Best BuiltWith Alternatives A Comparison And Review Of The Best Technology Profile Tools in 2023

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If you have a rival website that’s always one action ahead of you, opportunities are you wish to learn some of their secrets, right? Go into today’s subject: BuiltWith alternatives.

Whether it’s the backend services they provide, the site framework they utilize, their programming language, WordPress theme, the frontend modern technology or otherwise– you can get beneficial insights into their technology stack to enhance your own. Today, this investigative job is simplified more than ever with a modern technology profiling tool.

BuiltWith has been the go-to modern technology profiling device for several years. It unearths a significant quantity of vital data that assist in market research and lead generation. However, it comes with a price, a fairly steep one at that.

Taking into consideration the high price, BuiltWith may not constantly be the most affordable website research tool for people, start-ups and SMBs. In addition to that, there’s constantly the risk of inaccurate data. That’s why I have compiled this checklist of best BuiltWith alternatives that you must consider for your technology profiling today.

Initially, let’s take a quick look at several factors you may want to utilize a technology lookup tool this year.

Why Do You Require Technology Profiling Tools?

The short answer is that modern technology profilers provide you with data concerning what your competitor’s websites are utilizing.

Lead Generation 

Modern technology lookup tools crawl the deep end of the web to discover and detail the current technology used. Let’s assume your target makes use of HubSpot for marketing automation. By integrating these details into your blog writer outreach efforts or lead generation approach, you can provide tailor-made options. These are the instances which give you an advantage over your competitors.

You can leverage the data to start a conversation, garner interest, and offer solutions that fit into your prospect’s objectives.

Marketing research

Suppose you’re preparing to incorporate a payment system but do not recognize which one to trust. In that case, market research and competitor evaluation must provide you with a clear concept. These tools track various payment portals like Stripe and also PayPal, the sorts of sites they’re being used on, and also their usage regularity.

Payment of modern technology is simply one example. You can deeply look into the industry trends and the market share of programming languages, CMS usage, CDNs, operating systems, and more.

Performance Improvements

Innovation lookup tools develop detailed evaluations and break down the technology stack, which must assist you in enhancing your performance. From tweaking sales intelligence to enhancing real-time chat support, every team can resolve their drawbacks with more data.


Innovation lookup tools are a fantastic method to build your database. I use them to maintain up-to-speed with new patterns and tech heaps that are becoming preferred in the blog space. With comprehensive knowledge of different sectors and their technologies, you can make better decisions for your business.

Best BuiltWith Alternatives You Must Check Out Today

Hunter TechLookup


It is one of the most efficient BuiltWith alternatives that you can find in the marketplace currently. This is powered by Hunter the world’s most renowned e-mail search and outreach tool that I’ve been using for a long time so I was ecstatic to see them launch their new tool for profiling.

is just one of the most effective BuiltWith alternatives you’ll find on the market today. It’s powered by Hunter, an industry-leading e-mail lookup and outreach tool I’ve used for years, so I was thrilled when they launched this new profiling device.

Highlight of Hunter TechLookup

Easy to use: Hunter TechLookup utilizes a smooth, minimal UI that’s easy to browse. You can select your technology from the listed groups and swiftly inspect the websites, classifications, and languages.

Develop your list: Hunter TechLookup allows you to build a list that you can export and use later. You can limit searches to a granular phase, fine-tune the website categories and languages, and use the unique popularity metric to include websites based on their popularity.

Free tool: With TechLookup, you can look at technology and gain an understanding for free. It is among the preferred appealing features of this tool.

In your personalized listing, you’ll be able to see the very first 5,000 websites completely free. Yet with a premium plan, you can go as high as 50,000 websites! I’ve discovered the free plan to be sufficient for most utilize situations.

Part of the Hunter community: Hunter scrapes the web to discover e-mail addresses and presume secret ones with great precision. I directly make use of Hunter to discover the emails of prospects and also verify my email list. Its DNA that scrapes Hunter has given TechLookup with a distinct advantage over its rivals

The business has also expanded the Hunter pack of products with CRM combinations, Chrome, Firefox, Google Sheets add-on, and email campaign automation.

Pros of Hunter TechLookup

  • Built for simplicity of use
  • All the important functions are free. Power users can go with a premium plan to level up.
  • Hunter has an established history of providing accurate data.

Disadvantages of Hunter TechLookup

  • Nothing yet

HUnter’s TechLookup tool is by far the very best BuiltWith alternative I’ve had the ability to discover for doing laser-focused e-mail outreach.



Wappalyzer has been marketed as the choice for BuiltWith. And also, it’s not simply in marketing; the team has done great work establishing the product.

