Best Cold Calling Software for 2023

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Cold calling is a major problem for most sales reps’ careers. It’s an unpleasant, painful, and often uncomfortable process resulting in resentment from angry potential customers. It is why any software that speeds up the process and eases the anxiety that comes with it is a great tool for the average salesperson.

Get cold-calling software tools that ease the burden off cold-calling reps and managers who supervise them. We’ll take a look at seven of the most effective of these tools available. Let’s get started.

Best Cold Calling Software

These are the best cold calling software-

HubSpot Sales Hub

Price: Plans Starting at $45 per Month
Best for Seamless Integration With Your CRM


HubSpot Sales Hub’s comprehensive features for tracking calls make it among the most effective cold-calling software options available. With a broad array of features and a user-friendly interface, the program will meet the needs of almost any company rep, individual, or manager.

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The program integrates with HubSpot CRM, allowing you to organize and prioritize calls quickly. It also lets you make calls from your desktop and note sales calls. In addition, it comes with top-quality conversational intelligence tools to make more intelligent, efficient cold calls over time.

Key Features and Benefits

  • CRM data-driven call priority
  • Direct dialing from a desktop
  • Conversational intelligence capabilities
  • Automated CRM call logs


Price: Plans Starting at $30 per User per Month
Best for Trimming Fat Between Calls and Improving Reps’ Productivity


Aircall is among the best cloud solutions for calling centers to support sales teams. It is ideal for boosting reps’ efficiency and streamlining your business’s cold calling.

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With features such as automatically triggered post-call workflows, which minimize the time between phone calls. The application can cut a significant amount of weight from your cold-calling efforts. The program’s top-quality analytics tools will help managers assess their team’s performance and make data-based decisions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automatic call data entry
  • Automatically scheduled post-call workflows
  • First-class call analytics


Price: Plans Starting at $20 per User per Month
Best for Accessibility Across Channels and Devices


Toky is a cloud-based sales phone solution with comprehensive features, including live CRM call recording and cross-system monitoring to assist in data-driven decisions and myriad integrations.

Although its capabilities are remarkable, it stands out from other software programs by offering wide access to various services. With Toky sales teams, they can access conversations and calls using browsers- or via iOS, Android, PCs, and Macs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Numerous integrations
  • Accessibility from any location
  • Call log

RingCentral Engage Voice

Price: Plans Starting at $20 per User per Month
Best for Straightforward, Effective Call Scripting


RingCentral Engage Voice is a dedicated outbound sales and cold call source. It includes features that blend access to powerful capabilities, such as a drag-and-drop scripting builder, a flexible dialer system, and many other options that permit targeted personalization with minimal time between calls.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Drag-and-drop builder of scripts
  • In-depth, real-time information
  • A variety of integrations, which include HubSpot and Salesforce


Price: Contact for Pricing
Best for Coachable Recordings and Reports


Klenty provides a dynamic and efficient call solution that simplifies and makes cold calls easier for managers and reps alike. It features the ability to place calls with one click, which reduces the time between calls.

It also comes with top-quality call recording capabilities through the “Action Replay” feature, allowing management to review reps’ calls for targeted and effective coaching. The program also comes with call reporting tools that provide information on how reps handle their calls.

Key Features and Benefits

  • One-click dialing
  • Call recording that is coachable
  • Reports on calls that can be actioned


Price: Free Plans Available
Best for Actionable Insight on Customers and Reps


Rafiki offers a robust conversational intelligence system that delivers the highest level of sophistication but with accessibility. It records and transcribes sales calls and leverages artificial intelligence to analyze the information it gathers. It detects topics documenting KPIs and offers actionable insights.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Customer insight
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Organizational intelligence


Price: Contact for Pricing
Best for Exceptional Conversational Intelligence


Gong could be the most renowned technology for conversational intelligence that is available. Gong has many clients, including Okta,, LinkedIn, Zillow, and PayScale.

Companies that use the software can anticipate a 27% growth in sales per rep, a 20% increase in the time they save, and an average reduction of 53% in time spent onboarding. The platform is more sophisticated than the applications listed. Still, if you’re searching for a top system for conversational intelligence to help your cold-calling efforts, it will be difficult to beat Gong.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Next steps that can be taken immediately
  • Top-performing playbook sharing
  • Potential “close lost” deal identification

CRM for Cold Calling

CRMs are a central place for storing data accumulated in cold calls. One of these CRMs allows your company to share a repository of sales representatives’ call notes and larger customer data that can be used to guide more precise, efficient cold-calling as your efforts advance.

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Notes must include key information such as the call’s date, the call, the duration of the call, and a summary of the call. After the data has been recorded in the CRM, your company can access a vast body of data that can assist in understanding the areas where your cold-calling initiatives are doing well and failing.

CRM can provide about its existing customers and can assist in forming powerful call scripts that can resonate with leads that meet the criteria of the buyer profiles. If you know the story of the reasons your customers joined, it will help you understand how you can tailor your messages to target similar prospects.

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As I’ve said, cold calling is unpleasant, painful, and uncomfortable for most reps. Therefore, any tool that will ease and eliminate some of the work from the procedure is an investment worth it. Whatever the nature or size of your business, If cold calling is an integral part of your outreach strategy, you should consider a variety of software for cold calling.

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