Best Syslog Servers for Linux and Windows in 2023

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The Syslog (system log) protocol is used to monitor network tools as well as transmitting message logs to an web server (a web server that supports syslog).

The Syslog server, and the Syslog protocol, interact to help with log tracking and management.

In this brief article, you’ll learn the definition of is a Syslog server does, the functions it is used for, and the most efficient Syslog servers to Linux as well as Windows.

What Would be  Syslog Server?

Syslog server collects Syslog messages from various tools in one location that includes software-based application solutions, bare metal server, or an virtual machine.

The Syslog server usually has an Syslog listener, which takes in and transforms inbound data as well as a database for storage of the data.

syslog server working[Image: Source]

The server stores filters and displays the messages accumulated from all operating system and device. A Syslog server can generally keep the logs for a long time.

Advanced Syslog servers offers automatic notifications as well as tailored solutions to identified issues for example, i.e. running a text to filter or forward the message, build and present a report and other such.

With all the advantage and features of a syslog server, it is simple to enhance device efficiency and health and wellness after examining server information.

What Can be Usage of Syslog Server?

An Syslog web server’s primary function is to collect log messages from network devices that are connected and save them in a central place to help keep track of goals. The server keeps the log consistently, permitting customers to find efficiency abnormalities quickly.

Utilize the Syslog server to boost the management and monitoring of your network by evaluating specifics of networks as well as specifications. Automate your actions by establishing automatic alerts for changes in the data log of a device. Some syslog servers include a message severity degree indication.

The advantages of using a syslog web server and also logging data are:

  • Decreased number of alerts.
  • Minimized downtime.
  • Fewer service interruptions.
  • Preventive troubleshooting.

Finally, Syslog servers may store event logs for a long period of time, enabling access to historical events. Numerous syslog servers occasionally revolve logs and create brand-new data, thus keeping the data arranged.

Syslog Servers For Linux And Windows

This section offers some of the best favored and loaded with features Windows and Linux Syslog servers. For a difference in supported platforms as well as free trial accessibility, refer to the table listed below:

Syslog Server

Supported Platforms

Free Trial


Unix, Linux, Windows

14 days



30 days

Syslog Watcher

Unix, Linux, Windows

Per request

The Dude

Linux, macOS, Windows


Visual Syslog Server

Unix, Linux




Unlimited trial version

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

Linux, Windows



Unix, Linux









Linux, Windows

30 days


Unix, Linux, Windows

14 days

Progress WhatsUp Gold


14 days


Unix, Linux, Windows

14 days



30 days



30 days

Free Syslog Servers

The complying with section provides the very best free Syslog servers:

Kiwi Syslog Server

kiwi syskog server

The Kiwi Syslog server was produced by SolarWinds. It is a detailed logging utility that gathers syslog occasions and messages on Unix, Linux, and Windows and produces reports in plain text or HTML.

Kiwi’s GUI enables users to conveniently and effectively manage logs in a solitary area. The tool can build network traffic graphics and send day-to-day summary emails optionally.

The free edition collects syslog messages from as many as five tools. It offers a choice to set up notifications for numerous events, including rush hour, login attempts, hardware failings, etc.

In addition, Kiwi can archive syslog messages or forward them to a database. The free version comes with a test of full functionalities lasting 2 weeks.

The complete version costs $329 and offers automation, enabling you to set up actions automatically activated by details events and an online interface for remote monitoring.

PRTG Syslog Server

prtg syslog server

The PRTG Syslog server is portion of the PRTG Network Monitor application, and also it is free for as many as 100 sensors. The free test allows customers to utilize more sensors for 30 days; however, later on, changes to the free variation.

The Syslog Receiver sensing unit for surveillance and analyzing network traffic does not require added software instalments.

PRTG can receive and refine up to 10,000 Syslog messages per second from network tools and Windows settings. The number relies on the handling power, storage space, and overall system configuration.

PRTG provides a user-friendly web interface for watching, examining, and filtering system syslog messages by kind, severity, etc. It also supplies message classification and an additional filtering system to ensure relevant messages are shown.

