Best CPQ Application to Close Sales Deals Quickly in 2023

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Gartner Research valued the around-the-world CPQ market size at about $570 million in 2015. In the same year and by the same research study company, the market size of the global was valued at around $26.3 Billion.

The CPQ software market was valued at a fraction of the CRM market, indicating a lot of companies were buying CRM options, but remarkably few were acquiring CPQ devices for their sales teams. That, however, was in 2015. Currently, we remain in 2023. Markets transform exceptionally rapidly.

We have yet to understand if the valuation of the CPQ software market has grown to billions of bucks in 2019. However, thanks to Gartner once more, we do understand that the CPQ services market is increasing at the rate of 20% year-over-year. That suggests it will breach the billion-buck mark rather quickly.

Returning to the point, you are here to learn about the best Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software program solutions in 2023. We’ll get to that real quick, however, not before glancing at what these CPQ devices really do.

What Is The CPQ Software?

Configure Estimate applications to assist sales representatives in producing top-notch pricing quotes rapidly. Usually, B2B quotes are tailored in line with the requirements of the customer as well as the capacities of the product. Quotes are nearly always custom-built, while price discounts are available as well.

Though it may look like straightforward maths to the nonprofessional, building a quote in the B2B sales procedure is a mind-numbing event since numerous variables and elements determine the final rate. Nobody wishes to make a mistake in this area of the sales cycle.

configure price quote life cycle process[Image: Source]

CPQ software application relieves sales teams of their prices migraine, assisting them in building these customized quotes. Of course, that’s not the only benefit CPQ software application devices are promptly turning into must-have applications for business.

It is essential to bear in mind that CPQ tools are different from Quote-to-Cash applications. While CPQ primarily worries about producing quotes, the last endeavors even more into avenues such as contract lifecycle management, making it an end-to-end service.

Benefits Of CPQ Software 

While this is not an exhaustive list of all CPQ applications on the market, it is a list of the 25 highly rated and best-known CPQ software readily available to sales groups in 2023.

Lower repetitive work and assist your SDRs and also AEs focus on selling

The typical sales rep spends 66% of their job week on repetitive, manual tasks such as typing information into a CRM, producing quotes and billings by hand, etc. That’s 26 hours in a 40-hour workweek invested, not offering.

Yet, according to reports from Salesforce, the CPQ software can assist sales teams in generating quotes 10 times faster, reduce consent times by 95%, and change from quote to cash two times faster. That’s a significant improvement contrasted to the four months it takes 75% of B2B business to win a client. This source enters into deepness on those metrics.

Accelerate the onboarding process for brand-new sales reps.

It takes anywhere from 3 to 15 months to onboard the typical sales rep, and training programs can price anywhere from $500 to $15,000 daily, depending upon your business’s size and the competence of the instructor entailed. You can’t stint either the size of your training programs or the price, or else you might wind up with an inadequate sales organization.

Instead, you can use vibrant pricing estimates and pricing tools to assist your sales managers onboard new sales representatives 30% faster since there are fewer hands-on procedures required to educate them to begin offering.

Make quotes more quickly and speed up the sales cycle

Based on research conducted by Accenture that 83% of businesses utilize some type of CPQ software. It’s not unusual for sales teams to experience a 20%-80 percent reduction in the time they take to create quotes.

Best CPQ Software Tools in 2023

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the various CPQ tools available but it’s an inventory of the 25 most highly rated and well-known CPQ tools available to sales teams by 2023.


apttus cpq

Actually, it improved Salesforce’s platform; Apttus is by far one of the most popular and also extensively made use of CPQ software.

Despite being an all-in-one CPQ product, Apttus still believe upon CRM software for certain functions however that’s not an issue.

Apttus makes use of Microsoft Workplace devices with its X Author technology to create the creation of price quotes easy.

Apttus SaaS-based CPQ application product is believed to utilize Artificial Intelligence capablities  (from the Microsoft Azure meaningful result) to provide prescriptive suggestion and data.

Apptus Review:


  • Solid core accomplishment with a positive outlook for future.
  • Perfect CRM: Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce

Price:  Not revealed publicly.
Trustworthy Consumers: Salesforce, Adobe, WorkDay, Citrix, ABB, Moody’s.

