All in One SEO Review: How Good is the Plugin in 2023?

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Are you looking for a thorough All in One SEO review?

This article will assist you if you’re searching for the best SEO software for your brand-new WordPress website or seeking a more effective alternative to your existing SEO plugin.

All in One SEO claims to be the best WordPress SEO plugin on the planet. But is it really so?

We’re using The All in One SEO plugin for ourselves. We thought we would test it and find the root of this puzzle using the old-fashioned method of applying elbow grease!

Let’s take a look at the complete All in One SEO review.

An Overview Quickly of All in One SEO

aioseo homepage

All In One SEO (AIOSEO) is among the top-rated SEO plugins available in the WordPress community. The first version was completely overhauled to include a plethora of new features and add-ons. Therefore, if you’ve been using AIOSEO previously, you should go through the plugin again.

Not just is AIOSEO come with SEO features that are powerful enough to allow you to use the most contemporary SEO best practices. However, you also have access to advanced SEO options to address particular SEO issues right from the beginning. It includes:

  • Local SEO is a best option for small companies with customers in the local area
  • WooCommerce SEO to help online store owners
  • An SEO optimizer is a part of your WordPress editor
  • Smart Sitemaps to ensure instant indexing of Search Engines
  • A Schema plugin that will allow your site’s content to be ranked within the rich snippets of content

There’s more!

In short: All-in-One SEO allows you to correctly establish WordPress SEO without having to engage a professional. And if the three and a-half million users from All in One SEO are to be taken seriously (us including), AIOSEO is an excellent Search Engine Optimization program to meet every SEO need.

It’s great for small- and medium-sized business owners since it lets you manage SEO without the need to hire an expert.

Be aware that you can only utilize the Google Search Console with All in One SEO. If you need more detailed website analytics, you should consider installing the MonsterInsights plugin to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website.

How to do I Setup All in One SEO

One of the main basis people are so in love with AIOSEO is that it’s super simple to use. Being able to do everything can be done with only a single click makes it even more amazing.

Once the download is completed and you connect the plugin after which, you will receive an Installation Wizard:


The process setup must take no less than ten minutes.

But what happens if you’re migrating from a different SEO plugin? Each SEO plugin handles metadata differently. Therefore, do you need to start by hand? Did you put in all that effort previously a waste?

No! In the event that All in One SEO detects another SEO plugin in the Setup Wizard, it will suggest copying the settings that are basic to you to:


 When you have completed the installation, The Setup Wizard will also ask you to uninstall your old SEO plugin. So, there are no errors or conflicts with your plugins:


The click on “Fix Now doesn’t erase the settings from your previous SEO plugin. It will only deactivate the plugin in order to prevent conflicts.

What is the best SEO to do for your Brand?

The review will be brief; we’ll not review every feature of AIOSEO. There are simply numerous features that we don’t have the time to go via all of them. We’ll instead focus on the features we’ve employed to achieve better rankings for ourselves.

In our openion All in One SEO is the most efficient WordPress SEO plugin for WordPress. We recommend that you read this comprehensive All in One SEO review before installing It on the WordPress website.

Check it out:

#1. Site Audit Checklist

Once you have installed AIOSEO plugin, you’ll receive the Site Audit Checklist that allows you to see a snapshot of the website’s SEO condition.

In reality, in the real world, an SEO audit can be extremely difficult and can take a long time to perform by hand. However, with the All in One SEO, you will get an immediate overview and practical tips to enhance your SEO.


You’ll need to be aware of critical issues as they’re the factors that could hurt your ranking already. The deep analysis of content includes title tags, post content, and even Open Graph tags.


You should get at least 60-80 marks in this test.

#2. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Preview

The biggest issue with many WordPress SEO-related plugins is that you don’t know how your content will appear on a Search Engine. AIOSEO Pro is a solution. AIO SEO Professional users can get an idea of what your pages and posts look like as a outcome of a search for your desired keyword.

aioseo post archive

You could even create Tags and placeholders that are dynamic so that you can customize Your Title and Description.