The web server provides automation by sending alerts triggered by errors, cautions, or a high number of messages.

Syslog Watcher

syslog watcher

The SNMPSoft Syslog Watcher has also the feature of dedicated syslog server suitable with numerous tools and software that sustain syslog sending. The tools accumulate system log events from Unix, Windows, or Linux web servers.

The free variation permits syslog message collection from five sources, while the professional version sustains endless resources. Depending on the configuration, Syslog Viewer can handle approximately 5,000 Syslog messages per second.

Syslog Viewer can collect messages over UDP and TCP and sustain IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The utility additionally allows automation by sending email notifications for particular mistakes, events, or messages.

Message filtering, saving, and modification depend upon filters, the message intensity level, and the guidelines established by the user. Syslog Watcher likewise provides exporting messages to a database by hand or instantly.

The Dude

the dude

The Dude is a network management application established by MicroTik, comes with a free built-in Syslog server. The application offers general network monitoring, while the Syslog server catches syslog messages from your devices.

The Dude supports remote logging using RouterOS. It works with Windows-based systems, while Linux or macOS runs using Wine/Darwine.

The web server automates upkeep by enabling individuals to create notifications for specific syslog occasions, messages, and filters.

It consists of an auto-discovery feature, immediately mapping close-by tools on the network, which facilitates network building.

Visual Syslog Server

visual syslog server

Visual Syslog server is a lightweight and free Windows-based syslog server that checks inbound data in real time. It approves messages using TCP and UDP and stores them on a disk. Previous syslog messages keep on the disk for future evaluation as long as the user specifies.

Message filters consist of filtering based on the host, source address, facility, priority, or message content. A filtering system makes it easy to find an issue when managing a huge data quantity.

Clients can additionally set up thresholds for causing the execution of scripts, programs, or email alerts. Hence, the tool automates problem-solving analysis and response time for pressing problems.

Datagram Syslog Server

datagram syslog server

The Datagram Syslog server is portion of the Datagram SyslogServer Suite. Its Datagram SyslogAgent that is installed as a service on Windows clients and web servers, sustaining Windows 2000 or newer systems.

The program supplies enterprise-level capability, efficiency in log collection, message filtering system, alerts, database storage space, and log viewing.

Its GUI is easy to use as it also has an online view of the network. The filters incorporate the hostname, process, facility, issue intensity, message, and even custom-made SQL inquiries.

The trial version is free and supports eight logging IP addresses; however, it only supports the Microsoft Access data source. Entrances are not erased or backed up as well as there aren’t emails to notify you. Customers can produce 10 filters and set up to ten alarm systems.

On the other hand, the enterprise variation sets you back $200 for 50 IP addresses, $500 for 500 IP, and $900 for 5000 IP addresses.

The enterprise version permit individuals to support or erase entries, sustains MSSQL data sources, and sets no limitation on producing filters or alarm systems. It likewise maintains email notifications.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

manageengine event log analyzer

It is the ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is a tool that permit the monitoring of approximately 5 devices free of cost. It works with Windows and Linux while keeping an eye on help different tools running any kind of operating system.

The EventLog Analyzer offers a GUI with a real-time log view and comparison, permitting fast discovery of dubious messages and feasible safety and security risks.

The functional dashboard allows customers to produce custom-made regulations for notifications and also notifications about protection problems. There are additionally predefined regulations for protecting event logs.

The auto-discovery function locates devices on the network and assists in log collection. Each message is classified, making it clear which tool it originated from.

Compression, as well as encryption of archived logs, restrict data accessibility to customers without administrator privileges.



Icinga is an open-source tool that report and monitors on tool health and wellness. This syslog server accepts different modifications that allow it to fit any kind of company’s network monitoring demands.

The Syslog tool accumulates, stores, and arranges data in a time-series database, revealing earlier and current syslog data. It instantaneously informs the user concerning any type of dubious data, which helps in stopping downtime and enables monitoring based on occasion.

