is implied to protect your computer from hackers, the security of your system can be endangered if you misconfigure or wrongly keep a firewall.

Likewise, despite exactly how solid your firewall software protection is, hackers can bypass the firewall if there are vulnerabilities in the systems and applications the firewall secures. For instance, there are several vulnerabilities in Windows that attackers can use to participate in your computer system.

All they require to do is convince you to go to an infected web page. It makes it vital for you to have antivirus and also anti-malware software installed on your PC or systems alongside the firewall software.

Additionally, ensure that all applications and operating systems are patched to the latest variation. If you do this, then there’s a little chance of a hacker accessing your system.

What to look for in a Firewall?
With numerous alternatives to choose from, it can be challenging to select the ideal firewall for your needs.

However, you are most likely to make the right decision if you think about complying with the standards for selecting the very best free firewall:

  • Protection and prevention from threats.
  • Exposure and control of your applications.
  • Streamline security framework.
  • Real-time signals
  • Exceptional client assistance.

The above checklist is not exhaustive, and there are numerous other elements to consider while picking the best free firewall.

Reality Inspect Regarding the Firewall Software Market: According to the Web Application Firewall Market research by ResearchAndMarkets, the web-based firewall software market will undoubtedly grow at a CAGR of 16.92% during the forecast duration 2019-2024 to reach $6.89 billion by the year 2024.

The study additionally reveals that North America is currently the largest market for web application firewall softwares, and the main factors that establish the stability of firewall software for customers are cost and efficiency.

Comparison of the Best Free Firewall Software

Tool/Service Name

Free Version


Our Ratings

Best For

SolarWinds Network Firewall Security Management


Real-time visibility into network firewall security, Monitoring of firewall protection configuration changes, etc.

Custom filters and sending alerts features.

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Free trial available

Log analytics and policy management software, Network security software

Network and security admins of small, enterprise-scale, private, or government IT infrastructures

System Mechanic Ultimate Defence


Protect Online Privacy, Remove malware, Block malware, etc.

To clean and repair your PC.



Advanced protection against cyberattacks,
Blocks phishing websites,
Protects and monitors the home network.

Protection against viruses and cyberattacks.


Free trial available for 30 days.

Secure VPN, Monitor for threats, Alerts, etc.

Secure VPN, Monitor for threats, Alerts, etc.



Free Antivirus + Firewall,
Multiple security layers,
Customizable interface,
Online backup.

5Gb of free cloud backup,
Integration with many other security programs.

Comodo Firewall 


Custom DNS servers,
Virtual Kiosk,
Windows 7, 8, and 10 compatible,
Timely controls.

Streamlined for security novices, Integration with the Comodo Dragon secure browser.



No pop-up ads,
Powerful scanning option,
Customizable options,
Wi-Fi protection,
Real-time alerts
Instant firewall configuration,
Dedicated LAN controlling options.

No pop-ups,
The auto-learn feature makes it easy to create exceptions.


Simple and user-friendly interface,
No pop-ups,
Port scanner,
Easy setup,
Protection against spoofing ARF.

Simple installation process,
A single click of button blocks all unwanted incoming traffic.



Discreet alerts,
Data usage tracking,
Visual network monitoring,
Toolbox of network checks,
Wi-Fi evil twin detection,
Lock Down mode
Mini graph.

Easy to use function,
Ability to block programs with a single click.

The Best Free Firewall 

SolarWinds Network Firewall Security Management

SolarWinds Network Firewall Security Management

SolarWinds offers Network Firewall Security Management Software with Security Event Manager. It has functions and performances to strengthen your network security.

Continuous monitoring as well as real-time correlation of events that can identify suspicious firewall processes and, in the end, you’ll gain real-time insight into your the security of your firewall on the network.  The tool will certainly assist you in finding protection violations by utilizing policy checks.

Price: The price of Security Events Management starts at $4805. It supplies a beneficial free trial for thirty days.

Feature: Real-time exposure to network firewall security, monitoring of firewall security configuration modifications, custom firewall security system filters, etc.


  • You will certainly get notices for firewall modifications.
  • You can monitor activity from targeted tools.
  • It will assist you in ensuring that just licensed firewall administrators are making changes to firewall policies.
  • It has a centre to develop custom-made filters for highlighting specific firewall events based on the default or custom criteria.


  • Its Security Events Manager does not provide free trial.

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Best for Network and security admins of little, enterprise-scale, private, or government IT frameworks.

ManageEngine offers firewall management software with a Firewall Analyzer. The functions make your network protection stronger.

The tool continuously checks the firewall logs to identify suspicious network tasks and offers real-time exposure to the firewall security of your Network. It aids you in discovering protection vulnerabilities in firewall plans also.

Price: The price of the Firewall Software Analyzer begins at $395 and has a thirty-day, fully practical, free test.


  • Log analytics and plan management software 
  • Network protection software.