Salesforce CPQ

salesforce cpq

Is it possible that Salesforce has a providing in a niche industry and also it does not make it? Not really. Initially SteelBrick CPQ, a 6 years old company run by Godard Abel (presently chief of was purchased by Salesforce the year 2015 in order to bridge the CPQ the gap in Salesforce’s CRM system. 

In addition to the visibility of CRM from Salesforce Its CPQ component has a good market awareness, though it’s far from being the leading market player

Salesforce Q2C can be an excellent component of CPQ software. If you’re using Salesforce then you’ll have a good reason not to pick it.

Salesforce CPQ Overview:

  • Bottomline: Start in your Service Cloud or Salesforce Sales Cloud. It works pretty well for what is gotten out of a Salesforce item. CPQ devices take advantage of Salesforce’s Einstein AI capacities.
  • Perfect CRM: Salesforce.
    Pricing: Starting– $75 per user/monthly (10 users min.).
    Notable Consumers: Barracuda, Mitsubishi Electric and Cloudera


ibm cpq

IBM CPQ sustains straight sales, customer self-service, and also companion sales in its multichannel involvements. IBM CPQ supplies some very effective capabilities that match huge businesses, especially with dispersed groups, to get the job done without needing to perform many preliminary activities like duplicating pricing engine guidelines, inheritances, and more.

At the same time, it also enables the localization of the price engine to sustain distinctive geographies. Businesses that already have IBM applications, specifically in the e-commerce ball, stand to profit heavily from IBM’s CPQ software application.

IBM CPQ overview:

  • Bottomline: Changing price engine that has multi-stage handling.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce.
  • Price: Not disclosed publicly.
  • Significant Consumers: Not divulged openly.

Infor CPQ

infor cpq

Infor CPQ option works well in combination with ERP services with an excellent collection of product attributes like referral engine, customized pricing alternatives, and visualizations. Users, however suffer from difficulties in the accessibility.

Infor is likewise mainly aimed at production and B2C companies. Infor CQ also falls in the realm of enterprise management solutions that Infor provides.

Infor CPQ overview:

Bottomline: Robust device with excellent core functionalities and also assistance.
Perfect CRM: Infor CRM.
Price: not disclosed publicly.
Remarkable Consumers: Huttig Structure Products, De Carlo Infissi Medical Spa.

Oracle CPQ

oracle cpq

Called BigMachines before being gotten by Oracle in 2013, Oracle CPQ Cloud is suitable for enterprise-scale executions with very solid core performances. Oracle CPQ Cloud also is successful in delivering a strong Consumer Experience at both ends.

Oracle CPQ Cloud can also take benefit of the Oracle Adaptive Knowledge Apps, which give machine learning capacities. Oracle CPQ Cloud can be utilized by sales groups and a self-service tool for shopping sites, with combinations readily available with the Oracle Commerce Cloud.

Oracle CPQ Cloud Review:

  • Bottomline: Strong core performances with a fantastic Client Experience.
  • Suited CRM: Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce.
  • Prices: Not revealed openly.
  • Remarkable Consumers: PCCW Media, Red Hat, and Schneider Electric.



FPX is a very ancient player in the CPQ industry division and therefore is relatively mature. FPX’s CPQ software gives a highly smooth acquiring experience irrespective of the channel and also is extremely customizable and scalable for the specific demands of a firm.

FPX also integrates with a vast array of CRM and backend technologies. FPX, nonetheless, doesn’t seem to have devoted mobile visibility. Its price engine has the capability to keep up with scenarios that transform complicated. Additionally, it has a very good support team, according to reviews.

FPX CPQ Review:

  • Bottomline: Fully grown item with a well-developed pricing engine and omnichannel suitability.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP.
  • Pricing: Not revealed openly.
  • Notable Consumers: Honeywell, Plane, Daimler.


sap cpq

SAP has rather rotated its Configure, cost, and Quote (CPQ) software solution by including it in the SAP Hybris system. SAP CPQ is a rewarding financial investment when utilized in combination with SAP’s products like its ERP and also the Hybris e-commerce platform.

