10 Best WordPress Database Plugins to Optimize Your Site in 2023

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WordPress stores all data on the website by using its MySQL database management software. It includes usernames, passwords and pages, posts, and comments.

Therefore, ensuring the WordPress database’s top performance is essential.WordPress database plugins permit users to perform routine tasks such as cleaning the database, generating backups, and then setting it back.

Many database plugins are packed with various features.To help you in selecting the foremost appropriate one, this article will audit the top 10 WordPress database plugins to enhance  your site.

How to select  the finest Plugin for WordPress Database

In most web hosting environments, there is a way to handle the WordPress database through your phpMyAdmin interface. It permit  you to make backups and edit tables.

But phpMyAdmin is more challenging than a few WordPress plugins that allow you to accomplish these tasks faster.

The majority of WordPress databases are designed to accomplish at the very least one of the following tasks:

  • Database cleaning-It helps you eliminate unneeded data from your database. It helps to save space in the database and avoids mistakes caused by unorganized data or corrupted files.
  • Backup of your database- Although there are special WordPress Backup plugins, others let you make and schedule backups specifically for databases.
  • Database reset- In case of problems, use the above plugins to fix the database to its initial condition.

Each plugin has its characteristics. Therefore, selecting the right plugin for your current needs is essential. Selecting the best WordPress databases plugin can provide the following advantages:

  • Faster website performance-The database can become cluttered over time, making the site load slow and putting you at the possibility of WordPress mistakes. WordPress database plugins allow you to accelerate the speed of your WordPress website by cleansing and optimizing your database.
  • Optimizing your resources- Cleaning out your database eliminates unneeded data and frees your server’s resources.
  • Protect your data- WordPress database plugins enable you to create database backups, keeping all data safe in the event of server problems.
  • User-friendly- Administration of the database with the WordPress plugin is far simpler than managing it manually using phpMyAdmin.

Best WordPress Database Plugins

We’ve compiled the best plugins that can be utilised for distinct software. These plugins are accessible in the WordPress plugin repository, from which users can download and install them for free. If you require more advanced features, premium options are readily available.

UpdraftPlus Plugin For WordPress Backup

updraft plus plugins

Statistics of the Plugin:

  • Downloads3+ million
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Ideal for creating backups of databases
  • Price: Freemium (paid packages start at $70/year as well paid add-ons begin at 10 dollars per year)

UpdraftPlus is among the top well-known WordPress backup plugins that work with various cloud platforms for storage.

The scheduled backups for site databases and files are set with separate configurations. Therefore you can choose an alternate backup schedule for the database.

Premium versions offer an incremental backup feature.

It keeps any new modifications to backup files already in place instead of creating entirely new backups, which can be done quickly.

UpdraftPlus integrates with many cloud services, like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive,  and Dropbox. However, you can select multiple cloud storage services with the Premium version. The plugin will automatically transfer copies of the backup to your chosen storage.

updraft plus setting

The premium version is also equipped with database encryption and secure backups to the storage during transfer. It is an excellent security feature as the database holds logins and passwords.

Another feature worth mentioning is the Migrator option that lets you modify the database. It is beneficial for the import of data from various WordPress websites. The plugin will modify the references in your database, allowing it to work on the new site.

Key Features

  • Separate backups that are automated for database files and website files.
  • A wide range of integration for cloud storage: There are many integrations for cloud storage, including UpdraftPlus Vault, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Incremental backups can only save any modifications to existing backup files, which is time-saving as opposed to creating a complete archive of your entire website.
  • Database backups are coded for highest security, especially when transferring cloud storage.
  • UpdraftPlus Migrator UpdraftPlus Migrator makes it easy to transfer databases from other WordPress websites.


  • The advanced plugin features like encryption of databases and multisite support are included in Premium versions or require specific extensions.


wp optimize plugin

Statistics of the plugin:

  • Downloads1+ million
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • is ideal for database cleaning and optimization
  • Cost: freemium (paid plans start at $49.95/year)

The WP-Optimize plugin is a one-stop WordPress performance plugin that includes cleaning databases, image compression, and caching.

