Best Business Intelligence Tools in 2023: An Overview

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Are you thinking about utilizing business intelligence tools? You would cheer to understand that there are plenty of choices available on the market. BI tools (business intelligence tools ) assist you in analyzing patterns and drawing conclusions from the data you collect so that you can make the strategic as well as tactical choices. 

They also assist in identifying patterns within the mountain of data that businesses build up. However, the issue to ask.., which is the best way to decide what business intelligence tool is best for your company? Which tools can assist you in reaching your online objectives?

There are many others searching for this kind of solution. A lot of SMB firms are jumping onto the BI trend, particularly since the use of large data is increasing. According to the research of Mordor Intelligence, the business intelligence market is so popular it is expected to be worth USD 40.50 billion by 2026.

Why Must You Utilize Business Intelligence Tools?

To begin, data discovery was once restricted to the skills of experts in advanced analytics but can now be done by anyone who can benefit from these tools. In addition, they provide you with the data you require to make progress or resolve issues that are needed and collect all of your information in one place and forecast future outcomes, and more.

In this article, we’ll describe the most popular fifteen business intelligence tools in 2023. We’ll hopefully guide you down the right track to choosing the right tool for your needs.

Remember: these tools for business intelligence are all different in terms of their reliability and integration capabilities, ease of use (from a technical standpoint), and, of course, pricing.

SAP Business Objects

sap business objects

SAP Business Objects is a business intelligence program that provides extensive reporting, analysis, and interactive data visualization. Its platform focuses on areas such as customer Experience (CX) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), digital supply chain, ERP, and many more.

The best thing about the software is that it offers self-service dashboards based on roles that allow users to design custom dashboards and apps. SAP is a powerful software designed for all roles (IT management, end users, and even management) and gives a wide range of features in one system. Its complex application, however, can push prices up, so be ready for this.



Datapine is a complete business intelligence system that eases the complicated data analysis process, even for those who aren’t technical.

Through a complete self-service analytics strategy, the datapine solution permit data analysts and business users to effortlessly integrate various data sources and perform sophisticated data analysis, design interactive business dashboards, and provide useful business-related data.



MicroStrategy is an enterprise-level business intelligence software that delivers robust (and high-speed) dashboarding, data analytics, cloud-based solutions, and hyperintelligence. This tool allows users to spot trends, spot opportunities to improve productivity, and more.

Users can connect to various sources, regardless of whether the data comes from an Excel spreadsheet, cloud-based, or enterprise software. It is accessible on your computer or mobile. The setup process, however, can involve multiple parties and a thorough knowledge of the application to get started.

SAS Business Intelligence

sas business intelligence

Although SAS is most well-known for its offerings of sophisticated predictive analytics, the company also offers an excellent enterprise intelligence system. The well-established self-service tool established in the 70s lets users use information and statistics to make better choices about their business.

With their APIs available to users, they can avail of many customization options. SAS provides the highest level of data integration and advanced analytics and reporting. They also offer a powerful text analytics feature that gives you more context-based insights into your data.

Yellowfin Bi


Yellowfin BI is a business intelligence tool as well as an “end-to-end” analytics platform that integrates visualization, machine learning, and collaboration.

It also lets you quickly sort through a myriad of data using easy filtering (e.g., radio buttons and checkboxes) and open dashboards virtually any place, thanks to the tool’s flexibility in desktop or mobile, etc.

The best part about this tool is that it lets you enhance dashboards and visualizations to a new level with an easy-to-use, low-code development environment.



A product of Qlik, QlikSense is a complete data analytics platform and a tool for business intelligence. It is possible to use QlikSense anywhere, anytime. The user interface of QlikSense is designed for touchscreens making it a highly sought-after BI tool.

It has a unique associative analytics platform, a sophisticated AI, and highly efficient cloud platforms, making it even more appealing. One of the most interesting features of the platform is Search & Conversational Analytics which allows users to have a quicker and more efficient approach to inquire and uncover new information through natural conversation.

Zoho Analytics

zoho analytics

Zoho Analytics is great BI tool for detailed report-writing and data analysis. The business intelligence tool comes with automatic data syncing and is scheduled for periodic scheduling. You can build a connector with the APIs for integration. Combine and blend data from various sources to produce useful reports.