You may also make an account for your knowledge Graph information that is basically metadata about your company. It will create it easier for Google to locate this information and present it in search results. It includes:

  • Your name, and the title of your site
  • Phone number
  • Logo
  • Opening hours


It is particularly useful for Local SEO, but you can also utilize it to present your business’s information if you own physical offices too.

#3. Social Network Integrations

This Social Networks Settings page lets you control the way your posts appear on the social media platforms that you’re using for promoting your content.


You can personalize this content on every page, and a blog post, or you can replicate your setting across multiple social media accounts. The more thrilling thing is that you may fix the title of your post as the title of your social media post, even if you’re not interested in making custom content.

#4. Multiple Sitemaps to Better Indexing

All in One SEO lets you create four different kinds of sitemaps:

  • General
  • Video
  • Google News
  • RSS

Why? Sitemaps are vital to allow Search Engines to index your site and all of its content correctly. It is not necessary to allow the four sitemaps. However, you’ll need to utilize your General sitemap so that it may be controlled by the type of post that Google detects.

In addition, you have the capability to control the kind of content that you will like Google to index, including taxonomies.


You can also use Advanced settings for:

  • Add or remove specific URLs, pages, posts, or post images and the keywords you want to include from your website map.
  • Set the priority of each URL
  • Choose an appropriate update time.
  • Set the Last Modified date manually.

Plus more! You can also create News sitemaps on your WordPress website with ease.

Pro Tips: You can also hide pages within WordPress by removing them from search engines such as Google and Bing with the help of the All in One SEO. 

#5. Instant URL Redirects

Have you ever deleted a page or a post from WordPress previously? If yes, you have been able to do that; you must be aware that whenever you do this, your website will throw an error 404 at any person trying to access that page or post.

The best way to remove an entire website is by redirecting it to a new URL after you have deleted it.

However, there are a variety of protocols for redirecting canonical URLs, and you need to be aware of exactly what you’re doing… If you’re doing it manually.

With AIOSEO, this whole procedure is completely automated with their redirection management system:

aiseo redirection

All in One SEO can also automatically redirect users and is among the most efficient 301 redirect WordPress plugins. For instance, if you remove the blog post, AIOSEO will step in and ask you to set up an automatic redirect from the original URL to a new one.

#6. Local SEO

The Local SEO plugin included in All in One SEO allows you to advertise a local business by using SEO.

local seo

Because the majority of the local SEO market is dependent upon local results, such as Google Maps and the Knowledge Graph becomes supremely important. By using AIOSEO the Knowledge Graph, you can make updates to your:

  • Address for business
  • Services
  • Contact details
  • Tax ID or VAT ID
  • Payment methods
  • Price varies

payment info

It ensures that any local searches related to your business or the products you offer will always provide relevant information and that your company is effectively represented.

#7. On-Page Optimization

The most important element that makeup SEO is on-page SEO. Additionally, AIOSEO allows you to create SEO content each time with TruSEO.

TruSEO can be described as An SEO analysis tool that is integrated into the WordPress editor. It’s totally Gutenberg-friendly and offers actionable information to help enhance the SEO of anything you publish.

block setting

By default, TruSEO can be turned off. It’s best to activate it via your plugin’s General Settings page:


TruSEO evaluates your website according to the following:

  • Keyword relevance
  • Basic SEO
  • Title Optimization
  • Readability

And gives you practical methods to improve it:


TruSEO is more advanced than other SEO plugins and incorporates a variety of factors into consideration when calculating an overall score. Of course, there’s no “one-only rule” to SEO, as Google’s algorithm for searching is always altering. However, as time passes, the basic concept of creating SEO material is founded on four crucial elements.

If we extend the Basic SEO Box, we can provide suggestions for optimizing your SEO title, content, and meta description for the key phrase or focus keyword:


A Sidenote: TruSEO is 100% fully compatible with MonsterInsights. In the case of using the Headline Analyzer from MonsterInsights, you’ll be able to view the content score and headline score in a single glance:


Absolutely cool!

#8. Schema Markup of Rich Snippets

Featured snippets are the most valuable marketing real space in search results. They’re particularly important when you have a significant portion of your customers access your site on mobile devices since the featured snippets take all of the screen space on mobile devices.