To enable the optimization of your database feature, click the WP-Optimize->Database tab on Your WordPress dashboard.

wp optimize plugin setting

This plugin comes with 12 optimization tasks which you can execute separately or in tandem. It includes table optimization and post revision cleanup and removing comments that have not been approved.

The scheduler in WP-Optimize lets you select daily or weekly, fortnightly and monthly automatic optimization. You can also choose which tasks you’d like to complete as part of the automated optimization.

You must purchase the premium version for the flexibility scheduler system, which lets you define the optimal schedule at a precise date and time.

The tables tab displays all tabs in your database, the records, the size of the data, and overhead. Viewing all tables, you can optimize without access to phpMyAdmin is extremely useful.

WP-Optimize is compatible with UpdraftPlus to offer backup of databases and optimization to WordPress websites.

Key Features

  • A complete plugin to optimize your site your data, cache pages and compress images.
  • Execute individual or bulk optimization tasks.
  • Displays all database tables on the dashboard of the plugin.
  • Make sure you have the most current revisions.


  • Advanced features for scheduling and reporting are only available in an upgrade version.


backwpup plugin

Stats Of The Plugin:

  • Downloads: 700,000+
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • is ideal for database backup
  • Cost: freemium (starts from $69for the initial fee and $39 per year for every renewal)

BackWPup allows you to download the backup of your database in one click. Click on BackWPup’s the Dashboard and Download a backup of your database to save the backup files onto your computer.

The plugin asks for the creation of a backup task first. Choose five or more tasks for each, including backups of your database and files, WordPress XML export, lists of installed plugins, and tables to check.

To back up your database, Open the DB Backup tab and choose the tables you want to back up.

backwpup plugins

Select whether you want to back up tables using the wp_ prefix or all custom tables. You will get the choice to use of GZIP compression for files.

The scheduler lets you select between the standard or advanced configuration. For the advanced setup, choose any day, month, hour, or minute to tweak the backup time.

The free version lets you connect the plugin to Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure. Upgrade to the premium version for integration of your Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive account.

Key Features

  • Select specific databases and files to back up.
  • Create a comprehensive backup schedule using the sophisticated scheduler.
  • The software supports GZIP compression.


  • The dashboard for the plugin needs to be more intuitive than the other plugins in this list.

Database Backup for WordPress

database backup plugins

Statistics Of The Plugin:

  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • is ideal for database backup
  • Price: free

Database Backup to WordPress is a free plugin to back up the data in your WordPress database. It has a simple interface for the plugin and a few configuration options, making it a great beginner.

The plugin will back up every database by default. There are alternatives to filter out spam comments and post revisions, making the backup file less messy. It is also possible to back up any additional tables you have created in separate columns.

database backup plugins setting

Once you’re ready for the backup, you can choose between saving the backup file on your local computer or sending the file via email. This plugin does not include cloud storage.

The scheduler allows you to select additional tables that you can customize for the backup scheduled. It will forward data from the backup files to an email.

Key Features

  • The option to remove spam comments and post modifications in the backup.
  • Create custom tables with selectable options in your backup.


  • No cloud storage integration. It allows you to download the backup of your database or directly send it through your email.

Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions

optimize database sfter deleting rivisions

Statistics Of The Plugin:

  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Ideal for: database optimization
  • Price: free

Optimize Database After Eliminating Revisions is a free application which allows you to erase revisions and complete other tasks to optimize your database.

Go to Settings ->optimize the database, access the plugin’s dashboard, and configure cleaning settings. On the top, choose the types of posts and revisions you wish to delete.

If you do not wish to erase all revisions, select the delete revision that is older than an option. You can keep a specific number of the most recent revisions in each blog post.

You can also choose other information, such as garbage items, spam comments, unused tags, and transients. There is an option to exclude specific data tables in the optimization.

The scheduler lets you schedule an automatic cleanup in intervals of an hour, twice each day and weekly, daily or every month.