Nevertheless, the focus in such cases often tends to be more in the direction of the consumer-based e-commerce side while not being helpful to route sales teams. SAP CPQ supplies a scalable configurator engine with a highly user-friendly interface that functions ideally when integrated with SAP ERP, as currently explained. However, there is no field mobile presence available for sale groups.

SAP CPQ additionally does not have a huge market share yet; however, it is promptly moving in the direction of consolidating parts.

SAP CPQ Review:

  • Bottomline: Best suitable for individuals of SAP ERP and Hybris.
  • Suited CRM: SAP.
  • Price: Not divulged publicly.
  • Significant Consumers: EMC.


calliduscloud cpq

Callidus Cloud supplies an entire range of sales efficiency monitoring tools, of which CPQ is a part. The CallidusCloud CPQ is likewise a quite flexible tool that produces quotes rather swiftly. Reviews of this CPQ software have actually mainly been very positive, taking into consideration that it is totally focused on being as friendly as feasible to the salesman.

Obviously, that ought to be the case with each CPQ tool in theory, but in practice, that does not happen at all times. CallidusCloud CPQ supplies choices for setup, margin advice, authorization workflows, analytics, and so on. It is additionally adding Artificial intelligence capacities to its CPQ tool. Support and also documents, nevertheless, still have an area to boost. Altogether, it’s an excellent CPQ offering with a focus on data.

CallidusCloud CPQ Review:

  • Bottomline: Highly salesperson-centric with many features.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM.
  • Price: Not disclosed publicly.
  • Remarkable Consumers: Barclays, Verizon, Palo Alto Networks.


pros cpq

PROS made explored the CPQ market with its procurement of Cameleon CPQ, and the results have been great until now. Smart CPQ is a piece of the SellingPRO sales solution suite. It is preferable to the production industries with its capacities in mathematical cross-selling and fast price arrangements.

PROS Smart CPQ succeeds in using data to supply smart suggestions causing route advantages. Its configurator intricacy likewise assists businesses a great deal, particularly when the marketplace pricing is fidgety. PROS feels like an excellent suitable for the airline market, taking into consideration the variety of airline consumers they have.

PROS Smart CPQ Review:

  • Bottomline: Intelligent suggestions for spot-on pricing.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Pricing: Not divulged openly.
  • Noteworthy Clients: Siemens, Etihad Airways, Cardinal Health.

Cincom CPQ

cincom cpq

Cincom’s CPQ software application is exceptionally adaptable as well as agile with an actually innovative configurator. Cincom CPQ has actually been a little group’s desired CPQ tool; however, that works very well in complex sectors like manufacturing. Plus, it has an effective sales automation tool that can be made use of by smaller-sized sales as well as collaboration groups.

It is also said to need a reasonable quantity of coding to set up several of the components but nothing that would certainly need your software designer to spend days on. Individuals of Cincom additionally long for more combinations than it currently provides. Cincom’s CPQ tool gives Company Intelligence abilities and can be released in-house or on the cloud.

Cincom CPQ Review:

  • Bottomline: Extremely versatile and also active.
  • Suited CRM: Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce.
  • Price: Not revealed publicly.
  • Remarkable Customers: Siemens, Carrier, Plantronics.

Model N CPQ

model n cpq

Version N is an additional Salesforce native CPQ service that is once more entirely salesperson-centric. Design N likewise has a bidirectional integration with SAP Alternative Configurator.

Nevertheless, it does not actually give shopping capabilities, while peripheral performances like data analytics are also not extremely solid though it is a good fit for particular segments like pharmaceuticals. Design N functions best for those who have Salesforce CRM as well as SAP ERP implementations.

Model N CPQ Overview:

  • Bottomline: Beneficial SAP Alternative Configurator assimilations.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce.
  • Price: Not revealed openly.
  • Noteworthy Customers: Merck, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca.

Experlogix CPQ

explorelogic cpq

It is the Apttus of the Microsoft environment. It was also the ISV of the year for the United States for Microsoft Dynamics. Experlogix’s CPQ software can be made use of for numerous sales networks like straight sales teams or resellers or perhaps in both the B2B and also B2C settings.

