Enterprise Mobility Solutions And Management Services

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Enterprise Mobility service is solution for organizations to allow their employees to utilize smartphones securely. Enterprise mobility management is an approach to secure corporate data on employees’ smartphones. It includes a range of technologies and services for managing mobile devices.

It contains four main components, i.e. Mobile Device Management, Mobile Content Management, Mobile Application Management, and Mobile Identity Management.

Introduction to Enterprise Mobility Solutions:

Enterprise mobility options differ from one corporation to the another . Some are primarily used to secure data; others are designed to protect specific applications, while others can lock all devices.

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The employees can work more efficiently working from smartphones as they allow employees to do work from anywhere. Because corporate information is accessible via mobile devices, they pose risks to the company’s security that could arise because of loss of data, device theft disappearance, malware, etc.

Therefore, security, identity, and access management are essential for an enterprise-wide mobility solution.

Netsol’s study reveal the benefits of embracing mobility throughout time, as shown in the graph. The graph indicates that using a mobility solution can increase the efficiency and flexibility of your employees and, consequently, reduce costs for your company.

introduction[Image: Source]

Because of these advantages, numerous businesses are implementing mobile solutions for enterprises. CompuCom’s research reveals that nearly 90% of employees prefer using smartphones to access corporate apps. This study tells us that 36% of workers receive laptops provided by the company.

Best Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Below are the best Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions that can be found on the market.

Let’s Explore!!

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is an Enterprise-level mobility management tool that provides a single console that can securely manage personal and company-owned devices. It works with Apple, Android, Windows and Chrome.


Furthermore, businesses can handle Store applications and enterprise applications without the intervention of users, set up corporate email accounts, securely deliver business-critical information to devices, manage access to data belonging to the company and handle OS updates remotely, diagnose machines, keep track of device locations, meet conformity with the location of devices, and then apply guidelines to protect data at the point of use, at rest and during transport.

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  • Automate onboarding for personal and corporate-owned devices on Apple, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS.
  • Implement security guidelines to protect information at rest, during the process of being used, and in the process of.
  • Ensure your devices are equipped with applications and content that the enterprise approves.
  • Appliances can be locked down to only run one or a group of applications.
  • Consolidate corporate data for personal devices, and block individual applications from accessing the data.
  • Remotely troubleshoot and fix appliances in real time.
  • Find machines, and ensure conformity through geofencing.
  • Stop devices not compliant from accessing email and other content for the company.
  • Make sure that devices are running the correct OS version.
  • Remotely lock, locate and wipe deleted or stolen items.

Space O Technologies

Price: Call the business to inquire about pricing information.

space o technology

Space O Technologies provides enterprise mobility solutions incorporating layering security software designed to protect corporate information. Space O Technologies offers solutions for diverse industries such as transport, healthcare, education and more.


  • Mobile Device Management
  • BYOD Solutions
  • Mobile security
  • M2M communications
  • Mobile Application platform

Verdict: It offers mobile solutions for enterprises across a variety of sectors and offers many different functions.

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Price: Call the business to inquire about pricing information.


Peerbits offers enterprise-level mobility solutions, offering developing mobile applications. It provides solutions for various sectors, such as Healthcare, Education, Retail and more. It can deploy cloud-based solutions.


  • It includes functions in Mobile Content
  • Management, Mobile Security Management,
  • Mobile Policy Management, BYOD Management,
  • and Mobile Lifecycle Management.
  • Mobile Apps are designed to work with cross-platforms.
  • It also comes with the benefits of enhanced user productivity, mobile remote monitoring and provisioning, and cloud-based deployments.

Verdict: An enterprise-level mobility solution makes the mobile application according to your needs. The company conducts development and tests of the applications and offers unique designs.

Octal Software

Price: Contact the company to inquire about pricing information.


Octal Software provides Enterprise mobility solutions to Security & Management, Real-time operation, Business Process Automation, Field Workforce Management, Information Management Solutions, Supply Chain Management, and Fleet management.

It provides enterprise mobility consultancy solutions to small-scale businesses. It offers user-friendly mobile applications.


  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Application Reputation Services
  • Antivirus for Android devices.
  • Operations management that is real-time.

Verdict: It is a user-focused mobile application. It offers unique features that are part of Application Reputation Services and Antivirus on Android devices. The application also provides services for the management of operations in real-time.


Price: A trial of a free version is offered for virtual apps and Citrix ADC.


Citrix delivers enterprise mobility options through Networking, Digital workspace and Analytic options. The company offers solutions focused on people that will allow more flexibility for your company.


  • Virtual desktops and apps let employees work anywhere, allowing safe remote access.
  • Content collaboration lets your team members collaborate and access documents at any time.
  • This Application Delivery Management will give you all the information about your desktops and apps through sophisticated analysis.

Verdict: It’s well-known because it offers Virtual desktops and apps.

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Price: Blackberry has five pricing plans, i.e. Management Edition, Enterprise Edition, Collaboration Edition, Application Edition, or Content Edition. The company can be reached to inquire about the cost of these plans and then look at all the plans.


Blackberry offers Enterprise Mobility Management solutions to protect and manage mobile apps, data, and devices. The company provides solutions to facilitate collaboration, productivity and security, business transformation, and the safety of documents and conformity.


  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile App Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Mobile Content Management

Verdict: It offers security and a simplified approach for your business to access assets and systems through Identity and Access Management.


Price: A trial version of the service is provided for 30 days.