After you’ve saved your cleanup settings, you can select Go To Optimizer button to start the cleanup and optimize the process. You can also look over the database to determine the amount of space you’ll have after you’ve cleaned it.

If you enable the one-click option in the admin bar, you can quickly improve the performance of your database from any place on the WordPress admin page.

Key Features

  • Eliminate inactive WordPress database entries like revisions, trash, or spam comments in only a few clicks.
  • The scheduler gives five frequency options to delete revisions promptly.
  • Keep the most recent revisions by creating an updated limit for each post or number of days.
  • Use the feature link for one click to improve the WordPress database via the administrator panel.


  • You must check the deletion of revisions earlier than an option, even if you want to erase all revision information. Otherwise, the plugin may not recognize specific revisions that are removable.

Better Search Replace

Statistics Of The Plugin:

  • Downloads1+ million
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • is ideal for Data search and replacement
  • Cost: freemium, paid plans begin at $59 per year.

If you’re migrating to a WordPress database or site, the links, URLs, and multimedia files may not be able to provide the correct references. Better Search Replace a powerful plugin to complete search-and-replace tasks on your database.

You can access the interface for the plugin in Tools -> Better Search Replace, in which you can enter the search and replace values. You can also choose tables to perform the search and replace actions.

better search replace

The plugin can handle serialized data and is compatible in conjunction with every WordPress table in the database. The search function is dependent on the case by default.

However, there is the option of using the case-insensitive search function.

Its dry-run feature analyzes the tables and demonstrates the fields affected before the application starts.

The premium version includes complete reports on changes made and the duplicate rows of each table and column. Backup and import capabilities for databases are also included in this paid version.

Key Features

  • This search-and-replace feature allows you to repair the WordPress database quickly after migration.
  • Dry-run will let you know what modifications will be made before executing the program.
  • It supports serialized data.
  • Comprehensive reporting is accessible in the Premium version, where you can view all modifications after running the plugin.


  • The advanced plugin features, such as import and backup of databases, are only available in the paid version.

WP Reset

wp reset plugins

Statistics Of The Plugin:

  • Downloads: 400,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • The best choice option for WordPress Site and Database Reset
  • Cost: freemium (paid plans begin at 39 dollars per year)

There may be situations where you have to reset your entire WordPress site and its database to the initial state. This plugin WP Reset plugin is the best solution to this.

To install the plugin, head to Tools and click on the WP Reset plugin from the WordPress dashboard and open it. You can then use Reset Tab to carry out the site reset.

wp reset plugins setting

The paid version can support reset settings, restoring those default settings of WordPress. It also allows a nuclear reset of the site that erases all information on your site, including plugins and themes, as well as all database data, including custom tables, using the WP_ prefix.

Use the Create Snapshot feature to back up the database and restore it in the future. Utilize different WordPress Backup plugins to make a separate backup file.

This plugin offers several tools for specific tasks, such as clearing the cache, deleting custom tables, and removing transients. The Custom Table Deletion tool is only compatible with tables with the WP_ prefix.

Key Features

  • The website reset feature allows you to restore a complete database and website to its original condition in just a few clicks.
  • The snapshot feature can copy the database that can restore after a site reset.
  • Individual tools such as customized table purge, cache purge, and transients elimination allow you to improve the performance of your WordPress site even further.


  • The automatic snapshot feature is only available in an upgraded version. Thus, free users should make a backup before use to avoid accidental resets.

Participants Database

participant plugins

Statistics Of The Plugin:

  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Ideal for: database creation
  • Price: free

Participants Database is an open-source database plugin. It allows you to embed an online form and store information in a database dedicated to you that you can export in the future.

However, it is a plugin that requires considerable time to be set up. We suggest using the official installation guide by clicking Participants Database Installation Instructions on the WordPress dashboard. It is necessary to first change the permissions for the plugin’s data folder in the settings of your WordPress installation.

The plugin’s settings page lets you customize the signup and recording forms. Additionally, there’s an option to use a duplicate checker feature that prevents people from filling out multiple forms. The plugin also allows customized CSS for further visual customization.

