Best WooCommerce Reporting and Analytics Plugins for 2023

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Are you searching for a report plugin for your WooCommerce shop?

An analytics and reporting plugin for WooCommerce will assist you in monitoring your online store and provide you with crucial insights into your customers and increase your sales.

In this post, we’ll assist you in choosing the correct WooCommerce reports and analytics plugins for your online shop.

Why Do You Need a WooCommerce Reporting Plugin?

WooCommerce is the most well-known eCommerce platform. It’s a free eCommerce plugin that works with WordPress, making it simple to market products and services online.

If you’re managing your own WooCommerce shop, it’s crucial to understand your store’s performance. It is essential to know how well it’s performing. You should be able to monitor your results, determine the country where your clients are located, and determine effective strategies.

To discover the details of this and much more than you’ll require for this and more, you’ll need a WooCommerce report plugin. This plugin will aid you in gaining insight into the way users use your website so that you can offer your customers the items and services they value most.

In addition, you can use a WooCommerce analytics and reporting tool to evaluate your marketing efforts and find out why potential buyers will leave your website before making the purchase.

In this regard, let’s examine some of the top WooCommerce reports and analytics plugins.



MonsterInsights is the top Google Analytics plugin that works with WordPress. It has an eCommerce extension that lets you easily track your WooCommerce transactions.

One of the best things about having MonsterInsights is that it provides all the data you must know to evaluate your WooCommerce store’s performance within your WordPress account dashboard.

It takes effort to establish and then use Google Analytics. You can also work through simple Google Analytics reports to find the information you require to decide.


A sample of an Ecommerce report in MonsterInsights,

this MonsterInsights eCommerce report lets you look at your sales, number of transactions, conversion rate, and average price per order at a glance.

MonsterInsights will also show the top-rated products in your WooCommerce store and also helps you discover what products bring the most revenue and sales.

With this knowledge, you can offer similar items and services to your customers’ preferences and increase your online sales.

The plugin also records your top conversion source so you can determine which sites provide you with highly-converting visitors. It can help you to put more money into marketing strategies that are well-tested and confirmed to work.

monsterinsights conversion

There are additional reports on shopper behavior that you can look up in your WordPress account dashboard. In particular, MonsterInsights shows you the number of products added to your cart, items removed from the cart, and the purchase time and the sessions needed to buy an item.

Another benefit of the use of MonsterInsights is its Popular Products feature. This feature lets you show your best-selling items anywhere in your WooCommerce shop.

monster insights

MonsterInsights offers various themes that you can choose from. It also gives you different ways to personalize and show popular products on the WooCommerce page for products.

monster insight tracking

In addition, you also get advanced tracking tools in MonsterInsights. It can help you create customized dimensions tracking and scroll trackers, track clicks on a link, outbound link tracking, and many more.

Pricing: To track your WooCommerce website in Google Analytics, you’ll have to purchase a MonsterInsights Pro plan which will cost you $199.50 for a year. There is an option to use a no-cost version that doesn’t come with an upgraded eCommerce tracking report.


wp mail smtp

The WP Mail SMTP is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for your shop. It ensures that your emails are in your customers’ inboxes of your clients and offers the ability to track and report all emails your website sends out.

If you have the WooCommerce shop, you’ll be required to deliver your client’s receipts of their purchases, purchase specifics, account user details and order confirmation emails, and many other things.

If your customers don’t receive the critical messages, it will cause an unpleasant user experience which could result in losing new clients.

By using WP Mail SMTP, you can determine the status of whether your email messages are getting delivered or not. You only have to allow the logs for emails in WP Mail SMTP, and the extension will handle the rest of everything else.

wp mail smtp 1

Then, you can check your email logs within your WordPress Dashboard.

The user will be able to view the status of delivery as well as the number of clicks and opens on each email.

Prices: WP Mail SMTP premium plans offer the feature of email logs with prices starting at $39 per year.

FunnelKit Automations


FunnelKit Automations is a powerful marketing automation tool and a CRM system for WooCommerce. It can use to make automated and customized mail marketing campaigns for WooCommerce.

Utilizing the drag-and-drop editor for email and pre-made workflows, you can easily create sequences to recover abandoned carts and next-order coupons, reminders to renew your subscription, and many more.

