Top AI Video Analytics Companies for High-Quality Surveillance

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Video analytics fueled by AI is the strategy that has hoisted advanced reconnaissance frameworks to modern statures, turning conventional observation frameworks for video into capable tools that can produce business-related bits of knowledge.

Numerous companies nowadays are giving prevalent video analytics arrangements. The companies that offer video analytics give advanced video observation frameworks that are prepared with AI as well as machine-learning capabilities that empower an broad cluster of important capabilities.

For you to assist you select the foremost compelling innovation for video analytics to suit your company, We’ll go over the essentials AI video analytics can do, the reasons it’s fundamental, and how businesses utilize it.

We’ll at that point see at seven of the best AI video analytics firms as well as the high-quality reconnaissance frameworks that they give.

What is Video Analytics?

Video analytics includes utilizing AI programs and algorithms for profound learning to analyze the security camera film from networks in genuine time.

Video content investigation can give security frameworks with a assortment of modern capabilities, such as facial recognition, interruption discovery, license plate recognition, and more.

But security frameworks like Spot AI that offer video analytics can be utilized to anticipate more than burglaries and theft.

Based on the data that’s inferred from cutting-edge video analysis platforms, the administration group can find opportunities to improve security within the work environment and at school conjointly identify the most curiously patterns in student or worker exercises.

Another perspective of one of the most benefits of AI investigation of video is its capability to utilize keywords and metadata for video to discover clips quickly.

This cuts down on the time went through searching through videos, which makes it much simpler to find particular videos inside a matter of many seconds instead of days or hours.

The Reason AI Video Analytics Is Critical Utilize Cases

Video analytics is utilized in numerous scenarios over a assortment of businesses. Below are some of the ways that companies, schools, and government institutions could make use of it to improve operation and security.

Real-Time Visibility

Security systems that incorporate video analytics features provide unbeatable, real-time business visibility. One of the benefits is that you’ll have the ability to immediately connect to surveillance cameras from a multitude of locations from a single, simple-to-use dashboard.

It is also possible to program your system to automatically send SMS and email alerts when an incident occurs so that you can react in the quickest time possible.

Fast solution to incidents

The live-streaming capabilities provided by security systems like Spot AI enable organizations to swiftly resolve problems in the event of an incident.

With real-time notifications that make it easy to locate specific videos and encourage better collaboration through secure sharing, security tools that make use of video analytics can help the business owner deal with incidents more quickly.

Enhancing School and Workplace Safety 

In the year 2020, an estimated 1.8 million people suffered injuries at work that necessitated them to seek out emergency medical attention.

Luckily, video analytics seem give understanding that business proprietors can use to extend the security of their working environment.

Through the investigation of video analytics, businesses can observe when, where, and why work environment mishaps happen. This empowers upgraded security instruction as well as other preventive measures to guarantee your workers are secure.

Points of interest of AI Video Analytics

The utilize of a modern video reconnaissance framework with video analytics program offers a assortment of preferences to modern businesses, such as noteworthy benefits such as:

More Safety and Security

The live-streaming capabilities of video analytics let you react to occurrences the moment they happen, which progresses working environment safety and security for your business. In addition to real-time visibility and alerts to incidents, video analytics can also provide insight into security and safety issues that require to be addressed.

Better Decision-Making for Business

According to a McKinsey Global Survey, only 20 % of respondents believe that their businesses excel in decision-making. However, the positive side is that using video analytics will provide more business intelligence and better decision-making across all aspects of business.

Through the generation of insights about security, safety in the workplace, and customer behavior, videos allow the business owner to make instant decision-making based on data.

Time Savings when Data Extraction

Anyone who’s ever looked at security footage will know that searching through hundreds of hours in order to discover a particular moment can be exhausting. However, with video analytics, you can search for footage just like a search engine.

With this feature, you can save time; video analytics software allows users to extract in a single step different video data from the video footage you take and provide insights without the need for you to manually go through and analyze the video.

Best AI video Analytics Software

Spot AI

Affirmed by the top executives across seventeen different sectors, Spot AI is the most rapidly growing video intelligence company available currently.

With Spot AI, a SpotAI surveillance platform, it is possible to watch footage from several cameras from one simple dashboard. It allows you to search footage by using terms and keywords and generate an automatic variety of valuable insights for your business.

Spot AI’s Intelligent Video Recorder (IVR) system records videos continuously and saves all recorded footage to the cloud. It is a camera-agnostic system; Spot AI’s software is able to work with your company’s surveillance system or make use of high-resolution cameras offered by Spot AI at no extra cost.

It is extremely effortless to install and use. It is supported by industry-leading onboarding process assistance, training, and support to help you fully benefit from its advantages and features.

