Best B2B Data Vendors and Providers Right Now In 2023

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The market for B2B data providers is growing, and it is challenging to pick the most suitable one.

In deciding on a plan, you’ll need to take into consideration various factors, including the frequency of updates to data, the size of the database market concentration and price structure, as well as credit limit.

It’s quite a task if you’re comparing many options. This article was designed to help users in making a knowledgeable decision.

Below are the following:

  • The most reputable and trusted B2B data providers.
  • The pros and cons of each service.
  • Pricing of the tools selected.
  • Considerations to make when choosing a B2B vendor for data.

Let’s go

The Most Reputable B2B Data Providers For 2023 And Beyond

We’ve scoured fourteen B2B data service providers and compared them side by side in terms of their pros and cons and pricing. Let’s look at the results.



Cognism is the most reliable data provider of high-quality, reliable, accurate and current B2B data. It should be your first choice if your goal is full conformity and greater numbers of mobile phone numbers.

Contrary to the majority of other competitors, Cognism provides unlimited data access* removing the requirement for credits.

Top features:

  • An up-to-date and accurate global contacts database.
  • Diamond validated Mobile Data(r), which gives sales teams verified, human-validated, exact, precise mobile numbers (98 percent accuracy)
  • The most reliable mobile service within the United States (2x greater than other providers).
  • The complete information is available within the EMEA.
  • Bombora powers intent data.
  • Unrestricted access to views, as well as page-level and individual exports. *
  • Advanced contextual data triggers and points.
  • Sales engagement and CRM Integration tools are part of each package.

What do customers think of:

“Compared against Lusha or ZoomInfo, Cognism has the highest quality data that is compliant in the marketplace. Cognism is extremely forward-thinking and is the only tool to offer the variety of features available in one streamlined platform,” said


Its prices depend on per-user data license types. However, sales representatives can discuss the goals you’re hoping to accomplish with Cognism so that you can be presented with a proposal that you are confident with.

Cognism offers the following services in all of its packages:

  • Page-level exporting and Unlimited views. 
  • Sales event triggers.
  • Technologies.

Cognism gives its users the ability to access the following services:

  • The Cognism web-based application.
  • The Cognism Chrome Extension.
  • All integrations are available.
  • In addition to this, users may include Diamonds-on-Demand(r) and intent data in their pack.



Kaspr is an effective sales prospecting tool that lets sales reps locate B2B contact data and design outreach sequences using LinkedIn.With this database vendor, you will be able to access email addresses, telephone numbers, emails, and all the data that you require to turn leads into lasting partnerships.

Best features:

  • Chrome extension.
  • CCPA and GDPR -aligned.
  • Authentic, real-time contact information.
  • Lead management.
  • B2B index enrichment utilizing LinkedIn information.
  • Automation of LinkedIn outreach workflows.


Kaspr’s monthly plans start at 30 EUR per month for a user. Users can get 50 credits free per month with a no-cost plan. A custom plan is available for users of 20+.



Clearbit is a data-first marketing provider. It provides sales reps with technographic and firmographic data on potential customers they wish to reach out to.

The firmographic data vendor doesn’t scrub DNC listings in Europe as well as the US. Some users complain about the absence of customization.

Top features:

  • Audience segmentation features.
  • Domain and email enrichment.
  • You can sign up for a no-cost account.
  • Intent-based outreach.


Request prices directly from the seller directly. They have two plans, which are Business and Free. Credit quotas restrict business plans. They also additional add-ons are charged.



Adapt is a B2B database provider which allows you to access the most relevant details about your customers as well as enrich existing records and tailor your B2B outreach strategies.

The tool doesn’t include the intent data, and its GDPR compliance status needs to be clarified. Additionally, there are some users have reported that it is difficult to understand, and contact data is restricted.

Best features:

  • LinkedIn integration.
  • CRM enrichment.
  • Industry filters.


For price, you need to fill out the request form.



Ampliz is a reliable and up-to-date source of data to help boost sales pipelines for businesses that target the healthcare industry. Although it’s a data company, it’s primarily concentrated on its APAC market.

Top features:

  • A vast database of leads in healthcare.
  • Data that is manually verified.
  • GDPR conform


You can get the price by requesting a demo.



By using Datanyze Datanyze, you can get details on potential customers by searching LinkedIn. It will provide basic contact data, email address, as well as the phone number. Datanyze has very limited contact data in comparison to other services that are more sophisticated and do not provide any advanced firmographic information.

Best features:

  • Google Chrome extension.
  • Prospect segmentation features.
  • Email addresses as well as Direct dials.


The pricing model of the platform is according to credit limits, which may be problematic for sales teams with large lead volumes. The free plan provides 10 credits per month; premium plans begin at $21 monthly with 960 credits yearly.



Demandbase is a business data supplier that assists teams in acquiring contact information and improving current databases to ensure effective account-based marketing campaigns utilizing AI.

The only drawback to this method is that it could be expensive since features such as the B2B database and personalization have to be added at an extra cost. 

Top features:

  • Integration with CRM systems that are popular.
  • Intent data.
  • Identification of the account.


For pricing details, get pricing information, and get in touch with Demandbase.



ZoomInfo is among the many data service providers across the USA. Its algorithms collect data from a variety of different sources at a time. While it’s a reliable data provider, some users complain about the quality of the data it collects.

Best features:

  • US-focused database.
  • Technographic and Firmographic information.
  • Data enrichment.
  • Intent data.


It is essential to contact a customized price quote. You can select different levels for recruiting, marketing and sales.



Leap411 is a USA data supplier that provides exact and verified account and contact information to generate leads. It assists sales reps with general prospect information as well as search for prospects who are looking for a solution on the internet.

Remember that you’ll require credits to access contact information when you are taking a look at this data vendor. Additionally, users mention the limited EU, APAC and LATAM data.