The user can access all campaign statistics to monitor how your email campaigns work. You can see critical data, including orders placed, retrieved carts and revenue, new subscribers number, unsubscribe, click-through rates, and much more.

Additionally, there’s a journey for contacts feature that allows you to input a contact’s name and determine the level of automation that they are in.

In addition, with the built-in CRM feature, you can keep track of your clients and their purchases in all one place. It is possible to view the history of your customers’ purchases. You can view their items bought, redeemable coupons, etc.

Prices: FunnelKit Automations starts at $249.50 annually and includes FunnelKit software, one of the best software for sales funnels currently available.

Product Sales Report for WooCommerce

product sales report

Product Sales Reports for WooCommerce is an ideal report tool to determine the number of sales your eCommerce site makes and then share sales reports available to others.

This WordPress plugin is extremely user-friendly and designed by Aspen Grove Studios. It is possible to alter the period for reporting and select the products you wish to be included in the sales report.

Various options are available for displaying the reporting field in your report. For example, you can show the product’s ID, SKU name number, quantity sold, gross sales, categories of products, and more.

The most appealing aspect of using a Product Sales Report for WooCommerce is that it allows you to create and review the sales report from your WordPress dashboard. You can also save it in a CSV file to share with others. 

Pricing: The price can utilize Product Sales Report for WooCommerce at no cost. But you can also subscribe to the premium version of WooCommerce for additional reporting options and fees starting at $199 per year.

Google Analytics and Google Shopping plugins for WooCommerce

google analytics and google shopping plugins

The Google Analytics and Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin, previously referred to as the Enhanced E-Commerce Google Analytics Plugin, is the following feature on our checklist.

This plugin lets you create enhanced eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics with your WooCommerce store. In addition, you can join your Google Ads and Google Merchant accounts.

The disadvantage of using Google Analytics and Google Shopping plugin with WooCommerce is that you need access to data on your WordPress dashboard as you can using MonsterInsights.

But you can unlock different Google Analytics eCommerce reports to look them up in your Analytics. They include the shopping behavior report, checkout behavior report, product performance report, and sales performance report.

Price: Google Analytics and Google Shopping plugin for WooCommerce are accessible for download at no cost.

Sales Report By Country for WooCommerce

woo sales by country

Sales Report by Country for WooCommerce is another well-known WooCommerce analytics and reporting tool. This plugin is made specifically for tracking regional sales for your online shop.

It is straightforward to use and does not require setup. All you have to do is install it and follow the sales report by country in your WooCommerce’s reports section.

Using the plugin, you can effortlessly view the top 10 countries driving sales for your WooCommerce online store. You have a range of choices for changing the presentation of your diagrams in this report.

In addition, the plugin allows you to filter your data according to different date periods. In other words, you can view your transactions from the last week or month or select a specific date interval.

Price: Report on Sales by Country WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin.

Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart to WooCommerce is one of the most effective WooCommerce Analytics and reporting plugins you can have for your site. It is specifically designed to monitor abandoned carts and help you recover the lost revenue.

The term “abandoned cart” refers to shoppers visiting your WooCommerce shop and placing items in their carts. However, they leave the store without going to check out. In the process, you are losing potential customers as well as revenue.

The plugin lets you quickly track abandoned customers and get an overview of abandoned users within your WordPress website’s dashboard. The plugin will display the complete listing of abandoned carts. It also allows you to take customer emails during checkout and determine what page they visited when they quit your online store.

Another benefit of the use of this extension is that it assists in creating workflows for customers who are abandoned, as well as sends out automatic emails to those who are left.

Price: Abandoned Cart WooCommerce is a plugin that is free that you can use. If you change to a paid version, you receive features such as automatic notifications when abandonment occurs.

Which Is the Best WooCommerce Reporting Plugin?

If you require a full-featured report tool that can easily track your WooCommerce stores’ performance with sophisticated tracking tools for your store, we highly recommend MonsterInsights.

The eCommerce extension automatically monitors your WooCommerce store’s performance and provides an extensive report within your WordPress dashboard. In addition, you also get features, including trackers for scrolls, links with custom dimensions, and many more.

This article can help you select the suitable WooCommerce Analytics and Reporting plugin.

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