Key Features

  • Bound together, user-friendly dashboard
  • Boundless cloud backups for saved recordings
  • A low bandwidth connection for a lower bandwidth consumption
  • Scalable to infinite locations camera, users, and locations
  • Top-quality onboarding, training, and support services
  • Flexible pricing options that ensure the only cost you pay is the services you require
  • The most advanced AI neural networks deliver instant event notifications, allow searchable footage, and offer incredibly powerful business intelligence.



Intelli-Vision provides AI-powered video analytics solutions that offer many different applications that include access control using face recognition, security, and video surveillance within the Smart City/Smart buildings market, as well as intelligent camera analysis for homes by IoT devices.

Intelli-Vision also provides Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which provide driver authentication and alerts in the event of the risk of lane deviation and forward collisions, a distracted/tired driver, and the use of cellphones.

Key Features

  • ADAS system for improved driver safety
  • Face recognition/authentication for swift and reliable access control solutions
  • AI audio analytics is capable of creating alerts based on detected alarms for sounds (such as a glass breaking or a smoke alarm)
  • Video summary application that translates massive video streams into brief video summaries for efficient video management

Agent Video Intelligence (IRISITY)


It is video analytics service which is called innoVi. Based on the latest technologies for deep learning, InnoVi provides features and capabilities like real-time video analysis, search, and business intelligence insight.

City developers and businesses that deal with transportation are innoVi’s main customers. However, the software is used by other organizations too.

Key Features

PureTech Systems

PureTech Systems

If increasing security is the main reason to invest in video analytics tools and you’re looking for a reliable company, Pure Tech Systems is an excellent company to think about.

Pure Tech Systems’ video analytics software will allow you to create geofences around your area and detect automatically the moment they’re breached.

When an intrusion is discovered, the machine learning system determines what the intrusion poses danger. Then, Pure Tech Systems can issue alarms, track the suspect to keep them out of the camera’s vision and activate deterrence systems, including alarms and flashing lights.

Key Features

  • Machine learning is able to eliminate as much as 95% of false alarms
  • Runs on servers, devices at the edge, or in the cloud
  • Automated PTZ camera lock-on-target tracking prevents intrusions out of the camera’s view
  • It is easily scalable to accommodate any budget and security requirements

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks

The Eagle Eye Video API platform developed by Eagle Eye Networks allows business owners to incorporate superior video analytics capabilities into their security cameras.

Eagle Eye Networks’ solution lets you leverage the information gleaned from video footage to improve efficiency in customer satisfaction, as well as revenue. It can also scale to infinite locations, with cameras as users, making it an adaptable solution for businesses that span all sizes and industries.

Key Features

  • Remote power cycling of cameras will eliminate the need for long maintenance visits
  • It offers the option of enabling two-factor authentication for better cybersecurity.
  • Dewarps fisheye videos using virtual PTZ function in real-time
  • It lets you easily store and share videos within your archive

Gorilla Technology

Gorilla Technology

Gorilla Technology is a company that provides a wide range of solutions for video analytics.

It includes solutions like AI-powered video surveillance that manages areas and people, strategies for cities that are smart, such as transportation access control and attendance, scheduling, and behavioral tracking solutions, among others.

Established in 2001, Gorilla Technology has been a leading provider of the field of video analytics as well as IoT solutions for the last two decades. The numerous products they provide are used by businesses all over the world.

Key Features

  • The features of vehicle analysis include the classification of vehicles, recognition of license plates, and detection of traffic violations.
  • Human detection capabilities and facial recognition
  • Lingering detection, intrusion detection, and direct violation capabilities
  • AI-generated business insights that are based on AI to enhance intelligence



Clarifai is an advanced computer vision software designed to process unstructured video, image text, audio, and other data.

It’s also an application that can be utilized for various applications. Retail stores can utilize Clarifai to analyze surveillance video data to gain valuable insights into the habits of customers.

Clarifai can moreover be utilized to extend the security of workers and proficiency in industrial settings. It is utilized by government offices to analyze surveillance information. It is additionally utilized in businesses like transportation to diminish misplaced stuff by identifying objects and a assortment of other applications for video analytics.

Key Highlights

  • Facial recognition may be a highlight that permits get to controls
  • Client behavior information like foot activity, stay times
  • Competent of analyzing pictures of merchandise to computerize quality control amid manufacturing
  • AI-automated video and picture labeling can dispense with the require for physically looking over and labeling information

Improve Your Business’s Video Reconnaissance

There are more than one billion cameras for observation installed over the globe, and the video cameras provide an abundance of information for the companies that control the cameras.

If you’ve got the proper innovation for video investigation, you’ll be able to convert your camera’s raw film into valuable experiences that can assist you improve security, safety at work, client fulfillment, and other perspectives inside your organization.

In case you need to begin taking advantage of the various benefits of the foremost cutting-edge application for video analytics, select the perfect video analytics program as per necessity.

These are world-class video analytics program that’s able to consistently coordinated into your cameras and give the capabilities of video insights right to your transfer.

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