Top features:

  • Real-time alerts.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Filters that can be customized.
  • Segmentation.


Lead411 has annual and monthly plans: Standard, Enterprise and Pro. There’s a current price list on their website.

Seamless AI

Seamless AI is a provider of data-as-a-service which collects prospects’ emails and telephone numbers. In terms of data, Seamless is predominantly US-focused. Seamless. AI Terms of Use stipulate that it is not able to claim that its data or services (including the data) are appropriate for countries other than those in the United States.

Top features:

  • CCPA Complaint.
  • Email sequences personalization.
  • Email outreach follow-ups.
  • Chrome extension.


All-in-one AI plans include Free Basic Pro, Pro, and Enterprise. Based on the plan you choose, pricing will be determined by credits and one to five user seats.



Uplead is a B2B database service provider that claims to have 95% accuracy in its data. (That’s 3 % less than Cognism.) It sorts contacts based on job title, location, size of the company and industry. However, credit limits can be very high for teams who prospect.

Top features:

  • Data enrichment.
  • Technographics.
  • Intent data.


Free plans are offered but with just five credits. The paid plans begin at $74 per month. For more information on pricing, visit the Uplead‘s website.



RocketReach can be described as a B2B data provider which allows salespeople to have access to real-time professional and personal emails as well as phone numbers and social profiles. While they allow unlimited searches, however, they only offer them on Enterprise plans, and credit limits may be higher on other plans.

Top features:

  • Advanced search
  • Bulk lookups
  • Browser extension


The plans start from $53 a month, with one hundred and 125 lookups per user. Direct dials are also available at an additional cost. Get up-to-date pricing from the service provider.



LeadIQ is a B2B-focused data provider that gathers data from both sources, both private and public (social media platforms like job boards, SERPs, and more). It is integrated with the major CRM platforms, including Salesforce; however, it may not be appropriate in marketing or RevOps because it was designed to support SaaS selling.

Top features:

  • Sales trigger tracking.
  • Personalized sales messages.
  • The Outreach Sequence sync.


LeadIQ includes a no-cost version as well as different pricing plans, including Starter, Pro and Enterprise.

More Information About B2B Data Suppliers

The more accurate and up-to-date information you employ for B2B marketing and sales activities, the more likely you’ll succeed.

The reason is easy: If you have current, precise business data, Your sales team will only spend time talking to the right people. It also makes it easier for salespeople to create messages that address your potential customers’ needs.

But what’s the meaning of the term” data vendor? Let’s look into it.

What exactly are B2B Data Vendors?
The B2B Data vendors sell their data to other companies. They gather information from various sources and organize the data into useful databases.

The information can comprise company information, contact details specific to the industry, as well as many more. B2B data providers help to locate potential customers, pinpoint industries, and offer insight into market trends.

Vendors must adhere to privacy regulations, and companies should attach to appropriate rules.

Why use a B2B data vendor?
There are, at the very least, five benefits to using B2B data sources:

High-quality data: Business-to-business data companies utilize sophisticated machine learning along with AI algorithms to gather contact information on the internet and then update it frequently.

Cost and time reductions: Vendors handle data collection and maintenance, thereby saving the time and resources needed to grow a business.

Wider reach and better targeting: Comprehensive datasets enable effective customer segmentation as well as targeted marketing campaigns.

Advantage in competitiveness: Data-driven insight helps you to stay ahead of the curve, find opportunities and make strategic decisions.

Privacy and compliance with data: Trusted data vendors ensure compliance with the law and ethics of data acquisition and security

Which is the best method to select a B2B data supplier?
Selecting a B2B database vendor is a careful review of your business’s needs. Here are some points to keep in mind when deciding on your B2B vendor for the database:

High-Quality Data: Examine the provider’s methods for data collection sources, verification methods, and procedures. Choose vendors that offer current, correct, and reliable data.

Data coverage: Evaluate how wide and deep the coverage offered by the vendor. Examine whether they have particular types of data or industries, regions or demographics that match the market you want to target.

Optional Customization: Determine whether or not the seller provides a customized choice, which lets you tailor the data to sales to your needs. It could include choosing specific field types, filtering or segments.

Data Compliance: Verify that the business data vendor complies with relevant regulations regarding data protection in addition to privacy guidelines. Check that they are using the correct procedures for consent and data usage in the place.

Time to Refresh Data: Inquire about how frequently the vendor refreshes their data. Up-to-date and accurate information is vital for accurate targeting.

Integration Options Think about whether or not you are able to easily integrate the data of your vendor into your current workflows or systems. It could include compatibility with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and marketing automation tools or any other platforms for managing data.

Customer Reviews and Reputation: Research the vendor’s reputation in the market and look for testimonials or reviews from customers. These could offer you an understanding of the reputation of the vendor as well as customer service and general satisfaction levels.

Different vendors can excel in various areas or specialize in certain areas. That is why you should examine a variety of vendors, compare their offerings, and think about whether they are compatible with your needs prior to settling.

Which B2B Specific Data Provider Is The Most Reliable?

Deciding on the most suitable B2B data provider depends on your particular company’s needs and personal preferences. Be sure to consider Cognism when conducting your investigation. Here’s why:

Complete and precise data: Cognism offers a vast and continuously updated database that includes thousands of B2B verified contacts as well as company profiles. The data is thoroughly verified procedures to ensure accuracy, as well as accuracy and direct dial numbers are verified manually to ensure you get in touch with decision-makers quickly.

Global coverage of data: Cognism isn’t just a data service provider within the EU. It covers data across several countries and sectors, allowing companies to target different industries and markets.

Privacy and compliance: Cognism is the priority of data compliance And strictly adheres to the global security regulations for data protection, assuring the security and privacy of all customer information.

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