Experlogix CPQ provides directed marketing, price configurator, approvals, and automated operations. It also has a specific CPQ offering for making companies. Experlogix CPQ is employed in the Azure cloud and can be executed on-premise.

Experlogix CPQ Introduction:

  • Bottomline: Extensive and well-demonstrated abilities.
  • Suited CRM: Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite.
  • Price: Not Disclosed Openly.
  • Notable Consumers: Nikon, Kawasaki, Hitachi.

Cloudsense CPQ

cloudsense cpq

Belonging to Salesforce, CloudSense CPQ has specific functionalities for the interactions, media, utilities, and comparable markets. At the same time, it is not just salesman concentrated yet is likewise claimed to be designed to maintain customer support, self-service, field sales, and partners in mind. CloudSense supplies a lot of out-of-the-box capacities to model complex scenarios.

Cloudsense CPQ Overview:

  • Bottomline: Salesforce Nativity and Lightning are all set.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce.
  • Pricing: Not disclosed publicly.
  • Notable Consumers: O2, VodafoneZiggo, Spotify.

Accenture bit2win

bit2win cpq

Accenture made many procurements recently, and also among them was the bit2win suite of products. Accenture bit2win Sales is the CPQ application in the suite and is native to the Salesforce1 application.

An extremely light item of CPQ software, bit2win, however, is not really extensively utilized throughout sector verticals. bit2win declares that it is aligned very closely with Salesforce’s development and product roadmap while additionally being agile.

Accenture bit2win CPQ Review:

  • Bottomline: Easy to use as well as omnichannel vision.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce.
  • Pricing: Not revealed openly.
  • Noteworthy Consumers: Vodafone, Sky Italia, Telefonica.

Apparound CPQ

apparound cpq

Italy-based Apparound’s CPQ application is more focused on the B2C and also shopping sectors. That said, it does have a dependable CPQ product offering, with the largest advantage being that it can function offline both on desktops and smartphones.

Offline purchases can be quickly synced with any type of CRM system. Testimonials have actually additionally suggested that Apparound CPQ is rather user-friendly as well as easy to use for salespersons.

Apparound CPQ Review:

  • Bottomline: Simple, trusted, instinctive, offline availability.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM.
  • Pricing: EUR 40.00/ user/per month. (10 individuals minimum; First month complimentary).
  • Remarkable Customers: Pepsi, Vodafone, Allianz.

Tacton CPQ

tacton cpq

Tacton offers one more market, particularly the CPQ software tool. Targeted at the manufacturing sector with 3D visualization capacities and constraint-based setup. The company claims its customer ABB changed 500,000 arrangement guidelines with simply 150 restrictions.

Tacton CPQ can additionally be utilized in a multichannel atmosphere by either straight sales teams or self-service customers. Its consumers also say that Tacton gives a high degree of flexibility with a low level of programming knowledge.

Tacton CPQ Review:

  • Bottomline: Highly flexible and scalable.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce.
  • Price: Not disclosed openly.
  • Remarkable Consumers: Caterpillar, Vencomatic, Meyn.

Axonom Powertrak CPQ

axonom cpq

Axonom’s Powertrak CPQ software application solution is a SaaS-based device that is more fit for legacy industries, with its target audience being makers and suppliers. Axonom’s specialization remains in visualization and also interactive setup. Powertrak CPQ is a great fit for companies much more thinking about rendering aesthetic setups for their items.

Axonom’s Powertrak CPQ Overview:

  • Bottomline: Robust visualizations with a robust engine.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Exact Macola.
  • Price: Not divulged openly.
  • Notable Clients: Boeing, AMD, Intel.

Autodesk Configure One CPQ

configure cpq

It is also a tool targeted toward manufacturing companies. Like Powertrak CPQ, Configure One likewise has 3D visualization capabilities and, by its very own admission, has a configurator that’s more matched for manufacturing procedures. Autodesk provides both on-premise and cloud executions and has a good collection of integrations with major CRM and ERP products.

Autodesk Configure One CPQ Overview:

  • Bottomline: Flexible and also matched for manufacturing firms of all dimensions.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM.
  • Price: Not revealed openly.
  • Significant Consumers: Emerson, Mitsubishi, United Technologies.