Icinga’s web user interface gives graphs and graphs illustrating device health and wellness as well as enhancing troubleshooting as well as debugging. Its combination with other tools facilitates real-time data collection, storage space, and visualization of log metrics.



GrayLog is Linux based an open-source Syslog server. This tool is free for 5 GB of data daily, making it an excellent choice for small networks. However, it isn’t suitable for large organizations.

The server includes a query and a search feature with lots of filters that allow users to locate a details record swiftly. The program user interface contains an entirely adaptable web GUI with charts, graphs, and changeable basic parts for creating a custom everyday tracking environment.

The server has popular protection functions with automatic email notices regarding unsuccessful logins, device faults, or security dangers. With built-in automated IP stopping, GrayLog can prevent an attack as quickly as it identifies one.

The application also provides fault resistance attributes, audit logs, and role-based access control, further boosting security.

WinSyslog Server

winsyslog server

WinSyslog is Microsoft Windows based a syslog server. It sustains syslog tracking by means of UDP or TCP, and it is free for presenting 60 messages at once, with free troubleshooting support.

Paid variations unlock added features and provide greater security and unlimited tool assistance.

WinSyslog is trustworthy, extremely scalable, and collects syslog messages from any kind of device compatible with the syslog method. It maintains device health and wellness utilizing the Active Status Monitor attribute, which pings the choosed device and warns the admin if there is no reaction.

The server develops a daily log consisting of the gotten syslog messages, with personalized size and storage space choices. Store the documents in a data source or compose it to the event log of Windows NT, 2000, or XP systems.

The program also includes an automatic email alert in case of a security concern.

Paid Syslog Servers

The following is a listing of the very best paid Syslog servers:

Nagios Log Server

nagios log server

Nagios is a scalable Syslog server that assists monitor systems, networks, and infrastructure. While it does provide a free plan, it is only 500 MB/day, making it improper for medium and large businesses.

Various other prices plans are:

Single Instance: For $1,995, it covers just one installation, which omits failover. With this purchase, the data plan is endless.

Two Instances: Setting you back $4,995 covers two separate installations, allowing repetitive data with automatic failover.

Four Instances: Setting you back $6,995 allows four different installations, further enhancing redundancy and speeds.

Ten Instances:  At $14,995, it permits for ten setups with optimum redundancy and query speeds.

The server can get logs from a wide range of operating systems and devices, including Windows, Linux, mail web servers, web and application web servers, SQL servers, etc. It is adjustable, with configurable thresholds, email notifications, script execution, or alert forwarding.

The dashboard offers a summary of all logs over time, with adjustable filters that consist of the timestamp, ID, host, message, seriousness, program, etc. The tool creates reports which are also personalized and immediately updated in real-time.



Splunk is a syslog server utilized for querying, monitoring, visualizing, analyzing, and log data in real-time. It is a subscription besed tool with a 60-day free test that consists of syslog features. The server is compatible with Linux and also macOS.

Splunk prices $1,150 per GB of data for a yearly 15 GB permit, consisting of maintenance.

Splunk attributes an intuitive and user-friendly UI with real-time stats and a customizable control panel.

It consists of effective search functionalities and filters that narrow each search down to the messages the customer needs, such as error messages or device-specific messages. Splunk enables users to perform Boolean, quote string, and wildcard searches in real-time, time variety, or transaction level.

Progress WhatsUp Gold (formerly IPSwitch) is a subscription based Syslog server that offers with a free 14-day trial. Syslog management tool is an added to the WhatsUp Gold monitoring device for Windows Server, and it also gets Windows Events messages.

The rate plans vary for a subscription and a perpetual permit. As an example, the rates prepares for a 1-year license include:

  • 5 Servers – $1,325.
  • 10 Web servers – $2,300.
  • 25 Web servers – $5,250.

The logging tool get the log and Windows event messages and files them with each other. If there are sudden out-of-band boosts or reductions, the tool make an alert and notifies the user.

