How Sales Call Recording Software Can Make Your Sales Team More Productive and Successful

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When you’ve finished an interview with a potential customer, Have you ever thought, “Wow, I nailed that!” Perhaps it was “I could’ve guided the conversation more effectively if I had done X instead.”

A call recording would allow you to gain knowledge and extract relevant insights from the conversation. These could be useful to improve your personal growth and for the training of your entire team and coaching.

A recorded conversation can help improve the buyer’s experience and journey by providing insights into how to adapt your communication and interactions to specific leads based on relevant circumstances.

The best method to acquire the recordings without doing extra work on the salespeople’s plates is to use software for sales recording, also called call recording software.

Sales Recording Software

Software for sales recording can record calls in digital format through the internet using voice (VoIP) -which allows you to make calls using the internet or via traditional phone. Apart from recording conversations on the phone and calls, call recording software could also offer other functions like recording calls, tracking them, storage, sharing analysis, playback, and so on.

How Your Sales Team Can Benefit From Call Recording Software

Your sales reps, managers, and leaders could utilize and benefit from sales recording software in numerous ways.

The program automatically records and archives the conversations and calls between reps and potential customers. It means sales reps are equipped with pertinent information about their contacts to help them in future interactions. It lets them more effectively concentrate on those prospects in subsequent interactions, which increases the chance of a conversion.

These recordings also serve as an excellent source of information for sales managers — they can provide insights into how their sales reps are doing, how they’re handling interactions with potential customers, whether they’re adhering to their scripts, etc.

Recordings are great for sales coaching because sales managers can identify and refer to specific aspects of a call and emphasize them as actions they can duplicate or improve on. Not only can this be useful for one-on-one sales coaching, but it can also be used for onboarding and sales training.

Leaders and sales reps can refer to the most effective and unsuccessful sales call recordings and their transcripts. They can also update and improve sales processes, make sales pitches more personalized, write sales scripts, and test what type of messaging and language will most effectively convince potential customers.

Additionally, call recording software is compatible with many of your other tools for business and sales, including CRM. It reduces the number of costs and also the requirement for numerous applications.

Ultimately, your expenses will be reduced as your entire sales staff will have access to your contact data and related recordings through one platform. There will be fewer training requirements for your reps and managers to understand different platforms, and your call data will be able to be integrated with your deal information.

Best Sales Call Recording Software

These are the 12 best examples of sales record software you can use for your team to boost productivity and improve your sales processes and customer experience.

HubSpot Call Recording

hubspot call recording

HubSpot Conversation Intelligence tool uses AI to record, automatically transcribe, and analyze every one of the sales phone calls. It detects keywords and issues throughout your calls, making jumping right to these areas for a deeper analysis easy.

In addition, because this tool integrates with HubSpot CRM, All your contact data will be included in your contacts record. All your contact and call information will be stored centrally and readily available to the sales staff.

You can also analyze data on call keywords linked to deal data or initiate workflows based on the call keyword data.

HubSpot Free Call Tracking Software

hubspot free call tracking

HubSpot’s Call Tracker can do more than record calls. It prioritizes sales calls by determining who your top-value prospects are. It also makes and records call for you completely from your web browser (so you do not need to dial an actual phone). Select if you wish to keep track of every sales call or just a few.

After that, all your phone calls are stored in Your CRM for simple record-keeping access, accessibility, and sharing.

fireflies is an AI-powered meeting assistant capable of recording transcription, transcribing, and searching phone conversations and voice calls. The software instantly connects to the rep’s calendar to join any online or digital voice conference.

The system then records and transcribes the conversation and saves the data in the user dashboard. After being in the dashboard, Reps can search and retrieve the recordings or transcription at any point.



Gong is a remote sales tool and revenue intelligence platform that includes the ability to record and transcribe calls. Gong is compatible with any internet conferencing tool such as VoIP, CRM, or the team you work with; integrate Gong and start recording your phone calls.

With the automatic transcription feature, you can locate particular recordings and specific elements of these recordings. Gong’s AI aids sales reps and teams in collecting reports and information which they can use to improve their future calls, sales training, selling process, and much more.



Jiminny is a revenue-intelligence platform designed for remote sales teams -it comes with AI-powered, automated meeting and calls recording transcription and analytics. The integration with CRM lets you save and access call recordings and other data stored in your CRM without leaving Jiminny.

Jiminny also keeps meeting notes and saves them with call recordings, storing all information about your contacts in one location.



CallRail is a call tracker tool for marketing analytics and calls tracking that includes conversation intelligence, lead center features, and form tracking. Call recording features allow users to listen to outbound and inbound calls. The voice announcement before the call ensures that you comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding call recording.

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With CallRail’s conversation-intelligence features, calls are analyzed and rated based on the level of qualified leads, which means that your sales reps will be capable of prioritizing their follow-ups.



Wingman is a conversational intelligence platform designed for sales teams. It includes sales coaching, sales pipeline visibility, and sales enablement capabilities. The call recording feature of Wingman helps you to highlight certain moments in conversations with prospects that you can use to learn from or recreate later on.

It also works with several Salesforce CRMs, sales dialers, and video-conferencing applications to keep all your contact details and conversations in one place.



CallTrackingMetrics is a complete phone tracking and contact center system with call recording and transcription.

It is easy to listen to and reference conversations with prospective customers, making it a perfect choice for any sales team seeking to analyze and communicate calls and provide feedback and get it.



RingCentral can be described as a cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform for messaging, videos, and phones. Call recording on autopilot is just one of the many functions RingCentral provides — administrators allow automatic recording for all outbound and inbound calls.

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Record, download, and playback them at any moment on any device. A message is made before the representative speaks to a potential customer to gain their permission to ensure that call recordings are legal.



Twilio is an API for communication designed specifically for service, sales operations, and marketing based on voice, SMS, and video. The voice feature that can be programmed allows users to make, receive and monitor, as well as search or record conversations from virtually any place.

The recordings of your calls are encrypted using public keys to ensure that all conversations are secure.


Avoma can be described as an AI talking assistant for meetings and a conversation intelligence tool. The tool comes with three primary attributes that are unique and have distinctive features.

The feature conversation assistant can record, transcribe, and notes the calls you make for you.

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The feature for conversation intelligence provides information on the conversation’s topics, such as trends and patterns, and deals with risks.

Additionally, the conversation intelligence feature lets you look up words and phrases from conversations to quickly identify and find the most significant aspects of the conversation.



Ciara is an enablement tool for sales and also an in-call assistant. Its Ciara Voice function (for Pro customers) automatically records and transcribes your calls on your behalf. The tool also makes sure that you have that your calls are GDPR-compliant and provide transcriptions.

Ciara records all customer interactions for you in telephone calls and virtual meetings. It helps you decide the most effective next steps for each prospect based on the circumstances of customer conversations. It will increase the probability of 1) reaching your revenue goals and 2) making a difference in conversion, and 3) gaining insight into the status of your sales.

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In addition to Ciara providing context during customer interactions, the tool also gives real-time assistance in calls based on prior interactions with a particular contact to assist reps in better targeting each person they interact with.

Start Using Sales Call Recording Software

The call recording software is extremely effective and provides the information you need to follow up with your prospects efficiently and in a specific manner. It can also help you improve your selling skills, sales process, training, and more. Look at the tools listed above, select the best solution for your team, and then begin recording.

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