Best B2B Website Examples & How to Design a Great B2B Website

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Right B2B site makes an enormous difference in turning visitors into buyers. In this article, we’ll present the top B2B websites we’ve seen and then review three suggestions for creating your website.

You can build a website that boosts conversions and keeps customers returning.

 Let’s get started.

B2B Website Examples

With plenty of fantastic B2B websites, We’ve put together some distinctive websites.

Blake Envelopes

black enlovep

Are envelopes exciting? It’s not so, but you can tell when you visit Blake Envelope. The colors are vivid, the envelopes are everywhere, and the site can convey the feeling of motion, which makes you want to explore and discover what they provide. It is exactly what you would expect from B2B websites. 



Pixelgrade initially clarifies what they’re offering, providing easy WordPress themes that will assist anyone in getting their website up and running quickly. There’s nothing extraneous here. They explain their main selling point and give a direct hyperlink to explore their available themes.

Reputation Squad

reputatiom squad

Reputation Management is crucial to the online success of organizations. If companies don’t understand what their customers think of them, they might overlook crucial opportunities to enhance their business.

Reputation Squad helps companies track their online reputation with an efficient monitoring system. Visiting their site makes you feel like you’re in the future. Backgrounds shift and change when you move down the page, and the data is organized to read, browse and comprehend.



Evernote isn’t a newcomer to the B2B world; however, their website is constantly making apparent what they’re skilled in, taming your workload and managing your time by making it simple for you to record notes and track your schedules. More telling is their intention to assist users in “remembering everything,” this suggests that it isn’t a simple solution but rather a multi-faceted tool for performance.



These five “S’s” are a quick way to communicate what Dropbox is about. It’s not just a place to keep and sync files; it is also easy to share and create electronic signatures. It is the benefit proposition. There are no fancy graphics, and there are not many blusters – just straight to the core of what they can do to help.



Shepper revolves around gathering data. It’s not just about any data, but the data that you inform them that you must collect and examine. It could include advertising, product information, or customers’ overall experience. Whatever information you need, or where it’s stored around the world, Shepper can help.



 Hubspot is also proficient in B2B marketing. It is also modest – you’ll find that HubSpot isn’t at the top of the list, but HubSpot’s website shows that it provides an easy-to-use CRM that can simplify your existing processes and change your work practices. With both premium and free options, you’ll be safe with HubSpot.

Orbital Sidekick

orbital sidekick

Orbital Sidekick delivers information from space to help commercial and government organizations achieve their social, environmental, and governance targets. Using what’s known as “hyperspectral analysis” from a collection of satellites, Orbital Sidekick gives companies the data needed to make decisions on demand.



Trello is a collaborative tool created to help streamline processes. Due to the increase in these available applications, in addition to the truth that some can hinder more than they help Trello, it is clear that regardless of where or how teams choose to work, this tool can assist teams in their progress.



Hootsuite’s tagline is straightforward: “Social is your superpower.” When you combine that with a picture of a woman appearing to take off in the air and backed by a variety of familiar social icons and images, it’s obvious that Hootsuite is about helping you make the most from all your channels on social.



It’s a fun name with a unique B2B angle—local payment for global companies. The tagline not only offers a sense of trust and familiarity, but it can also hints that Yapstone can assist businesses from anywhere to make their payments more efficient.



Grammarly cut into the action to demonstrate the best it can do to detect and correct spelling and grammar mistakes. A cartoon-like image guides users through a brief explanation of what Grammarly offers and what users can expect once they install and download the app.



Acme automatizes warehouse operations in industrial settings. Their website’s sepia tones, images of warehouses, and a clear description of Acme’s work leave no space for misunderstanding. If you’re in their target market, you’ll want to visit. Otherwise, it’s time to click away.



The email platform Mailchimp is a well-known platform for its efforts in email marketing, and its website reveals that the company aims to increase both the audience of businesses and revenue by using automatized tools and professional guidance. It is a great marketing strategy for sales to outperform the last email campaign. It is a great marketing strategy that can be used for B2B sales.



Consumers aren’t only looking for great products. They are looking for packaging that is fascinating visually, enjoyable to open, and (ideally) eco-friendly. Packlane allows companies to create customized containers and packaging best suited to their product and offers instant quoting that helps companies quickly decide.