The flexible drag & drop dashboard shows messages in real time as they arrive. Colour-coded symbols and graphs improve the visibility of each message’s severity, enabling the group to react instantly.

WhatsUp’s interactive interface shows every device’s availability and performance, both on-premise and in the cloud.



Logstash forms part of the collection of software known as the ELK stack which stores log messages.

One component that makes up the stack is Elasticsearch sort and filters messages to be evaluated, while Kibana handles and displays the data. All modern technologies in the ELK stack are Linux-based, yet work with macOS also.

Logstash comes in four price strategies:

  • Standard: For $16 per month.
  • Gold: It costs $19 per month.
  • Platinum: Prices are $22 per month.
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team to get estimate.

Logstash pays attention to the network for messages originating from various devices; however, it additionally supports accumulating data from cloud services and applications. It accumulates logs through TCP or UDP and supports TLS-encrypted messages.

Logstash can read messages from a data or database, obtain messages from mail web servers, RSS feeds or IRC, and pick up SNMP messages. The filters allow customers to find specific messages and promptly resolve any concerns.

Kibana which is part of front-end of ELK stack, Kibana, works well for any kind of Syslog server.



Loggly is a cloud-based syslog consolidator as well as an analyzer. It doesn’t require software installations on-premises but calls for setting up automated data transfer treatments that submit the logs to the Loggly server.

The utility can be found in four rate plans:

  • Lite: Free, includes 200 MB/day, and preserves data for seven days.
  • Standard: Starting at $79/month, it restricts data to 1 GB/day and keep data for 15 days.
  • Pro: Beginning at $159/month, data quantity is up to 100GB/day and keeping data for up to 1 month.
  • Enterprise: With a starting cost of $279/month, it includes a custom-made data quantity and keep the log data for up to 90 days.

Loggly systematizes and stores syslog messages from many sources, enabling users to access the data uniformly. When the data is stored, it is accessible utilizing the log analysis tool in the online solution.

Loggly incorporate storage space with the software purchase. Yet, considering that it stores data remotely and offsite, it is excellent to back up the log file on another website to boost system security. Data retention depends upon the bought package.

Site24x7 Server Monitoring

Site24x7 Server Monitoring

Site24x7 is a cloud-based surveillance and administration software suite comprising the Log Supervisor. The Website 24×7 Facilities Utilities offers a 30-day free test. Monthly membership includes a 500MB log processing allocation costing $9 with the following possible upgrades:

  • 10 GB: Costs $10 each month.
  • 100 GB: Costs $95 monthly.
  • 1TB: Costs $900 monthly.

Although the system is cloud-based, a Site24x7 agent needs to be installed on the monitored system for the Log Manager to work. The agent works with Linux and Windows web servers.

When obtaining Syslog messages, the server systematizes them and also files the messages in the exact same. Message standardization enables clients to examine messages from various resources with each other.

The control panel includes lots of data analysis choices within the log file visitor tool, including log querying, sorting, filtering system, as well as organizing messages.

Exactly How To Pick A Syslog Web Server?

There are numerous elements to take into consideration when choosing a Syslog server:

Organization Size: A paid Syslog server is probably a much better selection for a big business because of the data quantity and device number limitations of free web servers.

At the another side, a free syslog tool can offer the required performances for small businesses with low device numbers and a small data quantity.

Support: If your company doesn’t have a competent IT team or if you require help establishing the software, a paid tool generally consists of support and fixing help. Some free utilities additionally have fundamental documentation but do not supply continuous support and troubleshooting.

Storage: A far better option for services with their own storage space abilities is Syslog servers, marketed as a software collection, which are set up on-premises. An on-premises option improves safety and security and decreases the opportunity for a data violation.

On the other hand, some Syslog devices are marketed as a cloud-based Syslog service, which is an excellent option if you don’t have your very own storage space.

Final thought

This short article detailed the 16 finest Syslog servers, their advantages, functions, capacities, and pricing. You must currently have the ability to make a decision about which Syslog server is the most appropriate for your company.

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