With an easy editor, you can build custom dashboards and reports which allow you to zoom in on the most important information. It also has a unique commenting section within the sharing options that is ideal for collaboration.



Sisense is an intuitive tool for data analysis and intelligence that enables everyone in your organization to manage complex and large data sets and analyze and visualize the data without your IT department being involved. It allows you to combine information from a variety of sources, such as Adwords, Google Analytics, and Salesforce.

Additionally, because it is based on in-chip technology, the data is processed quickly when compared to other tools. This platform is regarded as the top cloud platform for analytics by numerous experts in the field, like GartnerG2, and Dresner.

Microsoft Power BI from Microsoft

microsoft bi

Microsoft Power BI is a web-based tool suite for business analytics that excels in data visualization. It lets users identify trends in real time and comes with brand-new connectors that let you improve your performance when it comes to campaigns.

Since it’s a web-based application, Microsoft Power BI can be accessed from nearly any location. The software lets users connect their applications and create reports and live dashboards.



Data discovery application Looker is another business intelligence tool that you should be looking for! Today, it is part of Google Cloud; this unique platform can be integrated with any SQL warehouse or database and is perfect for mid-sized businesses, startups, or enterprises of a high-end.

A few advantages of this tool include user-friendliness, easy visualizations, powerful collaboration capabilities (data and reports are sent via email and USL and also connected to other programs), and dependable assistance (tech support team).

Clear Analytics

clear anaytics

It is a must-have for all those Excel lovers that are there. This tool for BI is a simple Excel-based application that can be utilized by employees who have even the most basic understanding of Excel.

It is a self-service business intelligence software that provides a variety of options for BI, such as making, automating, analyzing, and displaying your company’s data. The solution is also compatible with the previously mentioned Microsoft Power BI, using Power Query and Power Pivot to cleanse and model various data sets.



Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool specialized in the visualization and discovery of data. Through the application, you can quickly analyze, visualize and share data without IT needing to be involved.

Tableau is compatible with various data sources, including MS Excel, Oracle, MS SQL, Google Analytics, and SalesForce. Users can access excellently designed, user-friendly dashboards.

Furthermore, Tableau also provides various standalone products such as Tableau Desktop (for any user) as well as Tableau Server (analytics designed for companies) that can be used on a local machine, Tableau Online (hosted analytics for businesses), and more.

Oracle BI

oracle bi

Oracle BI is an enterprise portfolio of technologies and applications to improve business intelligence. It provides users with almost all capabilities for business intelligence, like dashboards, proactive intelligence, ad-hoc analytics, and much more.

Oracle is ideal for businesses that require analysis of huge amounts of data (from Oracle and non-Oracle sources) since it’s a robust and reliable solution. Additional key features include data archiving, versioning, a self-service portal, and alerts/notifications.



Domo is a cloud-based platform for business intelligence that connects multiple data sources, such as spreadsheets, databases, and social media. Domo is used by small and large corporations.

Domo provides both macro and micro-level visibility and analysis (including predictive analysis powered by Mr. Roboto, their AI engine) from cash balances to listings of your top-selling products based on region to estimations of the returns on investments (ROI) for every channel.

The only drawbacks to Domo are the difficulties in downloading cloud-based data for personal use and the high learning curve.

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled business intelligence system that supports the entire analytics cycle. From the initial discovery phase to the operationalization phase, You can visualize analysis and share and exchange actionable information about your data with colleagues.

The main benefit of AI is that you’re in a position to identify hidden patterns because the data is processed and then presented to you as a visually appealing report. Be aware that it may take some time to become familiar with all capabilities of this system.

Business intelligence tools are great, but do you think something is missing?

These tools are extremely versatile and offer plenty of data about your company’s performance and where it’s going. Although they’re useful for collating or aggregating information from different sources and assisting you in making sense of it, they do very little to collect information directly from your clients. Therefore, why not go more?

It is essential to understand that the Voice of Customer (VoC) is crucial in increasing your earnings (as we’ve mentioned earlier) and developing a sense of your customers and gratitude for your efforts to offer them an engaging online experience. It, my dear readers, is the natural source of success.

How can you add to your BI tool already in use and collect this Voice of the Customer information? You can manage and analyze comments from customers.

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