Libsyn Vs. Anchor: The Ultimate Podcast Hosting Site

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Podcasting has become incredibly popular recently. You can find a topic to the podcast on any possible topic and still draw a terrific target audience! However, that suggests there are many alternatives to select from when it comes to finding the most effective podcast hosting site for your podcast.

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If you resemble many people, you do not have the time to try all the different podcast-hosting sites. So, to save you a long time, we have compared two of the most popular podcast-hosting websites: Libsyn vs. Anchor.

Why Do People Use A Podcast Hosting Site?

There are a few factors you should use a podcast hosting site. Some of them are:

Easy in Podcast Distribution

First, it makes it very easy to distribute your podcast. You can send your RSS feed to iTunes and other directory sites, allowing people to subscribe to your show and instantly download new episodes.

Helps You Grow Your Following

Second, a great podcast-hosting site will give in-depth data about your audience. It can be useful in comprehending your audience and what sort of content they delight in.

Gives Online Donor Management System

Third, many podcast-hosting websites will enable you to monetize your show through advertising or sponsorships. It can be a fantastic way to generate revenue from your podcasting leisure activity.

How Much Do Podcast Hosting Platforms Cost?

The price of podcast hosting platforms can differ depending on their features and services. Nonetheless, most podcast hosting platforms will charge monthly or yearly subscription fees. The average price of a podcast hosting platform is around $10 each month. Some extra prominent and pricey podcast-hosting platforms can cost up to $50 monthly.



When it pertains to charges, Libsyn has a quite straightforward pricing system. They have three plans, which set you back $5, $15, and $40 per month. The main distinction between these plans is the amount of storage space and bandwidth you get.

The $5 plan gets you 50 MB of space and 5 GB of bandwidth, while the $15 plan gets you 250 MB of space and 15 GB of bandwidth. The $40 plan is their most preferred and offers you 1,000 MB of space and 40 GB of bandwidth.

how To Obtain a Free Libsyn account

You can get a free Libsyn account if you sign up for their 14-day trial. It is a wonderful way to evaluate the platform and see if it’s right for you. In addition to this, Libsyn has nothing else free plans or trials.

Anchor (Part of Spotify)


Anchor is a preferred podcast-hosting platform that is free to use. It makes its money by running ads on your podcast and taking a little cut off any donations or contributions you may receive from your listeners.

It is uncommon for a free site, but Anchor’s unlimited storage sets it beside its competitors. And their user interface is one of the easiest to use and user-friendly in business.

Features of Podcasting Websites

When it involves podcast websites, what sets them apart is frequently the functions they provide. Several of them are:

  • The capacity to subscribe to and download and install podcasts.
  • A tidy and user-friendly user interface.
  • A search function to aid users in finding specific episodes or topics.
  • Recommendation for similar content.
  • A method to get in touch with the podcast host or leave feedback

Podcast websites vary in their features, so choosing one with the features you’re seeking is essential. With numerous alternatives, you make certain to discover the perfect podcast website for you.

Libsyn’s Noticeable Features

When it comes to attributes, Libsyn is ahead of its competitors. It uses a feature-rich platform with every little thing you need to publish, host, promote and also monetize your podcast.

Several of its most prominent attributes consist of the following:

Thorough Analytics

Libsyn provides people with in-depth analytics about their podcast performance. You can see the number of people who are listening, where they’re from, which tools they utilize, and what episodes are being downloaded the most. These details can assist you much better in recognizing your audience and making decisions about future web content.

Monetization Options

Libsyn provides a range of money-making alternatives, including premium content, subscription plans, and advertisements. It allows podcasters to create profits from their show, which can be used to balance out production costs.

Distribution & Promotion

Libsyn will disperse your podcast to all major platforms, including iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. They also provide tools to help you advertise your show, such as social media combinations and custom RSS feeds. It consists of creating custom-made mobile applications just for your podcast. You even obtain included on podcast online search engine news.

Professional Hosting

Libsyn offers reputable hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth. It suggests you can post top-notch audio files without fretting about exceeding your month-to-month allotment. And also, their team of professionals is readily available 24/7 to help you in troubleshooting any issues you may have.

Scheduling Tools

Libsyn supplies people with numerous scheduling tools to help them launch new episodes consistently. You can set automated publish, pick certain launch days and times, and even develop a personalized RSS feed. It takes the uncertainty out of releasing new content and assists you in staying on schedule.

Overall, Libsyn is an outstanding alternative for podcasters who are serious about their show and seeking a feature-rich platform. It uses whatever you need to start, consisting of distribution, promotion, and monetization options.

Anchor’s Prominent Features

Anchor offers a set of features for a free-of-cost platform that makes the pay-for-service competitors question their methods. Right here are some of the most notable features:

Unlimited Audio Hosting

Among the primary reasons to utilize a podcasting platform is to host your episodes. You need to pay per episode or limit month-to-month storage with competitors. Anchor offers unlimited audio hosting for all customers!

Automatic Leveling as well as Normalization

To see if your audio seems its best, podcasting platforms need to have some editing features. Competitors charge for these functions, yet they come standard with Anchor. Automatic Leveling guarantees that your audio is always at a constant volume. Normalization makes sure the total audio quality is equal from start to finish.