IBM provides four pricing plans, i.e. Essentials ($4 per device per month & $8 per user/month), Deluxe ($5 per device per month & $10 per user/month), Premier ($6.25 per device per month & $12.50 per user/month), and Enterprise ($9 per device per month & $18 per user/month).

IBM can help you ensure endpoints’ security for your devices and enterprise devices by using IBM MaaS360 using Watson EMM. It is compatible with iOS, Mac OS, Android, and Windows devices. It provides features like Mobile Expense Management, Mobile Document Editor, and Mobile Document Sync.


  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile App Management
  • Mobile Document Sync.
  • Applications, Browsers and also documents Gateway.
  • Editing, creating, and sharing Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with Mobile Document Editor is possible. 
  • Mobile Expense Management will help you control your cost of roaming and data.

Verdict: IBM’s enterprise mobility solution is the most effective in terms of its Mobile Device Management functionality. It also offers a distinctive feature of mobile expense management.

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Price: There are no hidden fees. You will have to pay for the price quoted. They can be reached to request a price quote for the service you need.


Credencys offers enterprise mobility solutions for Retail, Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Transportation & Logistics, Digital Agencies, and Professional Services. The company guarantees confidentiality and security with its Non-Disclosure Agreement. You also get the right to use the source code.


  • It will allow you to recruit professionals for mobile apps.
  • It is economical since you’ll only pay for used resources and the time.
  • It’s also an excellent alternative for ongoing projects due to the existence it is part of it being part of the Offshore Development Center.
  • It’ll allow in-time development.

Verdict: The company provides enterprise mobility solutions by utilizing mobile App design, Software Testing, Maintenance and Support services, workshops for discovery, along with consultation and strategizing services.

Nex Mobility

Price: Call the business to inquire about pricing information.

nex mobility

Nex Mobility provides enterprise mobility services through mobile app development. The company offers solutions for nearly all industries. It utilizes advanced technology. The benefits are designed to help empower your business and enhance customer service.


  • Applications can be seamlessly integrated with different platforms.
  • UI Solutions will give you a user-friendly platform.
  • Applications will ensure the security of your data.
  • The app will be able to deliver the data speedily.

Verdict: It offers multi-platform support, simple to make use of, and reliable, robust mobile enterprise solutions. It can also integrate third-party applications.

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Price: Call the business to inquire about pricing information.


Brainvire provides enterprise mobility for various industries, including Advertising, Healthcare, Education, Finance, etc. The company offers these services by creating secure, multi-platform mobile apps. It can develop native as well as HTML5 web-based applications.

The services you use will allow you to get crucial and current information that helps to make quick and decisive choices.


  • It gives security for mobile Application security.
  • It will also provide Mobile Analytics.
  • It also allows for integration as well as integration with Mobile Advertisement Network.
  • It also offers a variety of other features, such as Mobile Managed Services and Mobile Application Development.

Verdict: It is a provider of business mobility solutions for every popular mobile platform, that includes Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian OS, Windows Phone, and many more.


Price: Contact the company for pricing information.


Honeywell gives you an enterprise mobility solution that covers the entire mobile lifecycle. The solution allows employees to be productive from any device and whenever they want.


  • Telecom Expense Management.
  • It offers Managed Mobility Services.
  • It offers complete lifecycle management starting from purchase to repair and also recycling.
  • It provides expert services that will help you get an additional team on-site.
  • Professional assistance can also assist you in planning, assessing and strategy.

Verdict: It is an exclusive feature called Telecom Expense management, including purchasing, invoice processing cost management and optimization, and dispute resolution.

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Additional Enterprise Mobility Software Solutions


Calero is a managed mobility solution to help with Procurement enterprise mobility management, Deployment Policies Management, Financial Management Assets, Usage and Purchasing. It can be deployed both in the cloud as well as on-premises.


It offers security and automation to organizations for mobile enablement. It also provides technology solutions, selection, education and documentation, as well as the deployment of applications.


Datamatics provides a variety of services to help with mobility. They offer Strategy & Consulting, Managed Services, Test Management & Development and Mobility Solutions. The company can conduct Mobile App Testing for native and hybrid apps.


It is a mobility solution. It can provide services such as Mobile App creation, Chatbot, Web Applications, Cloud solutions, and IoT application development and Implementation.


CompuCom offers enterprise mobility solutions that allow employees easy access to apps and devices. It will enable you to control and secure the applications and devices.


Enterprise mobility services offered by CompuCom consist of Enterprise Mobility Lifecycle, Mobility Access Solutions, Mobile Device Management and Telecom Expense Management.



Barcoding provides Enterprise Mobility Services. Barcoding comprises Mobile Device management Migration services, platform evaluation services, deployment, infrastructure change management, and upgrades to legacy hardware.



Samsung offers enterprise mobility solutions, including software and solutions. They will assist you throughout the lifespan of your device. The solutions include:

  • Setting up the device.
  • Enrolling and managing.
  • More advanced security features for mobile devices and updates.


In this post, we’ve looked at the most popular Enterprise Mobility Software Solutions on the market.

Space O Technologies provides M2M communication and a Mobile Application Platform. Peerbits also provides Mobile App Development services. Octal Software has unique functionalities of Application Reputation Services and Antivirus for Android devices.

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Citrix is well-known for its desktops and virtual applications. Blackberry is a provider of access and identity management. Credencys offers enterprise-level mobility solutions by developing apps, app design, and software testing.

One of the top Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Nex Mobility supports third-party integrations. Brainvire provides enterprise mobility services that work with all popular mobile platforms. Honeywell has a distinctive feature in the area of Telecom Expense management.

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