How To Automated Lead Generation: Winning Tools and Practices

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Are you looking to increase sales while not wasting your time and energy in lead generation? This guide on how to automated lead generation can aid you!

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Once you’ve done reading, you’ll have all the tools needed to automatically collect leads, allowing you to focus on the more innovative elements of the business.

What is Automated Lead Generation?

To understand automated lead generation, it is first necessary to understand lead generation in general.

Simply put, lead generation refers to seeking out potential customers and establishing connections with them. The process takes place by following six phases:

  • Inviting potential visitors to your site through advertising, SEO, and social media.
  • Identifying leads relates to how you interact with them on your website or other factors.
  • Capturing leads through a newsletter signup form or similar information-gathering tools.
  • Nurturing leads with a free content, great communication,  and other strategies to improve managing customer relationships (CRM).
    Converting leads into customers using your trustworthiness to show the superiority of your products or services.
    Your customers will be delighted, and you can encourage them to recommend your brand to their acquaintances, increasing the number of prospects.

Automated lead generation utilizes pre-programmed content to guide potential customers through one or all of these steps at any time of the day or evening. All you have to do is develop the content and then set schedule guidelines.

Now that you are aware of the meaning of automated lead generation so let’s take a look at our first approach to getting it set up:

How can you make lead generation easier using chatbots?

Chatbots are automated tools created to get your website users into a dialogue with your business. There are several methods to utilize chatbots:

  • To answer visitor questions: Chatbots are easily programmed to address common queries and offer hyperlinks to your documentation or customer assistance.
  • To create leads: Chatbots can convince people to join your newsletter or provide other contact details for your business.
  • To understand your audience: Chatbots can collect data regarding new leads, which can assist you in creating personalized marketing campaigns.

The most important thing is that chatbots guarantee that people receive the answers they need immediately instead of waiting for someone to reply. It could be the reason that the 65% of users prefer to send questions to chatbots.

Let’s examine the way two chatbots are used:

  • Live Chat
  • Tidio

Live Chat

live chat

LiveChat is a service for customers platform well-known for its simple-to-use chatbot software. There are special plugins to install LiveChat in WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and other site builders. Chat frameworks are also built to help with Lead Generation and Out of Office communications.

Alongside the possibility of automatizing chats, LiveChat allows you to set up Agent Accounts for customer support representatives. These accounts permit them to observe chats and provide customer support when required.

It is also possible to use LiveChat to automate different forms of marketing, such as SMS and email marketing. It will allow you to improve customer interaction on every platform and save additional time.

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The chatbot feature is technically accessible through the developer’s ChatBot service. ChatBot and LiveChat are designed to complement each other.


The price for chatbots will be based on whether you’re looking for chatbots only or incorporating chatbots with live agents.

LiveChat begins at $20 per agent per month and is billed annually, which includes the human agent portion. Then it’s the ChatBot service begins at $52 per month and is payable annually for one live chatbot and 1,000 chats that are valid per month.



Tidio provides a chatbot and lives chat tool that seamlessly integrates WordPress, Shopify, and other website-building tools. The drag-and-drop visual builder allows you to design unique conversations for potential customers to use easily. You can choose from over 35 chat templates to automate customer service more efficiently.

Tidio isn’t just limited to your site, either. Connecting the chatbot via email, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger is possible. It is also possible to integrate Tidio with marketing and the customer relations management (CRM) instruments you’re currently using to assist you in converting potential leads to customers.

Another benefit of Tidio is its Ticketing system which lets customers make support tickets. It is then possible to use Tidio’s tools to manage the support tickets, track them, and then respond to support tickets.


As with the LiveChat/ChatBot previously mentioned, Tidio divides its pricing depending on whether you prefer to employ chatbots or human operators (or each).

Tidio provides a free plan that includes up to 50 Livechats and 100 Chatbot chats. Paid plans begin at $15.83 per user per month for chats with real-time individuals and $32.50 for chatbots.

How can you make lead generation easier using a prospects analytics tool?

Prospect analytics tools function similarly to the analytics tools that you’re currently employing: you place an HTML code on your website, and it monitors an IP address for visitors who visit your website.

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However, these tools go a step further, keeping track of the pages a specific user visits, their interaction, engagement, and others. Some can utilize existing data to discover contacts and name details of business owners who have visited your website, making these tools essential for B2B businesses.

A lot of prospect analytics tools provide predictive analysis, which uses past activities to predict the likelihood of someone buying your product or services. It could assist you in automating marketing in a variety of ways:

  • Automatically forward the top potential leads directly to your team of marketing. The team can then use the data to contact people interested in products or services.
  • Customize the automated messages you send out. You can use data on how visitors interact on your website to design customized Lead generation pages, chatbot conversations, and other marketing automation campaigns.

Let’s look at two of the most popular tools for prospect analysis:

  • Lead Forensics
  • HubSpot Prospects

Lead Forensics

lead forensics

Created specifically for B2B businesses, Lead Forensics is one of the most effective tools available in learning lead generation automation.

This tool monitors the IP address of users to your website and compares them with those of the 1.4 billion IP addresses of B2B that are stored inside the Lead Forensics database. The tool then uses this data to give you the contact details and names of the business or person associated with the IP address.

Lead Forensics can also be connected to various popular tools, including Salesforce, Outlook, and Slack, to simplify managing the data you collect.


The price associated with Lead Forensics is based on your website’s traffic. Ask for an initial demo to determine your website’s exact cost.

HubSpot Prospects

hubspot prospect

HubSpot provides free tools for tracking prospects, converting them into leads, and taking them on the customer journey. If you’re looking for an all-in-one service for marketing, HubSpot can be your first go.

Its HubSpot Prospects tool allows you to track the companies that visit your website to understand what they’re consuming and identify the customers most likely to purchase their products or service. Automating daily digest emails to inform your sales team of top-quality leads is possible.


HubSpot provides business owners with the Prospects tool and numerous other marketing and customer relations tools at no cost. Businesses with more sophisticated requirements can subscribe to monthly premium plans billed annually, beginning at $45 monthly.

Last thoughts about how you can automate lead generation

Setting up automated lead generation software can take a lot of time initially, but it can help you and your team save numerous hours over the long term.

It also enhances your customers’ experience by providing them with answers and the tools they require immediately and removing the requirement to wait for an email or get a response from someone via live chat.

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There are two primary methods to study to automatize lead generation.

  • Chatbots are a great way to communicate with customers. Chatbots like LiveChat and Tidio help you convert visitors into leads and respond to customer queries 24/7.
  • Making use of prospect analytics to help you identify leads. Tools for analyzing prospects, such as Lead Forensics and HubSpot Prospects, allow you to easily determine and classify leads so you can ensure that the team in charge of marketing is focused on the visitors to your website who are most likely to convert into customers.

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