  • Handles firewall policies successfully.
  • Guarantees that policy changes are managed.
  • Keeps an eye on the network tasks of users.
  • Monitors VPN use of users in real-time.
  • Continually monitors and produces reports for various compliance criteria.
  • Helps auditors with forensic audits of network activities.
  • Analyzes logs to check network traffic and data transfer use.

Verdict: The firewall Analyzer is suitable for log analytics and setup monitoring software for network security tools.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defence

System Mechanic Ultimate Defence

It offers a simple user interface that offers a complete range of privacy, security and performance options. It will protect your net surfing and can manage passwords & credit cards. It can eliminate malware on request.

It has System protection to block malware.Its anti-malware solution is VB100 certified . It can employ a positive and responsive methods to detect malware.

System Auto Mechanic Ultimate Defence supplies a malware killer that finds and eliminates dangerous malware from contaminated computers.It makes use of the Check Cloud’s exclusive scanning technology and analyze.

Price: You will get a huge 60% off on System Technician Ultimate Defence at $31.98! 

Features: Optimize PC efficiency, Safeguard Online privacy, safely take care of passwords, Remove malware, Block malware, Remove entire drives, & Recover deleted files.


  • System Machine Ultimate Defense gives a password manager.
  • It can do the removed data recuperation.
  • It supplies comprehensive scan records.



The Norton Free Firewall software belongs to the Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security solution used by Norton. Additionally called Smart Firewall, the Norton firewall utilizes a database of programs to block or flag programs.

Price: Free

Features: Advanced protection against cyberattacks, Blocks phishing sites, Shields, and monitors the home network.


  • 100% guarantee protection versus infections.
  • Verifies relied-on sites.


  • Poor security against spyware.
  • Parental control for Mac and also IOS devices is missing .



Norton gives a remedy with Smart Firewall. It can check web traffic for security against breaches. It can obstruct online dangers such as malware, viruses, and intrusions.

Norton Protection modern technology has five layers of protection. It has an intrusion prevention wall, Antivirus file scan, reputation database, behaviour monitoring, and powerful erase & repair.

Norton Smart Firewall protects against undesirable breaches to your computers. It offers protection against unauthorized accessibility.

Price: LifeLock has 4 price plans, Standard ($ 7.99 each month for 1st year), Select ($ 7.99 monthly for 1st year), Advantage ($ 14.99 monthly for 1st year), and Ultimate Plus ($ 20.99 each month for 1st year). A free trial is offered for thirty days.

Features: Protection of personal information, Intrusion Prevention System, behaviour monitoring, etc.


  • Antivirus File Check is available for PC, Mac, and Android devices.
  • You can secure browsers and operating systems by its An Intrusion Prevention System.
  • It will assess every downloaded and installed application for reputation and increase a flag for never-seen-before files.
  • Unauthorized customers will not be able to access computer systems via the internet.


  • Based on evaluations, for the family plan, you may need to pay an extra $5.99 per kid.



A firewall program that has been around for a long time, ZoneAlarm guarantees the security of your computer from all types of cyberattacks, including spyware, malware, ransomware, identity burglary, phishing attacks, infections, and also much more.

It is compatible with any Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and View, the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall can stop destructive changes to your system by securing the host’s files. It can likewise avoid unauthorized adjustments by password-shielding its settings. Using the slider setup of the ZoneAlarm firewall, you can adjust a public or private network’s security mode easily.


  • ZoneAlarm Free Firewall: Free
  • ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall Software: $44.95/ year.

Features: Free Antivirus + Firewall program, Multiple protection layers, Customizable interface, Online backup, etc.


  • 5Gb of free cloud backup.
  • Combination with several various other security programs.


  • No security for making use of the attack.
  • Even risk-free programs are flagged by the highest security settings.

Comodo Firewall 

comodo firewall

Comodo Firewall is quickly one of the most effective free firewalls offered today. We claim this because the firewall includes a host of features consisting of a Virtual Kiosk, custom DNS web servers, an ad blocker, and much more. Using the Comodo Firewall, you can conveniently add programs to block.

Likewise, there is a Rating scan alternative which you will find very valuable if you believe your computer system is contaminated by some type of malware.


  • ComodoFree Firewall Program: Free.
  • Comodo Full Protection: $39.99/ year.

Features: Adblocker, Customized DNS Servers, Virtual Stand, Windows 7, 8, & 10 suitable, Prompt controls, etc.


  • Streamline for security amateurs.
  • Integration with the Comodo Dragon secure browser.


  • No protection for manipulation assault.
  • Default setups with automated sandboxing are impaired.



One of the most effective, totally free firewalls for Windows 10, TinyWall will secure your system from every threat on the web. The firewall software protects the ports of your computer from hackers as well as obstructs damaging or malicious programs that could expose your sensitive data online.

Price: Free.

Features: No pop-up advertisements, Effective scanning choice, personalized choices, Wi-Fi security, Real-time informs, Instant firewall software configuration, Dedicated LAN regulating alternatives, etc.


  • No pop-ups.
  • The auto-learn function makes it easy to develop exceptions.