This is the best part: A featured snippet is a single kind of rich text.


Although rich snippets won’t always guarantee an ad-hoc snippet that is featured or has higher rankings, however, they do boost the number of clicks for your site. In general, to obtain rich snippets, you’ll require learning how to code to add Microdata or JSON-LD within the HTML of your site.

However, All in One SEO makes it easy to add Schema markups automatically:


It’s as easy as choosing the correct type of markup and content. The plugin handles everything else.

#9. Robots.txt Editor

The robots.txt file is responsible for the search engines crawl your website. By stopping search engines from crawling your site’s pages that aren’t needed, such as the WordPress administrator page, your plugin file, and your themes folder, you can have your most important pages indexed much more quickly.

The robots.txt includes information about the location of XML sitemaps. Thus it is clear that the robots.txt editor is among the most basic SEO tools that have lots of potential for those new to SEO.

It’s easy to setup this configuration straight via the WordPress dashboard by using AIOSEO:


Typically, you’ll have to locate robots.txt files on your servers to alter them.

It’s just a matter of clicking and pointing on what you’d like crawled and not:


All of it is accessible from Your WordPress dashboard!

#10. WooCommerce SEO

AIOSEO is a fantastic plugin for WooCommerce SEO that lets you improve eCommerce product descriptions, titles, and product images to get more numbers of clicks and traffic.

woocommerce seo

As with all kinds of content, it is possible to utilize tags for dynamic descriptions and titles. Also, you can include breadcrumbs to make it easier for users to navigate your website.

#11. Image SEO

Are you planning to automatically create the Image Alternative Text and title attribute to all images that appear in your content on your pages and posts?

AIOSEO can assist you with this:image seo tab

Go to click on the Image SEO tab and use the tags to generate dynamic image captions and alt tags. You can also create custom alt tags and titles for every Image in the background:

image seo setting

Pro Tips: You can also make your videos clickable and redirect a portion of users toward the YouTube channel. External links can assist in the SEO of your videos also.

#12. RSS Content to assist in SEO

Scrapers of content are constantly searching for posts that are popular to copy.

If they publish the blog post you wrote using your RSS feed, Your SEO rankings could be permanently damaged. The All in One SEO makes it simple to automatically add credits to the end of every post within the RSS feed. This way, you are confident to accept the right recognition from Google for the work you’ve done.

rss footer smart tags

It is good looking much all you have to do!

#13. Feature Manager

As you’ve probably guessed, All in One SEO is packed with features:


It is possible that you don’t need all of them at the same time. It is the reason AIOSEO provides the Feature Manager that lets you activate or deactivate specific features included in AIOSEO’s premium edition:


Many of these add-ons are available, and many of these extra features are targeted at specific usage scenarios. It includes SEO features for AMP sites, as well. Additionally, you have a link assistant that will optimize an internal strategy for linking. It’s worth looking through these add-ons to configure the ones you require and deactivates those you don’t.

All in One SEO Price

There’s a final thing to be considered before handing in our final verdict. What is the price of the professional edition of All in One SEO cost?

all in one seo price

If you take into consideration how cheap it is and the features All in One SEO has to offer, it’s obvious that this plugin is ideal for small-scale companies. It’s also great that you can utilize the free version if operating a website for fun.

Does all in One SEO the most effective SEO plugin for WordPress?

All in One SEO is powerful, simple to use, and inexpensive. It also comes with one-click functions that let to automate SEO without having to hire the services of an SEO professional. It’s extremely economical, and it comes with top-of-the-line service. It is why it’s ideal for small businesses that want to expand. Our opinion is that this makes it the most effective SEO plugin available for WordPress.

In addition, its SEO settings are far simpler to use than Yoast SEO or RankMath. If you combine AIOSEO with Semrush, it is possible to import keywords that are focused directly into your website. For a penny, All in One SEO is an greatest investment if you are looking to increase an organic audience for your website.

In that regard, have you ever tried making use of push notifications for your website recently? They are great methods to increase repeat traffic and increase site engagement.

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