Apart from creating a memorable pun (higher levels — do you see it? ), HireLevel also does an excellent job clarifying their work. Are you looking for work? They can assist. Are you looking to improve the management of your workplace? There are services available to help you bridge the gap.

Netbase Quid

netbase quid

Netbase Quid is a platform for consumers and market data. The seven tabs with colors on the home page make it easy to see how they can assist by monitoring the health of a brand and providing trend analytics to improve the way you manage crises.


Square is a payment system that prompts users to sign up as the initial step before entering the website. Upon arriving on the homepage, it’s the first and almost the only experience a customer will encounter. This information permits Square to give customers an experience that feels like a more personalized web experience.

How to Design an Improved B2B Website

  • Create your website to be about the user, not about you.
  • Highlight the results your customers have achieved.
  • Help your customers accomplish what they’re using your site for.

Create your website to be about the user, not about you.

After looking through thousands of B2B websites in all major industries, We found just a few that intentionally engage customers in a dialogue. To do this, companies should stop talking too often about their business.

Instead, they should allow customers to talk about themselves and what they’re planning to accomplish.

It’s no different than the standard manner of conduct at the bar. Nobody wants to talk to someone who’s droning the subject of who they’re and how they’re doing it. But that’s what happens on the majority of B2B websites.

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It’s not just that this type of self-centeredness is a way to disengage and cause disengagement, but they also leave the customer contemplating, “Do they even know who I am? What do I perform?” Or worse, “Do they even really care?” It’s impersonal at most and unattractive at worst. It creates inquiries rather than connections and distance instead of assistance.

However, we found some websites that solicit customers to participate with them on their terms. One such example can be A subsidiary that is part of Cox Automotive, vAuto sells enterprise software to auto dealers across the globe. Some dealers are new and used car dealers, franchise-based wholesalers, and others are independent.

b2b website example vauto[Image: Source]

The distinctions made are not just for finding the right vAuto solution but also for discerning the customers’ views about themselves.

The vAuto website has been designed by vAuto to have a front webpage to allow users to choose the most important dimensions before proceeding further. The first option for customers upon entering is to declare, “I manage new vehicles,” “I manage used vehicles,” “I buy wholesale,” or “I manage the reconditioning process.”

Note that even the pronouns have been specifically selected to make the site appear as a purchasing and learning tool for customers and not an advertising tool for the vendor.

Questions to consider:

  • How do our clients define themselves?
  • In their heads, which aspects of their identities most influence how they look at our suppliers?

Highlight the results your customers have achieved.

Like the top websites allow customers to join in conversations, they also help customers find solutions from suppliers through the language of customer outcomes rather than suppliers’ capabilities.

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The best businesses invest the time to comprehend the exact business goals the customers want to accomplish and organize their websites using a recognizable language for customers concerning those goals. This way, visitors do not have to translate.

It is another area in which vAuto is a leader. The company uses real-world customer-generated business issues to organize deeper into its vast solution portfolio. The company organizes the information into “Show me how to outdo the competitors ” and “Show me how to find more profitable sources.”

Each step aims to make buying and learning online as simple and effective as possible by following an easy-to-follow set of breadcrumbs that lead directly to vAuto’s innovative solutions.

Questions to you ask yourself:

  • What kind of assistance do customers need from a company within your field?
  • What particular language will best connect with your clients to describe the help?

Help your customers accomplish what they’re using your site for.

Use a tool like an expense calculator integrated directly into a web page. It allows users to independently determine the cost of (in)action instead of having sales representatives convince them to change their ways. It’s an easy yet practical idea, and it’s designed with one goal in mind for the user to move easily along the process and remain in the preferred channel of choice.

Questions to consider:

  • What specific tasks for purchase are the customers who visit your website for?
  • How do you get help for these issues on your website today?

Building a better B2B website

There’s plenty to learn through the few top-quality websites we’ve uncovered. When it comes down to constructing the best B2B website, it is all about providing customers an easy way to get into your products and services, presenting them in terms they can comprehend, and making it easy for them to accomplish whatever they’d like.

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