  • Not protection for making use of attack.
  • The demand to create exemptions for the online programs that you utilize.



If you’re searching for a free firewall program that is easy to use and has easy setups and options, you should go for Netdefender. The Netdefender free firewall includes all the essential functions of a firewall and has a straightforward installation procedure.

However, the best thing about this firewall is that you can block all unwanted incoming web traffic with a button click.

Price: Free.

Features: Simple and easy-to-use interface, No pop-ups, Port scanner, Easy configuration, Defense versus spoofing ARF, etc.


  • Easy setup procedure.
  • A solitary click of a switch obstructs all undesirable inbound traffic.


  • A few buggy attributes.



With the Glasswire free firewall, you can protect your computer system proactively against all types of online and incoming attacks. It starts to protect your operating system as soon as the firewall is installed onto your desktop system.

The firewall program won’t bother you when every time malware appears. Instead, it will quickly obstruct the source without troubling you.

Price: Free.

Features: Very discreet alerts, Data use tracking, Aesthetic network surveillance, a Tool kit of network checks, Wi-Fi evil twin discovery, Lock Down setting, Mini graph, etc.


  • Straightforward installation procedure.
  • A single click of a button obstructs all unwanted incoming web traffic.


  • Not all are free to use.
  • The lack of ability to block all apps at once.



If you’re trying to find firewall software that does it all, then PeerBlock should be your automatic selection. It is because it offers the highest levels of security against all kinds of online and inbound threats. The PeerBlock free firewall software will right away block any type of hazardous spyware, advertisements, and so on.

Price: Free.

Features: Easy- setup, Enables the customers to develop their blocklist, Defend against unwanted web traffic, Easy to use the system, and so on.


  • Simple to toggles on and off.
  • Blocks most pop-ups and ads.


  • Not sustained or updated.
  • Fundamental IT understanding is needed to set it up.

AVS Firewall 

avs firewall

This free firewall software protects your computer system from both inner and outside links. In addition, the AVS firewall shields your system from destructive ads, pop-ups, flash banners, and adjustments in a computer system registry.

Price: Free.

Features: Parental control, Simple user interface, advertisement blocker, Registry cleaner, Net traffic control, Windows 7, 8, XP, and View suitable.


  • Free firewall software.
  • Capacity to regulate internet website traffic also when you have limited access to the web.


  • Can flag even risk-free programs as a hazard.

OpenDNS Home

opendns home

If you’re searching for a robust, free firewall to install on Windows 10 after that, OpenDNS Home is a wonderful alternative. It is because the firewall program features sophisticated security features that keep an eye on risks very closely to ensure that they don’t make their method to your computer system with social networks, websites, or other similar online plans.

Price: Free

Features: Simple and easy-to-use interface, Superb control over internet actions, Many filtering options, Automatic blocking of non-trusted web content, etc.


  • Winning firewall software.
  • Non-intrusive.


  • All web traffic is routed through the OpenDNS network.



The best feature of Privatefirewall is that it permits you to conveniently change between the firewall’s rules and distinct settings.

Additionally, you can instantaneously filter or block traffic without clicking many buttons or prompts. With this free firewall, you achieve many points, including disabling access to custom-made sites, turning down accessibility to a network, blocking specific IP addresses, etc.

Price: Free.

Features: Process monitor, Applications Monitor, port tracking, etc.


  • Anomaly discovery.
  • Detailed assistance file with links.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Text-heavy user interface.
  • The need for updates.



With NetBarrier, you get an effective two-way firewall protection system for Mac that can be used to offer wired and Wi-Fi networks inbound and outbound security. Once deployed, it maintains intruders out by obstructing unrequested links.

The software is straightforward to configure and set up. You can utilize the tool to automatically deploy protection protocols for public and exclusive networks. The software application can additionally obstruct unwanted applications from infiltrating specific domains.

Price: Begins at $39.99/ year—14-day free test.

Features: Intelligent incoming and outbound protection, blocking unrequested links, automatically customizing protection protocols, preventing seepage, and stopping applications.


  • Easy setup and arrangement.
  • Very personalized.
  • Versatile prices.


  • Comes as a part of Intego’s antivirus service yearly registration bundle.

Final thought

All free firewalls that we have noted included their pros and cons. While several of them are lovely for features, security, and privacy, the others have a side on pricing.

For ideal protection and deterrence from threats, we recommend you go with ZoneAlarm, Comodo Firewall or Glassware.

If you want visibility and control of your applications after that, opt for Exclusive Firewall, Peerblock, or Tinywall. The most effective firewall software choices to improve your security framework include OpenDNS Home, Glasswire, and Netdefender.

For real-time notifications, choose Tinywall, Glasswire, or Personal Firewall. Ultimately, suppose the price is what you are looking for after that. In that case, you have several options to select from, including Tinywall, Netdefender, Norton, Private Firewall software, OpenDNS home, AVS firewall, Peerblock, and also Glasswire.

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