Configit Quote

configit cpq

Configit Quote is a CPQ remedy targeted at companies using SAP. Configit Quote uses data offered by SAP to build and create price quotes at scale. Configit Quote also gives an intuitive interface for sales representatives to rapidly adopt and make use of. Salesforce assimilations also mean that it can be used as a standalone CPQ software application.

Configit Quote Introduction:

  • Bottomline: Simple to make use of for taking care of intricate setups.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Price: Not revealed openly.
  • Notable Consumers: ABB, Airedale, GEA Tunchenhagen.


endeavor cpq

EndeavorCPQ was extremely lately gotten by Denver-based software firm Vendavo resulting in full sales ecological community. EndeavorCPQ is a well-related CPQ software with a well-developed price engine and an intuitive UI.

It additionally permits a high degree of modifications, making it simple for even phenomenal scenarios to be managed. EndeavorCPQ is a great suitable for small and also midsized companies with its cloud offering.

EndeavorCPQ Overview:

  • Bottomline: Very customizable and dependable.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Infor CRM.
  • Price: Not disclosed publicly.
  • Significant Clients: Nielsen, Okuma, Lutronic.

Sigma CPQ

sigma cpq

Sigma CPQ software is targeted particularly at the interactions company industry. Sigma CPQ offers a complicated configurator able to collaborate with vibrant price frameworks and also can likewise leverage very first as well as 3rd party data for intelligent suggestions. Sigma additionally gives a set of other sales applications to incorporate with the CPQ software application.

Sigma CPQ overview:

  • Bottomline: Targeted industry fit.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Pricing: Not divulged openly.
  • Noteworthy Consumers: Orange Belgium, Windstream Communications, Tiscali.

BluePrint CPQ

blueprint cpq

BluePrint’s CPQ device is highly flexible with specific niches and personalized manufacturing processes, making it a functional option that can function well in several atmospheres. The plan is exceptionally scalable while additionally having the ability to provide for geography-wise modification of configurators and also pricing proposals.

BluePrint CPQ Overview:

  • Bottomline: Versatile as well as Scalable.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Pricing: Not divulged publicly.
  • Notable Consumers: English Heritage Buildings, Eurotherm by Schneider, Hagie.

Verenia Sole

verenia cpq

It is a CPQ application native to NetSuite, as a matter of fact, making it the only one. Verenia Sole provides a configurator and also directs selling components as part of its CPQ service.

With an excellent set of core functionalities, Veneria Sole CPQ benefits organizations that purchased NetSuite with its Sole version. Yet it additionally has the EOS variant for ecommerce and also Auro Quickbooks Online as well as Zoho CRM.

Verenia Sole CPQ overview:

  • Bottomline: Nativity to NetSuite works to advantage.
  • Suited CRM: NetSuite, Zoho.
  • Pricing: Not revealed publicly.
  • Noteworthy Clients: Freedman Seating Firm.

ConnectWise CPQ

connectwise cpq

It is a cloud-based solution with a highly instinctive User Interface and some eye-catching attributes. It additionally provides multichannel support for both direct sales and also self-service customers with multiple combinations.

ConnectWise CPQ overview:

  • Bottomline: Robust as well as straightforward to make use of.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce.
  • Price: Not divulged publicly.
  • Remarkable Consumers: Not revealed publicly.


quotewerks cpq

QuoteWerks gives a turnkey CPQ service with combinations of several CRM and ERP solutions. It mainly focuses on small and medium companies providing arrangements, guided selling, and proposal performances.

QuoteWerks CPQ Overview:.

  • Bottomline: High performance for local business.
  • Suited CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM.
  • Price: Standard Version beginning at $199 (One-time acquisition).
  • Significant Clients: Not divulged openly.

Wrapping Up

CPQ software is inherently complicated– just such as its CRM counterpart. That means your organization could experience a sluggish and hard application and fostering process.

But before purchasing any of the software, they will assist your organization in recognizing the ROI on your CPQ financial investment with in-app training, customized onboarding, and self-help support attributes that incorporate directly in addition to your CPQ software.

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