Wappalyzer tracks thousands of sites and modern technologies and develops listings with current data. It has a durable set of features that provides technographic insights to boost list-building methods. Besides technology lookups, they enable you to develop lead lists, keyword analyses, and website signals to track adjustments.

Main Features of Wappalyzer

Easy UI: Despite all the features, Wappalyzer does excellent work of providing a user-friendly personal experience. You can look for a website to see all the technology stack and business details promptly.

Website signals: Wappalyzer allows you to check a website and remain up-to-date with all the adjustments. It is an excellent means to track competitors.

Scalable: Besides lookup, Wappalyzer uses scalable app integrations and their mobile applications for benefit.

Pros of Wappalyzer

  • Great for quick technology lookup.
  • It can be upscaled with email as well as keyword analysis.

Cons of Wappalyzer

  • Depending on your use situation, the free plan can be drastically restrictive. The cheapest month-to-month plan starts from $99/month, a substantial financial investment for a technology lookup tool.
  • Wappalyzer doesn’t list technology shortcuts and classifications on the search page. You need to browse private technology to discover all the information.



Netcraft is just one of the earliest names on this list. Over the years, they’ve produced high-quality security devices, consisting of a website profiler called “What’s the website running?”.

Netcraft Website Report uses data mining to discover the backend facilities and protection procedures of a site.

Features of Netcraft

Detailed reports: Netcraft supplies one of the most comprehensive security reports I have ever found. Considering that their domain is secure and in accordance, you’ll be hard-pressed to discover an alternative much better than this.

IP Geolocation: A lot of technology lookup tools do not share IP Geolocation that can be used to track servers. While this is a pretty respectable decision, Netcraft shares Geolocation.

Hosting background: Netcraft tracks Netblock owners and the hosting records of a website.

Pros of Netcraft

  • Safety and security hefty tech lookup device.
  • In-depth analysis and also reporting.

Disadvantages of Netcraft

  • Doesn’t offer a list builder an export attribute.
  • Netcraft is unsuitable for building a detailed image, given that their know-how is in hosting and security.



SimilarTech is a sales intelligence software with a tested background in lead generation and marketing research. This is a no-fuss tool that promptly lets you check the details of technology or websites.

Main Features of SimilarTech

Both technology and website report: SimilarTech has created gaining insights simple. You can discover results based on a particular technology or the technology stack used by a site.

Technology comparison: SimilarTech can compare two modern technologies. It is very valuable if you’re uncertain which one to select for your service. For example, I found their Paypal vs. Stripe reports insightful.

Vast scuffing data: SimilarTech scans nearly 30 billion websites monthly for extensive evaluation.

Pros of SimilarTech.

  • Works for both technology and also site lookup.
  • Intuitive UI.

Disadvantages of SimilarTech

  • The standard plan starts at $199/month for ten records. SimilarTech might not be cost-effective for a big portion of individuals. The free plan is limited.
  • Despite the substantial scraping database, SimilarTech is prone ahead with unreliable and surface truths.



Rescan is a stripped-down technology lookup tool that does the job promptly. This tool for profiling tech was previously known as Allora. However, a rebrand has done a better work of associating with their target market of those searching for a BuiltWith alternative that’s even more modern and also updated.

Main Features of Rescan

Tech stack shortcut: Rescan present a curated list of technology-faster ways for customers to jump in swiftly. The most popular is the eCommerce technologies.

Easy to use: Rescan doesn’t come with additional bells or whistles. Instead, they focus on providing an easy & comfortable customer experience.

Functions as a website and technology lookup tool: Rescan allows you to inspect technology trends and markets, share with terrific visuals, and observe a site’s technology pile simultaneously.

Pros of Rescan

  • Rescan is a simple tool that’s easy to use.
  • Provides the capability to export lists with paid plans.

Cons of Rescan

  • The basic plan begins at $49/month and does not use many features.
  • Rescan frequently falls short of identifying site Links and new technology.

And finally, let’s get to the bottom of this comparison of the top BuiltWith alternatives in the marketplace now.

Verdict: What’s the most effective BuiltWith Alternative Today?

Every one of the modern technology profiling tools we’ve pointed out in this listing is a fantastic choice for BuiltWith.

Some are feature-rich, however costly, while others focus on obtaining the fundamentals while remaining free or extremely budget-friendly.

The end result is that Hunter TechLookup has checked all the boxes that are needed and is the best technology profiling tool that I’ve tried.

It’s accurate, quick, effective and provides many useful insights past what much of their competitor’s surface is in their reports. Combined with Hunter’s market competence with outreach-related tools and a terrific worth in the free plan, TechLookup has become the best BuiltWith choice I advise nowadays.

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