Automatic Post to iTunes as well as Various other Directory sites

Once your podcast is developed, you desire as many people to hear it as feasible. With Anchor, your podcast will automatically be submitted to iTunes and other preferred directory sites like Google Play Music and Stitcher.

Thorough Statistics, as well as Audience Involvement

Recognizing how many people are listening to your podcast and even where they’re originating from is vital. With Anchor, you’ll obtain comprehensive statistics concerning your audiences and their engagement with your show.

Private Listening Parties

Intend to share your podcast with only a picked team of people? With Anchor’s Private Listening Parties feature, you can share an unlisted link with anybody you want, and they can listen in real-time with you!

Screen Recording

In some cases, you want to record what gets on your screen instead of using a microphone. With Anchor’s Screen Recording feature, you can do just that! It is best for recording video tutorials or gameplay commentary.

Record from Anywhere

Anchor allows you to record your podcast from anywhere with its sophisticated recording system. You can utilize the mobile application to record on the go or link Anchor to your professional recording setup.

Integrated Transcription

Have a hard time recording your episodes? With Anchor’s Integrated Transcription feature, you can immediately create transcripts of your episodes and also edit them right in the Anchor application.

Edit online or Mobile

With Anchor, you can edit your episodes in the online application or mobile. No demand for expensive audio-editing software!

Add Songs as well as Sound Effects 

Add Professional introduction songs and sound effects to your podcast with Anchor’s integrated music collection. You can also record custom jingles for your show!

Share Episodes Anywhere

When you have published your episode, you can share it anywhere! Anchor will generate a link you can upload on social media or embed on your website. Listeners can additionally subscribe to your show directly from the web link.

Get Paid for Your Podcast

With Anchor’s Partnership Program, you can generate income from your podcast! When you enroll in the program, Anchor will place advertisements in your episodes and split the revenue with you.

As you can see, numerous features come in common with Anchor, which other podcasting platforms charge for. It makes Anchor an exceptional selection for anyone seeking to start their podcast!

The Compromise: Top Quality or Features?

Although Anchor may have lots of features, Libsyn has a lot more sophisticated ones, even if they are limited in number. It begs the questions do podcast developers go for even more features at the expense of their high quality, or do they record high-quality podcasts with limited functions? It all relies on the creator’s demands.

For example, a creator wanting more control over their show’s audio quality might go with Libsyn. In contrast, a creator that intends to share their show on social media conveniently may choose Anchor.

Final Thought on Right Platform

The selection of the right podcasting platform means identifying the one that is most suitable for your requirements. If you’re simply starting, Anchor may be your best choice. However, if you’re searching for even more control over your show’s audio quality, Libsyn might be a far better choice. 

There are numerous alternatives out there for podcasters when it pertains to choosing a platform. Two of the most popular selections are Libsyn and Anchor. Both platforms have features that make them attract various kinds of podcasters. So, which one is better, Libsyn vs. Anchor as the best podcast host? The answer relies on your preferences and also requirements.

Anchor is a newer platform understood for its simplicity and ease of use. Setting an account and publishing your initial episode can be performed in simply a couple of minutes. Anchor has effective features like the ability to record and edit directly from the app, automatic transcription, and integrated distribution to popular podcasting platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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Libsyn has been around for much longer and is a more thorough platform. In addition to hosting your podcast episodes, Libsyn gives tools for managing your RSS feed, creating a website for your podcast, and even monetizing your show with marketing. Libsyn also uses comprehensive stats to see exactly how your podcast is performing.

So, which system is much better? That depends on what you’re searching for in a podcasting platform. Anchor could be an excellent selection if you desire something straightforward and easy to use. If you’re searching for even more sophisticated features and versatility, Libsyn could be a better alternative.

Considering that we’ve established no one finest podcast-hosting platform exists, your podcast hosts are free to select whichever suits your demands. From third-party data resources to complaint cloud frameworks, customized social sharing, and more, Anchor and Libsyn have powerful interactive attributes.


What is a podcast platform?
A podcast platform is a solution that assists you in dispersing your podcast. It can also give other features like analytics, show notes, and more.

What is a third-party data platform?
A third-party data platform is a service that assists you in accumulating and assessing data concerning your podcast audiences. It can include things like demographics, listening habits, as well as extra.

Can I utilize Anchor or Libsyn as a Digital Interviewing platform?
Yes, you can utilize either Anchor or Libsyn as a digital interviewing platform. Merely record your real-time video interviews by using the Anchor or Libsyn app, and also distribute it through your podcast platform.

How do I improve my podcast’s reach?
There are several points you can do to boost your podcast’s reach. These include advertising your show on social media, submitting it to directory sites, and more. Both Anchor and Libsyn have resources to assist you with this.

Do I need a website for my podcast?
There is no need a website to host the podcast you’re running. But the presence of a website can help in increasing the visibility of your show and the number of people who listen to your show. If you own your own website, you are able to make use of the Libsyn “destination” feature to organize your podcast’s content there

What is the best means to monetize my podcast?
There are numerous means to monetize your podcast. These consist of sponsorships, ads, donations, and much more. Anchor offers tools to help you with this, or you can collaborate with a third-party platform like Libsyn.

Should I go with a paid platform or a free one?

There are advantages and drawbacks for both free and paid podcasting platforms. Paid platforms commonly provide much more features and support. However, free platforms might be far better if you’re just beginning.

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