These default fields in the database contain names, addresses and phone numbers etc. You can alter them by visiting the Participants Database Management Database fields page.

While the database will gather information via the front-end form, you can create a list of participants via the dashboard.

By loading CSV files You can to import data  to current database. After you’ve collected all the data in the database, exporting the information as a CSV file is possible.

This listing displays shortcodes that can also include a list of records from the database of participants. Be aware that the feature will display information submitted by those who use it. Do not use it when you’re collecting sensitive customer data.

Key Features

  • A built-in subscription form system inserts entries into a dedicated database.
  • A duplication checker stops users from providing comparable data.
  • Supports CSV files for importing data from an external database.


  • It is more suitable for experienced WordPress users, as it’s challenging to set up and may require a greater understanding of the technical aspects.

Advanced Database Cleaner

advance database cleaner

Statistics Of The Plugin:

  • Downloads: 90,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • is ideal for database cleaning and optimization
  • Pricing: freemium (paid plans start at $39.)

Advanced Database Cleaner is an optimizer plugin designed to clean WordPress databases. It allows you to control up to 14 elements, such as revoking, automatic drafts, spam comments, and deleted data.

advance database cleaner setting

The dashboard for the plugin displays the number of items that can be removed from each element. Learn more by clicking on the view icon. After that, select the items you would like to take out.

The scheduler allows you to run the database cleanup on your own. You may choose the elements to add to the schedule. Select from six different execution times, and specify the time of the day. You can create schedules to automate specific tasks at different dates.

The Tables Tab on the dashboard will display all your site’s database tables, each with a row and size of the database. Its paid version also recognizes and categorizes tables according to the table’s designer, irrespective of whether it’s a theme, plugin or an abandoned table.

Key Features

  • The scheduler allows you to create numerous automated tasks with various run times.
  • A detailed view of every element to view you can eliminate.
  • This feature detects tables and is a way to organize themes, plugins, as well as orphan tables.


  • It is highly recommended to purchase the premium version for the maximum out of this plugin.


wp db manager

Statistics Of The Plugin:

  • Best for: simple database management
  • Price: free
  • Downloads: 90,000+
  • Rating: 4.4/5

WP-DBManager is an all-in-one free WordPress database plugin with easy-to-use backup, optimization, repair, and maintenance tools.

The dashboard for the main plugin displays the table and database details. Table lists contain information like table records, data usage and table overhead.

The backup tool has included all tables with default configurations and can support GZIP compression. You can access all backup data on the Manage Backup DB plugin page. Decide whether to restore or forward backup files to your email address.

The repair and optimization of database tools work with a single click. It covers the entire table by default. However, you can utilize those radio buttons to modify further. Then, press a button, and you can begin the program.

The empty/drop Tables tool lets you delete all rows in the table you select or completely delete them. But the actions are not reversible. Therefore, you should be cautious before making any modifications.

Key Features

  • The All-in-one WordPress Database plugin offers user-friendly tools for backup database repairs, optimization, and backup. It can also execute SQL queries.
  • GZIP compression feature lets you create a variety of backups for databases without taking up enough storage space.


  • Doesn’t work with cloud storage to back up your data.
  • A few fewer options to configure the backup and optimization of databases.


These 10 top WordPress database plugins are helpful for various tasks related to managing databases, such as cleanup, backup and optimization. But, these plugins specialize in specific areas, and choosing the one that fits your need is essential.

Here are our plugin suggestions for WordPress Database management.

  • UpdraftPlus: The The best WordPress plugin for database and backup of websites.
  • WP-Optimize: The most effective WordPress database plugin for cleaning and optimization. It also integrates nicely with the UpdraftPlus plugin. 
  • Better search Replace: The best WordPress plugin to fix databases after migration.
  • WordPress Reset: Best WordPress plugin for database and website reset.
  • WP-DBManager: A free WordPress database plugin that has essential functions.

This article will help you choose your website’s best WordPress database plugins.

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